Ginger Spice Lost Baby Weight Fast!

Here Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) was spotted jogging in London. She looks fabulous! Geri is losing weight fast! I don’t understand how these celeb moms lose weight SO fast, especially after having c-sections, as you are supposed to wait 6 weeks to resume exercise routines.

Geri Halliwell



  1. Braydie says

    Even if she had a tummy tuck…i say go for it if it makes you feel better about yourself. i wish i could of had one

  2. braydie says

    mitchelle—- wow news to me angelina and Geri Halliwell acouple huh:) well i can see angelina but not geri…..

  3. mitchelle says

    your baby looks so cute and it looks like the both of you and you and Angelina are a cute couple try to stay with her inside you both love each other very much and every one nows that so stay together and you will be a very happy couple.

  4. Eyesofpearls says

    Girls, my dad was a surgeon and he told me once that celebs immediately go to a tummy tuck procedure without even leaving the delivery room. This procedure costs about 30,000 USD because of the risks involved, but all celebs do it nevetheless.

    All that skin has to go somwehere and no jogging or salad will help you lose it, no matter how much you try. So stay calm, it is not you! It is 30 grand and a knife.

  5. braydie says

    I had a c section and believe me, you dont “bounce” back …maybe for celebs…who knows what you say is true or not. All i know is im still working mine off the same as all you “vaginal birth ” girls. I wish it was that easy to just loose all the weight…but it isnt.

  6. Michelle says

    Rumor has it from a friend who works in a well known LA hospital …. a lot of the C-section movie stars get tummy tucks at the same time. Might explain the quick bounce back abs. After having four kids I am still in good shape but I really had to work hard before during and after and I didn’t even have C-sections.

  7. Leona says

    I could have predicted Geri would do this…she’s obsessed with weight loss and exercise. She’s had bulimia and body dysmorphic disorder for years, well documented. Poor geri.

  8. jay says

    I like to think they´re more deciplined because of the nature of their job and most of them were in top form before baby.They also have all the money to pay for the best nutritionists and fitness trainers.

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