1. Diana says

    Josie – it is difficult with little ones in the sun. They have such sensitive skin, but it is good to be careful and put loads of factor on, as it must have been painful for him too bless him!! But you do learn from your little mistakes I guess, I hope that Britney does 😉

  2. josie says

    that poor baby !!! He looks so SUNBURNED! Brit def. needs help in the parenting skills department. She is not a bad mom. Just needs to be more in tune with her son’s needs, and not just her husbands. good luck britt,,xo

  3. braydie says

    the funny thing is those people who think they can talk all this crap dont actually have anything to say about the topic at hand …they just say nasty things about the people who they believe shouldnt have a opinion because the posts they write is a negitive one. i dont write all negitive posts but the neg ones i do write it is MY posts and MY opinion. they need to actually write about something that PERTAINS to this post.
    And yes all babies are adorable, sean is very adorable… but she should STill have some thing on that childs head and a shirt on. JMO

  4. carleigh says

    yes the babies are adorable and I do like the site..however I won’t tolerate ppl blasting at me and not sit back and defend myself…everyone has a right to be here and post and that’s simply the fact of the matter. sorry to be so blunt but that’s the way i feel.

  5. Diana says

    Braydie and Carleigh – I guess you are both correct. It is so easy to get sucked in and be bitchy when other people are bitchy too. It is like a vicious circle. You have to admit though that baby is cute!!

  6. Diana says

    Carleigh and Braydie – it is up to you guys what you say and do.. I think Babyrazzi is an interesting site and it is funny reading some of the posts. It would just be a shame for all of us if it got out of hand and got closed down for any reason. It is a right laugh seeing some of the pictures hey!!

  7. carleigh says

    I am just not going to continue to post what I’d like to say and if anyone feels the need to bash and trash me then don’t expect me to take it lying down, because that I will not do!

  8. braydie says

    nicola doesnt matter who says that ….they wont listen. so like i said ill be a bitch right back. im done being dragged into things when i say my thoughts on matters. im a bitch if i do, im a bitch if i dont so im gonna be a bitch and STILL say what i KNOW i have a right to. so thanks for trying nicola

  9. nicola says

    LADIES, enough. Get a grip, is there any need 2 slag each other off? Honestly, how old are u ppl?
    This site is 4 ppl 2 leave comments, not 4 them 2 ridicule each other. Lighten up, some1 says sometin and u disagree, so what, move on and 4get it, leave ur own comment. Concentrate on the matter at hand

  10. braydie says

    diana you havent done anything. but unless you wanna become a bitch like carliegh and me i would just not say anything cuz they like to say whatever they wish about anyone no matter what you say or how nice it is. I tryed staying outta it …i was BOUGHT into it. so im done being nice, they want a bitch they got one

  11. carleigh says

    Diana I am quite familiar with John 3:16…For God so loved the world…and I know the rest. What does your religion have to do with this? I do have fun on here and would really appreciate it if other people would learn to do the same and stop making things so personal. Will it happen????MMMMMM, probably not because ppl are just going to do what they want anyways so why should I make concessions or allotments just to please them??Just because they think certain things about me doesn’t make it true and futhermore I really don’t care if they like what I post or not-obviously the things I post are of interest to others or there wouldn’t be this lynch mob mentality on here so I guess in a way I’ve brought some entertainment to this site whether it be good or bad who is to say!? I toned down the foul language and ppl are still finding other reasons to moan and groan about this or that…so you know what I say TOO BAD! I will post and continue to post what I want and if ppl still feel the need to try and string me up or burn my name in effigy so be it to each their own! Happy posting all!

  12. Diana says

    Braydie and Carleigh – please don’t think I am criticizing you but don’t waste so much energy bringing other bloggers down, it isn’t worth it. I am sure you are two very nice girls, but we can all become nasty at people we have never met. Read John 3 verse 16 😉 The coolest verse in the bible 😉 If you don’t want to read it then fair enough. My life is more worth living cos I am a Christian! Have fun on here, but don’t get too serious. I am sorry also if I have offended you both. Not my intention at all.

  13. braydie says

    OH and im not going to me like i have been …i will be swearing and calling people names and doing just what you think i do… AND what MOST of you already do…if you dont like the new improved me then you can kiss my black ass, bitches! and to carliegh…..say what you want girl i will never ask you to not curse or go personal again.since these bitches think we “ruined” this site i guess lets do some damage.

  14. braydie says

    and wow “sue” for just finding this site and thinking me and carliegh are just the worst, you gotta mouth on ya dont ya?i guess its ok that YOU swear and call people names. anyone want to know what a hypocrite is? sue is

  15. braydie says

    gohst first off dont be bringing me into your shit…if you have anything to say to me say it to ME. 2nd where do you get off coming on here saying i say bad shit about people? never have i called any one names or stated they couldnt say there opinion. just the opisite. why dont you actually read some of my posts.
    i also believe your someone else that goes my a diferent name same goes for sue…your prob the same person , since you think you know so much about me and ive never seen you on here before and sue’s so if you wanna hide behind your alias go right ahead. if you dont like MY opinons then DONT READ THEM!!!! and like i said before keep YOUR opinions about ME to yourself,
    and to sue …….i dont believe you “I just found this Who is the carleigh person? Just about every comment I read she is mean to people. I looked at a lot of pictures and carleigh says bad things to people” you wouldnt just pick someone out like that unless your pissed about what you read prev. so get back on your real name and grow some nerve

  16. gohst says

    Carleigh, as much as I would like to respond to each and every one of your requests and comments, I will not. Why? Because I said my peace about my feelings and so have you. I refuse to continue to negate a conversation with you. So I hope that you are blessed with peace and happiness in your life. What you say to me doesnt bother me as I am comfortable with who I am. You can continue to talk about me but, I hope you know that I am stronger than that to let it get to me. By the way just curious. Your comment of “get a clue lady”…….What makes you think I am a girl?

  17. sue says

    carleight shut up and get a tat on U gut – take brady w/ u – must be nice to have so much time ti bitch

  18. carleigh says

    “carliegh is not the only one see also braydie. Some of us actually like to talk about the matters at hand. Hope their dribble does’nt sway you from coming back. “…this was the exact response you typed to sue and I do NOT recall inviting you to critique me did I? I haven’t made one response to you personally until YOU made a post about me. No, I do not care if ppl do not like what I have to say that is why it is call “differing opinions”. I, also believe I freely admitted to launching into a vulgar tirade in the past towards other bloggers, did I not??? Please see my original post which did pertain to this very topic of Sean P…here it is in a copy & paste..”There’s INCIDENT #4..Sean P obviously has a sunburn look at his arms and face they are bright beet red while his little torso is chalk white..when is this girl going to learn??? DAMN sunblock Britney DAMN! . Now that being said there are much worse words than damn being used on this site, check around and YES I admitted I was responsible for some of that…I never shirked or negated or diminished my part. In turn would you please now answer me as to why I can’t simply make a post of MY opinion here just like YOU and everyone else does and why ppl feel the need to say whatever they want and direct it towards me and when I do it, it’s wrong???? How typically predictable? As for the link to hooked on phonics no I didn’t take any time I simply typed in the link by using the logo that’s pretty simple. And I am supposed to censor myself when the person who used my name in a post is rambling on about “taking a stick out of my flat ass????” and I am supposed to think about saying something negative to those ppl because I might hurt someone????? Gimme a friggin break! Your making me laugh now! Did you read the post from Dane and Scarlet?? Did you really take the time to read it? And I am supposed to excuse them being offensive to me WHY??? Please explain this to me I am so much at a loss I am grasping here..really, really struggling to get this concept your trying to pawn off on me..WOW! Can you translate that rubbish above if so please take a moment and enlighten me, thank you. I said if I alone have the power to RUIN this little website then apparently you ppl are inflating my influence in your own minds by elevating me to that status..I never aspired to that great height believe me! So if you would like to sit there on your perfect little pedestal and pontificate and preach to me about making nicey nicey and worry about offending them..lady get a clue! It doesn’t work that way you throw rocks I throw back! Maybe you should really READ the posts I bother resonding to before you sit there and dispense advice that was neither solicited, appreciated or relevant in any cirumstance. Thank y ou!

  19. gohst says

    I never made one nasty comment or called you any names. All I simply feel that both you and braydie can be mean to people and especially each other. You guys you nasty language and dont stick to the topic at hand. If you dont want people to say mean things about you then maybe you should think twice before you make any comments about the topics. You have to remember that as much as you are entitled to your opinion, so are others. Your opinion is just as important as everyone elses but, I notice that as soon as someone doesnt agree with you, you get angry and turn it personal. Maybe if you decided to ignore other ignorant comments you wouldnt have a bad rap on this site. You say you dont care what other people think of you but yet you take so much time to respond to any negativity directed toward you. If you dont care so much then why aknowledge it. I have read back on some of your posts and it is you who sound like a hypocrite. You say you dont like when people say things that offend you and you wont sit back and not say anything yet when you offend someone you cant take the back lashing yourself. I am not sure how old you are but you sound a little immature. You state how much you impress yourself because you are so powerfull…….., you also pick on someones literacy. How do you know that person doesnt have a real learning disability? That is not very nice at all. You even took the time to get a link for “hooked on phonics.” To me that is very offensive and I think that if you are gonna dish it, you should learn to take it. Maybe next time you will think before you speak. Remember we are all human with feelings and you should consider that before you say something negative to them for that comment could be enough to hurt someone.

  20. carleigh says

    hey GOHST and SUE maybe you try to make things personal because you want to make people like oh say me and Braydie since you named us both in your PERSONAL attack..your cause or crusade??? I made comments above regarding Sean P. being sunburned and I get slammed, I defend myself against others I get slammed..I turn left or right I get slammed no matter whether I defend myself or not. I made nothing personal until Carol started at me in this thread so see above. It’s OK for everyone else to post and say whatever about who they think is a slut, homewrecker, bad mother, bad dresser, bad father, cheaters or whatever else and I am the HOT TOPIC! Wow am I glad there’s no possiblity for a lynch mob forming over the internet boy wouldn’t I be screwed…? Question for you two…why is it OK for anyone else BUT me to say whatever they want but I speak my opinion and my mind, mind you without the benefit of strong language which I really am having trouble refraining from at this piont….why do I get slammed over and over??? Maybe because you people think I really give two craps about what you think of me..I ruined this site? Just little ole me ruined this site hey? I never knew I wielded so much power…WOW I impress myself now. If you don’t like what I say then don’t read it that is your choice and I respect that but in the same token you want to sit back and spout crap and make it personal attacks launched right square at me?? Can we say HYPOCRITE!

  21. carleigh says

    hey sue it’s nice to know I have another fan! I haven’t said crap directed at YOU SUE! SO y are u making comments about ME???Aren’t you intelligent enough to know that when you make comments about Carleigh sad and stuff like that I am going to launch right at YOU??? DUH!!!!!!!! Leave me alone SUE find someone else because I sure as hell don’t need the likes of you to pity me! Your the sad one reading ALL of my someone needs to get a new hobby obviously!

  22. nicola says

    can ppl concentrate on the matter in hand rather than turnin this site in2 a battlefield? If sum1 has a comment and u disagree, so what, that`s ur problem, get ova it and move on. Every1`s entitled 2 their own opinion. If every1 disagreed wiv each other and made a big deal out of it, then no1 would eva get along in this already messed up world!!

  23. carleigh says

    Sue your gonna run into people trashing you for your opinion on here but you can’t take it personally. You are just as entitled as myself or anyone else who chooses to come on here and post. People won’t always agree with you but who really cares.

  24. Braydie says

    omg w/e say what you wish i cant stop ya lol if you don tlike what i say trhen fuck off . also im sure “sue” and “gohst” are alts amking it sound like they have a reason to be here more then anyone else so you can also fuck off. as for bringing me in this shit “sue” everytime i see your name in a post or written by you i will go off and say something bad i dont care if i agree or not so you can also fuck off i dont care if peeps swear anymore or call eachother names or whatever you all are a bunch of babyrazzi adicts …cya im done and oh yeah fuck off

  25. gohst says

    sue….welcome….carliegh is not the only one see also braydie. Some of us actually like to talk about the matters at hand. Hope their dribble does’nt sway you from coming back.

  26. sue says

    I just found this Who is the carleigh person? Just about every comment I read she is mean to people. I looked at a lot of pictures and carleigh says bad things to people.

  27. carleigh says….did you get that??? I can’t even understand the mindless drivel in either of your posts not ONE word so IF by chance you have something of value to state…please do so in a legible, correctly spelled post. Otherwise I don’t understand a single word either of you have said and I can clearly read english so I don’t know what that stuff was? As for being white?? Yes, I am but I fail to see what in the world that has to do with anything on this forum? Please don’t make this about race because I hate racism in any form or forum. Thank you.

  28. says

    What the hell do you guys care about what she does or does not with HER CHILD? remeber its HERS! People seem to hate her but they just can’t live without her! If she put sunblock on her child or not its totally her problem. Leve her be !

  29. nicola says

    It`s time she started actin like a mother and stop doin these stupid things that are puttin her son`s life in danger. Put ur brain in gear first. Kevin`s not gonna change and hangin on 2 ur marriage in hope that 1 day he will isn`t healthy. He still acts as if he`s single. He won`t grow up and take his responsibilies like a man, GET RID. No wonder she`s got a male nanny, he`s the father figure her kids need and Kevin`s clearly not providin it !

  30. nicola says

    I`ve seen the pics of Brit`s new manny, he`s the father figure Sean needs, Kevin`s clearly not providin it. Brit would neva do anythin intentionally to harm her kids but she does need to put her brain in gear, stop actin so stupid and irresponsible, 4get about the lowlife of a husband, move on and concentrate on her and the kids. That`s all that matters. Shes a mum now, it`s tme she started actin like it. Kevin`s NOT goin 2 change. He still acts like he`s single. Hangin on 2 their marriage in hope that 1day he`ll open his eyes and grow up is not the way 2 live ur life….GET OUT NOW!

  31. PaGirl says

    Nicola #59 I Agree with you regarding Amandas #58 Your response that you never put your son in danger so many times, Well i too was very particular about everything with my children especially as a first time Mom ,I Was extra Careful ,Because Yes we as Moms are not perfect ,I Don’t think anyone on here thinks their perfect Amanda ,Noone is But when you have this little life that tottally depends on you you change the way you think about everything ,You should be extra careful about the decisions you make & i always always made sure my children were in car seats the proper way for their safety & i had to go on fertility treatments just to have my babies which makes you appreciate them sooooooo very much more & i did lotss of reading before they were born & was extra cautious about everything ,yes i agree noones perfect but remember we all make choices ,i don’t think it was mistakes, britney chose to make those choices ,And their were lots of bad choices not just 1 . i don’t know about any other moms out there but i would have not carried coffee & my baby at the same time ,thats dangerous anyway with it being hot coffee & i always made sure my babies were in a car seat facing the proper way & i never i never would have held them on my lap while driving thats just commen sense not a mistake . so i don’t think the papparazi should be blamed for the photos ,they didn’t tell her to do these things ,she made it a point to do them & do them in public knowing everyone would see . that said i do think kevin should take a little more responsibility ,sean needs both his parents & with a new baby on the way i hope kevin is there to help out more & maybe a few nannies .

  32. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    why the fuck is she having a holiday with him!! he doesn’t even love her and never did! britney’s a fool!!!!!!!! idiot.

  33. Braydie says

    Appauled… funny how you come on here when ive never seen you before and give me advice on what i should or shouldnt say? if you notice what ive been saying …you will see ive been saying that for the last ten posts! also im not the one calling people names unless its needed … i dont like being called something im not so when a poster calls me white trailor trash i have the right to comment. your post is what IVE been saying the past ten post so i guess thanks?? i would also think if my child was reading this he would speak his mind and not allow ANYONE to do what carol is doing. She needs to get off her soapbox and actually say ANYTHING having to do with the topics at hand.

  34. Appauled says

    The people who feel they have the right to sit here and swear and insult others in this site are not being fair to the people who actually come on here to read about the posts. This is appauling that grown men and women use this type of launguage. Who cares if words are misspelled. Who cares if your black or white. That should mean nothing. Do you realize the last actual post about these photo was post # 59 and here I am post # 71. Braydie your statement and I quote was “people who make things personal ruin this site.” Well lets see, the last 7 of 10 posts were from you and every single one of them were personal. I uderstand that the slang words used by carol were completely inexcuseable but, dont let people like that get to you. The more you comment to them, the more they know they got to you. It’s like feeding fuel to the fire. Let’s try to stick to the topic at hand. Our concern for a child and the way his mother may be handling things. THIS IS NOT ABOUT SWEARING AND INSULTING OTHERS. THIS IS A PUBLIC SITE. How would you like it to find that maybe your child was reading all of this trash talk. Anyone should be able to come to this site, speak their opnions with appropriate language and not be trash talked for their opnions. REMEMBER PEOPLE THIS IS A PUBLIC SITE, THERE MAY BE YOUNG IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN READING THIS.

  35. Braydie says


    Scarlet, shut your damn racist mouth. I cant even read wrote you wrote except white trailor trash that wasnt even spelled right…if you dont like it dont read it. Your prob carol acting like she has a fan or something. say ANYTHING that has SOMETHING to do with this post.

  36. Braydie says

    Carol yea we are the only ones on this site….we ruined it lol …well at least you said something about tom C. didnt pertain to this post but hey . at least you ACTUALLY said something other then grueling people that say there opinins …err wait no you didnt. i think the people that make things personal ( like you ) ruin this site. That comment about tom C. is just too funny to even say anything about..cuz the way you were writing it sounds like your so pissed your jumping up and down on your couch as you type it. dont like it when someone else says anything back to you huh?? and since you re-commented i guess its not the end huh?

    and to DANE:why dont you read the posts dane you sound like a illiterate person. first off …im black dumbass….get YOUR white ass to the ocean, you racist. and ive never went off on anyone that said there opinion on the post that im reading…IF IT is about the post. and no i dont care if you are the president i would still go off on your ass. AND if you read the post’s I wasnt the one judging anyone carol was…so get your facts straight. and my name is BRAYDIE. did i clarify enough for you or did i spell everything too well?

  37. Scarlet says

    Claregh and Bryandie – some day you big mouths will take small sticks out of flat asses. Mak sure UR kdz get no sun. White traler trash, neghbors. Only git time 1se a mnth. Tryed of reding UR stuf. Plxz let go of UR rezentments.

  38. Dane says

    Bradye – do you and yr frind think the stars read your sh*t. ? Get you white asses to the ocean. Wake up and smell the rose. Let other people say what thay want. U dont have rt to judge people. JMO Carliegh evil

  39. Braydie says

    SO take your own advice “The point of the site is to state your opinion about the celebrity not ridicule other people. End of story”

  40. Braydie says

    AND to carol quit messing with carleigh, … she is saying her opinions and maybe she does know what shes talking about…at least shes not cursing up the entire page like she has in the past so I appuld her:P I know shes holding back i can read it in her posts…what is your fixation on her carol?? state your freaking opinion and let her say hers ..shes has as much right as you do on here

  41. Braydie says

    also i never said you couldnt write what you wanted lindsey..i said if you dont like what your READING then dont read it…and since you’ve been alive for a good amount of time now, why dont you stop acting like a 2 year old? as for the personnal attack, you have no idea what a “personnal attack” from me is as of yet so maybe i havent “enlightened” you enough yet?

  42. Braydie says

    Lindsey dont come on here preaching about everyone being smarter then to give out insults to these celebs…just as you stated yourself you have your own opinion and that was mine if you have anything to say about the ACTUAL post then i would like to hear it and not a sermon

  43. Amanda says

    I give Britt and K-Fed props……….okay, okay, maybe just Britt, shes doing a good job. so..BACK OFF! if you are a first time mother, you will make mistakes I know I did! lots in fact, the babys still with her, she brings sean places with her the social service didnt take sean away, so who are any of you or since when do all of you (excuse me, some of you ) have the authority to so she is doing a bad job, look at yourselves you all are not the perfect mom or even a mom for that matter, i bet 1/2 of you did some of the same things Britt did, its all a part of growing up and exploring the learning process, I bet after the second child alot of the first mistakes should i say learning experiences will be corrected so again I say let her have her mistakes and learn on her own!

  44. nicola says

    I have a 1 yr old son and whenever we`re out in the sun, he ALWAYS has a hat AND shirt on. Clearly, Brit had put a top on Sean P, but it was removed (noticed wiv his little white body). Even then, sunscreen should be applied at regular intervals throughout the day. As 4 wannabe rapper Kev, get rid, he`s never around, if you need him, cheack out the nearest casino!!!!! Gr8 role model for his kids AND the 1 on the way……Good luck Brit, ur fans r behind u

  45. Elizabeth says

    Britney you look great and you are a hard working woman but a man like Kevin is not just what you need.He is full of controversies grow up girl and be wise your happiness is what counts.Make up your mind.Good luck my dear.

  46. Lindsey says

    Thanks braydie, for the advice. But you might want to take it yourself. I wasn’t looking to be yelled at. If you don’t like what I said, don’t read it. It wasn’t offensive to you. And I’ve been alive for a good amount of time now, so I know that people can and will say whatever they please.
    But again, thanks for the quick enlightenment.

    And sorry for fueling this, I just don’t appreciate the unwarranted personal attack.

  47. Braydie says

    She should of learned the first couple times she made a mistake…does this baby have to get more seriously hurt or die for authorities come in and do anything? I defended her at first saying oh shes a good mom just learning …but that only works for so long and now i believe shes careless with her child and should think more of her child then worrying about herself and her image! i dont think shes proven herself as a good mother and its just getting worse…i hope she gets it together soon cuz 2 are ALOT harder then one.

  48. PaGirl says

    Ok I Have To Agree With Jennifer #51 here ,Everyone Has their Own Opions & I Can Say theres no one thats perfect ,My Opinion You Don’t Take Risks With a baby That Brit Chose To Take ,Would Any Of You Actually Ride Down A Major Highway Holding Your baby No Restraints & Take that chance? Or your Niece Nephew Or Friends baby? I Don’t think you would Do that Because Its Common Sense Its Dangerous! As i was saying before I Took The 8 week old I Watch & 12 month old in my car & it would have been soo much Easier If i could have faced the 8 week old to see me because she likes to see me & keeps her from crying & easier for me to drive but, i couldn’t do that because for her safety & because its a law I Had To face her seat Away From Me while she was crying & i couldn’t just hold her nor the 12 month old on my lap ,thats common sense thats wrong too so i drove with them both crying . And yes I Am a Mom as well, My children are older now & Noones perfect & I Beleive We Do learn From our mistakes But,Common sense tells you Again To Have a hat On your baby so their head don’t get sunburned At the Ocean Which I Always Did . I Really Just think Britney Spears Is a Young Unexperienced Mom But Common sense Is all you need not to choose to do Some Of the Things Shes Done Lately concerning her baby. There’s just no excuses.

  49. Jennifer says

    I dont see why arguing over the parenting skills of Brit will get anyone anywhere. She doesnt read this so shy waste your time and energy fighting over your opinions of parenting. Everyone does things differently. I dont really agree with some of Brit’s chioces she has made but, as she said in her interview the other night, it really is nobody elses business. If she makes a mistake, she is the one who has to deal with the consequences. There are children who are negelected every day in this country and we dont take the time to complain about that……why? because we dont see it, we cant do anything about it. Every new mother learns as she goes and trust me, when you make a mistake, you learn not to do it again. As for the sun exposure issue. From these pictures, you dont see how long he had direct sun exposure. You also dont see if they have an umbrella or baby tent for protection where they were sitting. I hope that they would! I do agree he should have a hat on. I worked in Dermatology for 4 1/2 years teaching patients on proper skin protection. Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes prior to going out, reapplied every 2 hours or after going in the water. Even waterproof sunscreen needs reapplication after going in the water. You should wear an SPF 30 with UVA/UVB protection that contains parsol 1789, or titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide. For every bad sunburn a person recieves, you increase your chances of skin cancer (basal cell skin cancer) by 10%. do the math, 10 bad sunburns in your lifetime thats almost a guarantee you will at some point develop skin cancer. There is also a clothing line that makes sun protection clothing. OK so if anything I hope maybe I was able to teach you guys a little something about sun protection as I am a big advocate for it as your skin is the biggest organ of your body and we need to take care of it. Oh yeah if anyone has any questions about sun protection I would be glad to answer any.

  50. chrissy says

    well said drama! and i was trying to say in my posts that it is not anyone elses concern over sean’s wellbeing other than britney and kev as they are his parents, this is her first child she will make mistakes as we have no instructions, it is not for anyone to come on here and say what she is doing wrong or how she should do it, as they is no right or wrong only what you feel at the time, heres hoping she buys a stronger sunscreen for sean if he is sunburnt and she ain’t gonna read these posts anyway! so why bother, i quit

  51. Braydie says

    carleigh…im glad you finally got what i was trying to tell ya all along …i totally agree with your last post!

  52. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    britney speasrs is a dumb mum… actually no. her “husband” is a white garbage waste shit.
    divorce that ugly man.. aka WANNABE RAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  53. DRAMA says

    drama drama drama, I think that everyone should leave her alone. Like I said a few times before, I dont think that anyone of yall could live under the microscope that Brit. does. She’s constantly got cameras following her, people watching her every move, and enough ignorant people questioning her parenting abilities to choke a damn horse. She is a young mother and its a learn as you go type thing. What works for one parent may not work for another. I think that everyone needs to get over their self and start disecting their own parenting before doing it to someone they dont know. Everyone knows that no matter what she does, the “better” thing is always gonna be opposite of what she actually did. Give the girl a fucking break.

  54. carleigh says

    I simply stated my opinion Carol and you were the one who directed the comments about “medical expert”, “perfect parent” and blah, blah, blah and I don’t recall making ANY comments with your name directly until after your first post #10 which was squarely aimed at me and using my who’s making it personal? I am entitled to my opinions and like I have said previously I don’t want or expect everyone to agree with me, that would make everyone part of a herd and that’s no fun if everyone has the same opinions. Diveristy, differing opinions and disagreeing in general is what makes this board intersting and lively! But if your telling me I was the first one to make a post directed personally at you..please recheck. And I still don’t think using the N word in any forum or format is acceptable. Furthermore, like Braydie stated and I have also stated this is a public forum and we are allowed to say what we want and we don’t have to sugar coat it or be nice for fear of offending someone else. If you don’t take the post personally and let it roll off as just another persons opinions then there shouldn’t be a problem, but I digress…you don’t seem to understand that. Grow a thicker skin or stop reading and responding to posts by posters that offend you it’s that simple. I choose to read and answer the posts that I want to and that’s all there is to it. There’s the END of the story for ya Carol.

  55. Braydie says

    chrissy you should read what you write i think it is the childs concern if hes gets burnt also have i said anything about others not being able to state their own opinions??? actually just the oppistie if you read my post. i didnt jump down on you just said read your own post cuz what you said didnt make sense to me. i guess since no one has done anything about any of her other “mis adventures” with her child, who cares about alittle sunburn huh?

  56. chrissy says

    braydie – you say thats its your opinon so why jump on me for expressing mine!! i have a right to say what i want to say the same as you do!! i have 3 kids aged 4, 2 and 6 months so i do know a little about childcare!!!!

  57. KellyMay says

    Oh and yes it does look like Sean P got a little too much sun today. My wee boy reddens up with any exertion but Seans’ white chest and cherry red arms is a dead give away that it’s not because he’s hot 🙁

    I found some more beach pictures that really portray Seans’ love for his momma. I especially love the one where he’s looking up at her. She is trying so hard!!!! I love these pictures and I really think Britney looks beautiful! I love her perfect belly!!!

    Hope I don’t break any rules for posting a link if so let me know! I try not to be a rule breaker LOL There’s one initial pic then scroll down the post and you will see a bunch more, I’d love see these posted on our fab site here 😉

  58. braydie says

    when are people gonna realize that people have their opinions and no ones going to tell them any diferent? i have my opinions and no one in my real life is gonna tell me not to think a certain way, let alone any one on the net…as for the insults , its just common knowledge that when people share different opinions, insults are naturally made by just disagreeing, but like i said no one can tell someone what to think or how “nicely” to say things
    AND TO Lindsey, what i tell everyone else that comes on here acting like its the worst thing they’ve ever seen like you stated in #36 people are going to say nasty things as well as good things so get over it and if you dont like it dont read it ….simple as that..

  59. Lindsey says

    There’s a lot more personal insult and argument in these comments than I’ld expect to see on a Celebrity Baby Blog.

    Comment on the pictures. Share your opinions. But really, ladies, lets stop insulting each other. I’m positive that we’re all smarter that that.

  60. Carol says

    The point of the site is to state your opinion about the celebrity not ridicule other people. End of story.

  61. carleigh says

    CAROL do you think it is nice to use the N word? Is that what you were referencing above in post #32? If you think that it’s ok to use that word freely then your the one with issues far worse than mine. And I am to sit back and say nothing when it offends me? Sorry not gonna happen, if you don’t like what I post then READ something else but don’t expect me NOT to sit back and say nothing because I won’t.

  62. carleigh says

    Hey Carol why do YOU feel the need to comment constantly about me? I told you and Jenn to do some research before you clearly make statements directed at me about not having kids. You wanna be an EXPERT as you put it then know what the HELL your talking first! As for explaining myself I don’t think I was explaining myself I was simply stating for the record that I DO have children which was in response to statements made in prior posts by you and Jenn. As for a right to an opinion yes isn’t that the whole entire reason that this site exists? people all have opinions and NOT everyone is going to agree with me and I don’t expect them to or care of not if they don’t. But what I will do is defend myself and my opinions because that’s my right. End of story.

  63. Carol says

    Carleigh, why do you find the need to constantly explain yourself and ridicule other people posters and celebrities. People have a right to their opinions which may not necessarily coincide with yours.

  64. carleigh says

    And KelleyMay I totally agree wtih you about Renee…there is NO justifiable or proper situation in which someone should ever use the N word to me that is far worse than the C word. Renee you should be deeply ashamed of yourself for using that word,it clearly shows your blatant and obvious ignorance. Don’t use that word it’s just unacceptable end of story.

  65. carleigh says

    It’s a good idea to use sunblock and hats no matter what age you are and when you have a little one that young it’s best to limit their exposure to direct sunlight to the minimum. I don’t think she’s a bad mother and I am not saying point is that while she obviously loves him to pieces she does need to use better judgement skills. We all make mistakes as parents and learn as we go because children do not come with a set of instructions. It’s just sad to see this one particular celebrity child be the constant source of media we see other celeb kids in half of the questionable incidents that we have witnessed w/ Sean P? No we don’t.

  66. Carol says

    Carleigh – perfect parent – medical expert – take a chill pill – get a life and enjoy your kids – stop taking other peoples opinions so personally.

  67. claire says

    he does look burned. and from personal experience you can of had sunblock on and get burned. my sisters kids get burned and she is the most anal person about putting it on and to keep putting it on every hour.

    but when u look at the pics its his arms and face that are red so maybe he had a shirt on and when the pics were taken he didnt? i dunno

  68. KellyMay says

    Renee, I have not read any of the other posts but you are so ignorant and rude it makes me sick! I pray to GOD you don’t have children to pass along your ignorant attitude! Wow, that’s crazy! I have two very beautiful children, my success speaks within them! I witness that everyday, I believe and trust that Britney IS a good mom! She loves that little boy, get off your stool and start addressing your obvious problems!

  69. carleigh says

    I am not having anymore either cause that c-section with my youngest made a believer outta me and I am clearly getting to old for breeding days anymore. I’m retired from that now. lol

  70. carleigh says

    No I have two little girls aged 10 1/2 and 2 1/2. Eldest born July 8th, 1995 and youngest born November 15, 2003 they are my pride and joy. The older one was born the day after my b-day so I gotta great present that yr.

  71. Braydie says

    chrissy……OMG lol do you even read what you write for real …it doesnt concern me or sean?? maybe not me but it sure does concern the baby …as for saying anything nice … ill say what i want to say cuz its MY opinion so quit your preaching ….AND like i said i GUESS IF YOU CAP IT ALL ITS ALL TRUE!!! so if you dont have any thing else to say besides what your spewing then dont say anything at all. so there

  72. carleigh says

    To Carol and Jenn:
    I do have TWO little girls thank you they are 10 1/2 and 2 1/2 so up yours-IF you bothered to read my other posts you would know that I have spoken of my kids before so do some GD research or shut up!!!!! I do have kids that is why I know how easy it is for little ones especially ones with fair skin get burnt very easily! Screw you both and I don’t think putting a GOOD waterproof sunblock on that little boy would be out of the question. How old are your kids? Do you know how bad it is for little kids to be in the DIRECT sunlight w/o a HAT? Especially with the sun being as strong as it is I hate seeing Sean P. with a little red face and arms–he is NOT a bit pink HE IS RED! Look more closely and you’d see. So take your comments about my mother abilities and STICK EM! I at least know that little kids need CAR SEATS and should NEVER be allowed to sit on a parents lap in a moving vehicle! One little tap on the breaks and Sean P. goes flying off her lap and through the windshield! THAT’S RETARDED AND BAD JUDGEMENT! He has fallen out of a highchair while in the care of a HIGHLY paid nanny, I don’t get highly paid to care for my kids it’s MY responsibility to make sure they are safe and taken care of at ALL times. Then we have the incident of driving with him in the open convertible, slouching forward with no head support again….one good tap on the brakes will result in him being gravely injured! The she almost dropped him because her pants were to long and her heels were to high! What is it going to take for Britney to wake up! This girl needs to stop taking stupid chances with her son. So apparently you think I don’t have kids well I can honestly say I have never dropped them, they haven’t gotten a sunburn, they haven’t fallen out of their high chairs, and I haven’t almost fallen on my face while carrying my child with a cup of HOT coffee!

  73. chrissy says


  74. chrissy says

    blah blah blah, lay off what don’t concern you and sean, britney and kevin ain’t your problem if britney wants to play on the beach with her son and husband like that, its there business, remember if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!

  75. braydie says

    ALSO whats wrong with these pictures??? poor baby has no hat on in the sun but does in the shade???

  76. braydie says

    chrissy, because you say so …it must be true huh…and as for going alittle red…sean P is more then ALITTLE red

  77. Sarah says

    Britney is a bad press magnet, and it’s not entirely her fault. But is also not entirely NOT her fault.

    Everyone who has kids and is a responsible parent KNOWS that a baby’s skin is WAY TOO SENSITIVE to be exposed to direct sunlight like that (sunscreen or not). In the water, the sun’s rays are magnified even more. I wouldn’t think about taking my little guy into the sun and water like that without a shirt and hat on.

    Sure, the baby may be “hot”, but don’t you think it’s odd that he’s just hot on his little arms and face? Why isn’t his torso “hot” too? I totally agree that the baby is a bit of a crispy critter.

    Britney needs to get a serious clue, and a much better PR team. I feel so sorry for those babies–both for the relentless paparazzi, and for their hick of a mother.

  78. Jenn says

    Ha Ha Ha! Like I said, you can always tell the ones that don’t have kids! For starters, you really should not use such ugly words, you know that N one! Very offensive, and second, I don’t really care for Britney, but the reason I said what I said was because the worst thing for a parent to hear is that she is a bad mother, and ever since she had little Sean everyone has had her under a microscope, and when she makes mistakes that a lot of new parents make she catches crap for it and is all of a sudden a terrible mother. Its not fair to her. No one is born a great mother, you must learn all of that. Also, you should not get so upset over other peoples comments, it is MY opinion, if you don’t agree, that is fine with me, I don’t give a crap, but you really should not get so upset, it’s not good for your health. So calm down, take a deep breath, and let it go!

  79. Renee says

    Jenn, shut the hell up! Who the hell are you a spokesperson for Britney? I like her too but she’s being dumb right now and it needs to be said! She was so in a rush to have the husband with the kids that she just picked a niggah she liked and was like lets have a baby. I know this cuz she been talking about wanting that life since she first came out. Now she got it with a niggah that has two kids he don’t even take care of…what the hell does she think she’s in for? So Jen take your fake ass sob story and shove it! If you think Britney is making good decisions that says a lot about YOU!

  80. chrissy says

    I make my daughter put sunscreen on as she is very fair but she still goes red, i am sure little sean has sun screen, but the only people that need to worry about him is his mummy and daddy not the rest of the world!! lay off

  81. Braydie says

    and i agree with Nicki…i lived in north hollywood til i 22 and its NOT the country…i NOW live in the country and we STILL dont do that..that was just a excuse…Her SUV is not a tractor in some field somewhere

  82. Braydie says

    I sorry but that baby is BURNT…hes a crispy critter..i know sunblock doesnt alwasy help but she could of had something on the child. Ihave a inground pool and im out there all the time with my 5 month old son, 8 nephews and my 14 month old niece and i make sure my son and niece have a shirt and hat on while in the sun no matter if there swimming or not.. and i know from exp. that being in water will make you burn faster and worse then just laying out in the sun…i dont feel bad for britney…i feel bad for her CHILD.. hes looks to her for guidence*and i hope she will get better at being a mother for her one starts off being a good mother, their made.

  83. CJkemp says

    I feel sorry for Britney too. But it’s only because everything she does is complete fodder for everyone who wants to say “I told you so”. She’s twenty four years old and her first child is a baby and she’s pregnant again! I would be an “emotional wreck” too! I say, give the girl some room to be a good mother and she might just prove that she is.

  84. Carol says

    Carleigh – one day you’re gonna have a kid and put your foot in you loud mouth. All your parenting/medical advise to everyone is gonna kick you right in your ass. You have a comment to make about everything and everyone.

  85. Nicki says

    Brit, I’m sure is a good person, and her little boy, Sean Preston, is absolutely the most adorable little kid! He looks happy and well taken care of. Every Mom makes mistakes, even Moms that have 3 or 4 kids, every kid is different,( but basically the same, developementally wise).
    He looks haealthy and happy.
    The using Sean P as a human airbag while driving down PCH is the one thing I can never excuse. I lived in S. Cal for 10 yrs and the traffic is 20X worse now than it was then. (10 yrs ago)
    All she needs to do is stop trying to prove K-loser is a good catch. EVERYONE knows he is causing her meltdown. Brit, you don’t need his misery and you certainaly don’t deserve it as a new Mom and soon to be blessed again. NOONE will think you didn’t try to make it work, you went above and beyond. She deserves so much better than what that low life is giving her.
    Be Strong Brit ! !!!!!!

  86. Lisa says

    Kevin does not have custody of his other children-that is why they are not photographed a lot. Thats a reality when two parents split…

  87. bored says

    I agree with Jenn. At least Brittney is being a good mother in the sense that she is raising her baby, instead of the Nanny’s, like alot of rich people do. She is ALWAYS with Sean, I think she is a good mother… everyone makes mistakes, its just that every single mistake that Brittney has ever made (and will ever make) is always on camera.

  88. Jenn says

    You can always tell the ones that dont have kids that post on here. For starters, no matter how much sunscreen you put on a baby, and expecially one as pale as him, they turn red because they are hot! Both of my kids wear sunscreen daily and so do I and we are all very fair, and no matter what we turn red. Red dose NOT equal sunburned, but it dose equal hot.

    I am sure you are no damn mother of the year, so you need to lay off of Brit. She is raising that boy almost alone, and every mother makes some mistakes, every kids falls, (the highchair incident) every kids head slopes over when they are asleep in the car, only one she deserved crap for was having Sean on her lap when she was driving. I think Brit is doing a great job woth her boy, and yes maybe Kevin is not the best dad, but you guys dont know what is going on there, maybe they are working on it. You guys need to lay off and let them try to work on their relationship.

    Good luck Brit with Sean, and your new baby, and your relationship.

  89. carleigh says

    And you don’t take a little boy that age into DIRECT sunlight w/o a hat??? She is losing her mind…DUMP KEVIN!

  90. carleigh says

    There’s INCIDENT #4..Sean P obviously has a sunburn look at his arms and face they are bright beet red while his little torso is chalk white..when is this girl going to learn??? DAMN sunblock Britney DAMN!

  91. Mandi says

    Sean P looks a little red. I’m hoping she put some decent sunscreen on him.

    Also, where the heck are his other kids? I never see them with him. Don’t forget, K-Fed, you have two other kids!

  92. says

    Nothing like a well-timed publicity shot. Well, if you can’t beat the media, you might as well use them to portray the image you want people to see, right? I did feel bad for Britney on Dateline last night, though.

    Beauty Secrets 101

  93. Stephanie says

    I have to say – Sean Preston is absolutely adorable … he looks very happy to be with his daddy.

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