Tom Reaches Out To Brad & Angelina

This is interesting. Apparently, when Angelina, Brad and their family left Namibia on Saturday after their two-month stay, they bolted aboard Tom Cruise’s Gulfstream IV. The jet’s tail number was reportedly N800TC – for Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise made a personal call to Angelina and Brad in Namibia to congratulate them on the birth of Shiloh. He also invited Angelina and Brad to visit the Church of Scientology in Beverly Hills once they get settled back in Malibu, and reportedly Angelina’s response was gracious, but she declined the visit.

Now it is being reported that Tom sent Brangelina a card with the message “Congratulations! You’re doing a fine job following in my footsteps!” written inside.

That is actually a sweet comment from Tom, because Brad ended up with two adopted children(a boy and a girl) and then had a biological daughter! The same as Tom! That is such a weird coincidence!



  1. braydie says

    I WOULD BE TIRED TO NICKI AFTER THAT NOVEL lovinall WROTE, i cant believe you read it twice nicki, i couldnt get though the first 3 lines.. lovinall JUST LOVES to try to enlighten posters. Shes like a wacked out cult member. nicki your funny…..hes dead…lol she dont get it. lovinall loves the HEE HEES and LOLs.
    as for katie, i loved her while on Dawsons creek, in disturbing behavior, well in most of the movies shes been in….i have to say she doesnt look …smile …or even talk …like the old katie. I think she has PPD.JMO…And i think she needs to get the hell away from tom.

  2. NIcki says

    lovinall-I have no idea how or why they have churchs and why people call it a religion. I don’t, I call it a cult. From what I have read about now, not the Dianetics book, my friend read that, and basically said it was about self help. But from what I read it sounded very scary and controlling.
    I don’t know much about it because I don’t want to.
    Most people get thier knowledge from reading and that is how it should be. Although everyone forms different opinions they are free to do so. More people should read books. I don’t care for Tom whatsoever. I liked Katie and hope she is OK. I also admire what Brad and Angelina are doing and will continue to do.
    I think by your post, no offense it took a while to read, I came off as harsh in my post to you. I didn’t mean it that way but maybe it came out that way. I stand by it though.
    I will have to reread your post again to see if I answered all your questions, but am tired now.

  3. lovinall says

    Nicki I have the scientology book and it is in the beginning INTRO that he did not want to associate himself with it. That is why I thought it very strange and only bought that riduculous priced book because of curiosity only!! No convert here!!!!!!
    I am so uninterested I have not got around to reading it yet and have had it almost a year. I was just on the chapter that talked about vitamins as a drug solution to all addictions HEE not counting curiosity!!!!!
    i just like to know things generally and do plan to read on!!!! He has been very preachy and I like katie and feel like she was in admiration of him as she said she wanted to marry Tom on that Oprah show she said when she was very young. I love Nicole and am glad she found true love!!! i guess we all were a bit tired of his preachy words about it. I also read many other religions though I am a Jesus freak!!!! But i do like to learn about all kinds of stuff and so be it. I just get upset when people are too judgamental but that is anyones’s right I suppose and
    I still do not consider it a religion at all. But if I ever finish my curiosity and read on I will tell you if i learn anything but i just can’t believe they even have a church?
    Oh and #40 yeah, maybe he should become the leader.
    It seems popular though among some stars I like for example John travata and he seems like such a sweet guy!!! I prefer the work of Brad Pitt and “Angel” Joli!!!
    I admire them and their causes. Glad they are not interested. Seems they have much better things to do and are so big hearted and selfless. i admit i was starting to not like Tom because of all this crazy stuff.
    But then I guess you never know the real person as we are all just fans or not but I did feel he pushed some buttons with all of it!!!! Oh and to #39 I totally agree and
    decided not to judge also so now I am just back to if I like his movie I will go and if I don’t have interest in his movie I won’t go!!! Back to Nicki, I read as I said in the Scientology book first page that he did not want to be a part of it and” It was odd”and ofcourse i knew he had passed. But that was his wish and in the introduction of this huge book and I do know many people who loved his books and again I did not really read any of his books but people have really liked them. I was just shocked he made that clear since I believe it is all based on his writings? I do not read headlines like in mags etc but in the book it was a request he made before his death. I still think that is very odd.
    now from that source book I still get the impression it is just a self help based book and maybe HEE HEE Tom needs some self help but now I am being sticky wicked because i do not understand how it can be a recognized religion. That is funny about the kids name though your comment on that because I never went to the site I am more of a reader. I just was hoping someone could explain how it became a religion and has Churchs? Honestly, Too me it seems that L Ron hubbard seemed influencial in his knowledge of many things and still feel they were written as self help books and not dogma so I do not understand how it became a religion???? But many people who did like his books never told me anything about it being religious but more scientific and interesting and I think he was of the scientific mind. Where is the spirituality? Guess I should read more. But I did not find them interesting enough personally to finish even one as they all were very long!!!! I am still more with Coco and feel we all should not judge. I am however interested in so many things and this subject was just for my personal curiosity and nothing more. I also read many religious books like the I Ching, Kabbalah, and other things all because I am curious and nothing more as I have my faith based in the Bible and believe in Jesus. But I like to read and learn all things. I love A course in miracles and some may think that it is a cult. But i think it is just dogma and do admit I skimmed more than the vitamin pages on addictions but as of yet I still see it as a self help type thing and that is why I do not at all understand this being recognized as a religion. Who do they pray to
    or do they pray ? I know it also said you can be any religion and be a member so still more confusion on how it became a church? Anyway I was getting sick of him because he said “Anyone can be of any religion and still use it but, Him and Katie are just Scientologists”? HMMM?That was very strange and made me wonder how he could say that so I got the
    monster size book on ebay for not even a good deal there! I truly believe it is just self help stuff so far and
    my knowledge is weak on it and that is because I guess I am not as curious as I was when I got it to read to find out for myself. But no# 39 Coco is right we all should not judge and instead if we do we should learn all the facts to back our criticisms. Do you think? I liked Coco’s
    blog alot!!!! Judge not or ye shall be judged. Right?
    I agree and am glad I stopped. Hope it is okay with you Nicki that I like to try to get some knowledge before I
    make harsh judgements. Also the world has so many big problems and we all have a piece of that as a whole and we maybe should try to find a way to make it better
    and just forget about Tom for awhile and just remember he is a moviestar and nothing more so maybe we should just watch his movies and ignore his odd religion. I still just cannot comment on that and back myself with facts. But you seem to have some from your sites and I do not think I want to visit it. I was only trying to find out how it became a church and you seem to know a lot more than me. Maybe I will read the whole book which is by the way huge!!!!! I have as I said much
    more reading I have been occupied with and just I guess was like I said not as curious as I thought. I do however like to know more before I comment as some who have said things like he is going to hell etc on so many sites I stumbled across. HEE HEE!!!
    Last thought. I think I most definitely like what other celebs are doing much more. I admire Angie and Brad much more for what they are doing and believe they are very sincere and am so happy for them. Seems she was awakened to much more important matters than this stuff for sure and I admire her very much and Brad to for their interests. And #40 I hope you are right about Katie.

  4. Aerosmithlover says

    I agree, he is like, Girls Gone Wild. Also he should not push his beliefs down other peoples throats. Maybe he should quit acting and become the Leader of the Scientology Center. He certainly connects everything to that !!! When will he see that no one helped him but himself and he needs to start helping himself alot with the behavior he has been displaying of late. As for Katie , Katie does what Katie wants. She is the one who chooses to let him put her on a leash.

  5. Coco says

    I say, to each their own, and no one should worry about it but one’s self. I have often found it is better to worry about yourself and not others. I do not pretend to be like other people I am just myself. After reading all of these comments I have definetly decided everyone is crazy in their own way. I guess I am just as crazy since I just posted a comment of my own. Sounds like people want to argue. There is more to argue about than the way Tom Cruise and others live their lives. They can do what they wish because they can and people worry about that and I don’t know why. I guess we all wish we had their kind of money and then people would talk about us. Fame and fortune causes alot of stress and when you have alot of stress it makes you say and do stupid things. I agree he is acting pretty stupid lately but who are we to judge?

  6. NIcki says

    lovinall-you can go research the cult yourself. You can stumble onto thier site.
    L. Ron Hubbard is dead, maybe thats why he isn’t in the church. You read he didn’t want to be a member of his own church, but nothing else about it? Maybe you should read more than just the headlines, try finishing the article and you might get an idea of how weird it really is.
    Some people who read about Tomkat don’t like them, it is kind of like a train wreck, you know it will crash, but you can’t look away.
    Tom is an idiot and brings on all the publicity himself. Look no movie to promote right now, any pics of him?? No but you can be sure when he wants to be seen he will be out doing something stupid to get noticed.
    I wish Katie all the best because she is going to need it.
    This is weird too. L. Ron Hubbard, Scienctology leader, has a place, some retreat or something for diehard followers, in England, it is still there and used. Guess where in England?? Surrey. Now tell me where do you think Tom came up with the name Suri. Yes different spelling, but pronounced the same. Tom is a nutcase.

  7. lovinall says

    this was so hilarious!!!!!
    Does anyone know what scientology is?
    If so then tell us all so we can comment
    I have no idea?
    However, L Ron Hubbard did not seem to be interested
    in being a member of the church? So I read and that is odd?
    just stumbled across this site??
    Almost all movie stars are interesting and paid to be.
    These comments make me think you all know more than me about such things. It does seem to be the reason for all the strong opinions. Enlightten us all
    with your knowledge? I thought it was just psychology
    or self help kind of stuff? Who knows????

  8. Braydie says

    cherisse i believe tom and katie do enough to put themselves in the news and mags. since you said “you people” i believe im one of them and have a right to comment. tomkat rehab center? WOW did tom finally go out on his own and make himslef a nice little cult for him, katie and suri? I never noticed that they got 63 posts in one day. maybe its you thats addicted? hmmm.

  9. cherisse says

    of course who else in on this site gets 63 comments in less than 1 day? You people just try to find any thing on them just to put them in the mags and news.

  10. Braydie says

    Ali first off i cant stand tom C. i used to like him but hes a big piece of crap in my eyes. so no im not ” very interested and fascinated about that person” also i dont read tabloids, also to me hes not the “biggest” star in the world. maybe to you. and yes they have alot of posts here at babyrazzi, but most of them are saying what a big freak he has been. and prob will continue to be. i watched the oprah show when he jumped on that couch, hes a idiot and if thats love i wouldnt want it, katies a dumbass for staying with him. i dont give it long.

  11. Ali says

    cherisse you’re right on the money!!! When Tom and Katie try to get on with their lives as privately as possible magazine’s and Internet gossip columnist print something about them, which are all lies but people read it. The magazine’s do these becuase they know people are interested in knowing what goes on with them and because Tom Cruise is the world’s biggest star and if it was someone else nobody gives a shit. For example you can look through some of the articles about other celebs here at baby razzi and you can tell by the amount of comments left on Tom and Katie compare to anyone else. The way I see it If you don’t care about someone and you’re sick of them, you don’t spend your time reading and commenting about them unless you are very interested and fascinated about that person…

  12. cherisse says

    Bradyie my point was that when Tom Cruise is out of the light the news or mags just try to find something on him just to put him there there could be the littlest thing and all of a sudden he is on TV or in mags again. I mean it happened before when Tom and Katie died down for a while then all of a sudden in the front page of a mag
    i mean whats up with that!?
    Just like when everybody said that it seemed that Katie took longer than 9 months to have her baby. Thats because the all the photogs was all up in her face every five minutes. It is just like when you are at work and when you are busy time pass fast but when you are ready to go you keep looking at the time every five mins. and time becomes slow.

  13. says

    baydie, I dont know if I would say he’s up there with Michael J. but close….lol…. oh yea, ………….GO CHERISSE, GO CHERISE…………..and as far as (youdon’t need to know)………..we don’t wanna know…..!!!

  14. braydie says

    cherisse also its not that we look for him ….he does things to be SEEN…its hard to just not say anything bad about tom cuz hes such a freaking nut job lately. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLD TOM C.??????????? I used to love him but damn hes up there with the micheal jackson status now

  15. Lettie says

    I laugh of Cherisse and youdontneedtoknow letters… I guess both of you still love TomC anyway… LOL I am Brad’s fan…………

  16. cherisse says



  17. cherisse says

    whoever wrote youdon’tneedtoknow as the name of their e-mail name don’t you even tell me the shut up this is a comment site and if you do not like it stay the fuck of the damn site bitch. Who the fuck do you think you are you stupid bitich.. pissed me the fuck off. I tell you about these hoodrats on this site. You need to take your ass on because if i knew who you were i would have beat yo ass in a second i don’t play wit hoes like that for any matter. Because look you ass wap stupid mother fucka ass hoe stupid slut you already pissed me off i suggested if you want to make a comment on what i wrote shut the fuck up and keep yo dumbass comments to yoself or you could have wrote something else nicer.


  18. Aileen C. says

    To the person who said all religions are cults: You are wrong for saying all religions are cults. Cults are freakin weirdos who believes in stupid things to kill themselves just like the Hail Bop commet story in the past. A leader in the cult said if they die they will be closer to the heavens. Some crap like that. That’s a cult! You better correct yourself. Also, if the freakin cult group doesn’t kill themselves, they are followers more to the leader of the cult, not GOD. The cult leader says you cant sleep for a week, you’ll do just that for the weirdo cult leader. That’s not even a religion. Tom should recognize the difference.

  19. Braydie says

    I can actually say that i AM sick of him …its kinda hard not to see him since he does stupid things to make himself SEEN.

  20. cherisse says

    If you people do not like him or is getting irritated by him why do you keep reading up on him and watching him on TV. I mean you say you are sick of him but you you keep making comments and if you are sick of him you would not even be on this website. WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE JUST ADMIT TO THAT YOU ARE REALLY NOT SICK OF HIM YOU ARE INTERESTED AND YOU JUST CAN NOT HELP YOURSELF YOU CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF HIS WACKY WIERD WAYS.

  21. Ginny says

    Tom Cruise has become very irritating and preachy people are always irritating but as for his weirdo cult – all religions are cults anyway as it’s all down to belief. Once upon a time we believed in Father Christmas…. as for Nicole….she got what she agreed to in their contract…fame, A list status and money.

  22. Aileen C. says

    oops, Brad and Angelina are not married either. My bad. I thought they were married. Tom Cruise really needs to rethink his scientology stuff. He seems insane about it. Only one God and the trinity. Scientology believe in weird stuff and that’s why i think he is weird.

  23. ialena says

    Brad did not follow Tom footsteps. Brad is married and Tom is not. I hope Katie is happy with him.

  24. carleigh says

    Maybe Jen A and Nicole have both moved on to find men better suited to them and let go of the past. I hope that they are both happier and better off, JMO.

  25. lisa says

    why shouldnt tom call brad?? 2 cheating husbands should stick together.. maybe jennifer should call nicole and talk about their looser x’s and post their dirty little secrets on the web. or at toms church..where obviously forgiveness isnt in the sermon…. 2 loosers.

  26. carleigh says

    Boy now Tom has fallen from grace or maybe from his couch I should say? Someone needs to talk him back in from his ledge and quick before it’s to late. He and Britney BOTH need a major press overhaul and pronto!

  27. Braydie says

    Ali—why would you call a innocent child a idiot?…i can def. see the parents being called that, cuz they are…they cant hide their daughter forever someone will somehow get a pic and shes gonna look like everyother child out there and its not gonna be a big thing…Tom C. just wants the highest bidder for Suri’s pic and hasnt found them yet

  28. stacy says

    Ali, get a GRIP. What – have you “always wanted to marry Tom Cruise” ? Maybe you’ll be the next idiot (Katie) to father his child and not be allowed to show your baby in public. As in #2 – “If you bring gossip”. and “lessening” – listening. Maybe you should take spelling/Engliish lessons. Whatever, put all the gossip aside – REALITY – no pictures of Suri, she’s a celebrity baby, not ROYALTY.

  29. Amy Fisher says

    OH, Tom C. is such an Idiot. Even if the story was not true he still is an Idiot and Katie is one too, for deciding to have and Idiots “ohh no pictures please” daughter.

  30. braydie says

    Ali ….where you listening?? i dont think so so quit with the peaching please…you dont know if its true or not either

  31. Ali says

    If you bring gossip please make it at least a realistic one…Was someone lessening when Tom cruise made the call?

  32. braydie says

    Tom C. is such a freak…if brad and angelina wanted to join a cult it would be a better one then that….im sure angelina knows all the good ones

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