Charlie Sheen's New Girl

Well, Denise simply isn’t too smart of a girl. While she is abandoning her children to hang out with Richie Sambora and showing off her body with the Pussycat Dolls, Charlie is seeing a perfectly sweet looking girl and going to support charity. His new girlfriend is 28-year-old Brooke Mueller and she is a real estate investor, and she was Charlie’s date at this past weekend’s 2006 Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in LA. During the event, Sheen showed his gentlemanly side, putting his suit jacket around Mueller’s shoulders when the evening turned chilly. I LOVE THAT!

She looks very nice and classy. Just look at the comparison! Brooke is almost 10 years younger than Denise, but dresses like someone Denise’s actual age(36) would. P.S. I want Brooke’s hair…it is perfect!
Denise Richards

Denise Richards



  1. JoeMama says

    Brooke is just another whore for Charlie, check the next awards show; he will have another;…another;…another;..! However, he will never have the opportunity again to have a woman as wonderful as Denise Richards. He will regret this breakup for the rest of his life. He may not regret it now, but he will, and for the rest of his life…forever!!!

  2. braydie says

    IF i looked like denise and Have had 2 children ..and no streatch marks…DAMN right i would be dressing any way i want…even though i know she doesnt always dress like this who cares she still looks good, its really not the outfit that looks bad its the hair and makeup change those and she would look alright

  3. Leona says

    I don’t particularly like the remark about Denise ‘showing off her body’…is this the 19th century or something?! Ease up!

  4. Mandi says

    If you read my comment, Nicki, you”ll see I asked a question. There was no slam, but I was just ASKING if they were related.

    I understand this was about Charlie and Denise, but I didn’t realize I couldn’t ask a question about one of the people in the photographs. Now I know, and I won’t bother next time.

  5. Lisa says

    Denise is dressed up to do a vaudeville Pussy Cat dolls act just like a lot of Hollywood female celebs have done-such as Christina Applegate. I do agree out of context it is a very bad look on her. I think that Charlie Sheen is a loser-who goes to prostitutes, gambles, and takes pills and drinks too much. Denise should of stayed away from Ritchie and took time for herself with just her girls. Obviously, a court has granted restraining orders and supervised visitations only so there has to be something up!

  6. kinny says

    It STILL doesn’t escape the fact that Charlie is a total jack-ass.
    Sadly, lovely Denise is looking skanky. The new gal is classy I must admit.
    But Charlie…..

  7. Nicki says

    *oops, should be “Kay FROM Passions” LOL, I’m sure there are many more mistakes, just noticed this now……oh yeah some puncuation ones I see now. OK good night! spelling and grammar terrible now.
    Also remember Denise is dressed for a stripper show or something, and Charlie is on a date, his date looks like she is going to the prom. She is a pretty girl, no doubt, but come on Charlie was a card carrying Heidi F. customer, and one of her best. Spent mucho bucks on hookers.
    This looks like a photo op for Charlie, to look better than her , knowing she was going to look like that for the show. Let’s see if he dates “this prom girl” again and see if it was a photo-op.

  8. Nicki says

    Mandi, that could be the chick, Heidi from Passions, after she was attacked by…………….oh lets say Demons in the basement………..or by the frozen (or in the cave thingy) Charity, or after a good F*** with Fox, or who knows, after Timmy comes back for wherever.(I do miss TimTim).
    That was a direct slam on Heidi and this is about Denise Richards. Do you have a beef with Kay form Passions or Heidi, the person herself? Just wondering.
    Thanks if you bother to respond.

  9. little whit says

    charlie u need a new hair style!!! denise some of ur clothes r just a little out some are horrid!!!!

  10. braydie says

    we all know denise doesnt ALWAYS look like that…usually she looks alot diferent…i think shes very pretty in her regular clothes

  11. Mandi says

    On second read, she’s no relation to Heidi Mueller, formerly of “Who wants to date my Dad?” and currently of “Passions”, is she? She looks very similar to her.

  12. Mandi says

    Denise looks like such a hose-beast. Good for Charlie! I’ve been rooting for him since day one of this nonsense.

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