Brad Pitt Is Voted #1 Daddy!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was named Dad of the Year in a new poll for Life & Style magazine in honor of Father’s Day. Don’t forget Father’s Day is Sunday! Here’s how everyone else ranked:


Guy Ritchie and Dean Cain? Huh?

I, of course, would amend the list and make my husband #1!



  1. says

    Do not believe the rumors that Angelina gave Brad Pitt an ultimatum to get married by June. They really are a caring couple and everybody is able to observe that.

  2. Angelina Fan says

    Braydie doesn’t play well with others!!!!!!! I wonder if she’s had her rabies shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. braydie says

    Lovinall ok its “crystal clear” not clear crystal. so right away you sound like a dumbass. also your the one that said you were “leaving” damn your not? and i hope you like my attitude…youll get it probably all the time now that you decided to stay. and if i dont get to you then why respond? w/e you sound like i got to you which is funny. Is max your kid …cuz you sound like a nutcase like him. i reply to every post thats directed towards me which the post i was referring to was from YOU, you probably didnt think i would see it since it was months ago. i like your comment “All are entitled to their own opinions.” OH really is that why you try to “enlighten” me every chance you get. so comment some more , try to make sense, and go drown your self on the beach where you live. 🙂 can i “enlighten” you some more?

  4. Lovinall says

    Let me make this “clear” Crystal!! (exceptional to out of here for good besides I like it here & might stick around for updates above and pictures)
    I only replied to you because you gave attitude to so many on this site.Not because of anything you could say to me. HA HA LOL!!!!
    Just got back from walking on the beach where I live and
    well living my life.
    Why the comment to you? You insulted one too many posts if possible when it was Max which sounded so sweet and innocent so why yank her chain?
    Do not flatter yourself that your reply to me bothered me. I am only answering your blog from your search for me. ( Hudson site I just looked up and you were inviting me by name for a reply)
    Actually I had forgot about you until now.LOL!!!!!!!
    So there is your answer to “You know what you said”
    Oh and believe me, I have been a fan of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for a very very long time. When they were separate and later together. So I will just say I do keep up and try to get facts. As a true fan should.
    Oh darn I like the picture updates.. Yea yea Yea yea!!
    So I will probably be back . All are entitled to their own opinions. Love the pictures of them here!!!!!!!!

  5. Lovinall says

    How did my new post get on this old site?
    Told ya I am new to this and shocked at
    some repeaters!!!!!!! New site I thought and so ooops!!!LOL
    Well at least I said my PEACE!!!!! Out of here for GOOD!!!
    Wonderful pictures of a beautiful baby and a most handsome dad!!!!!!

  6. lovinall says

    Oh no i thought this extended site would have different folks but instead it has made one leap over to add more
    negatives to Brad and Angelina!!!
    “he has not addopted” oh no! she continues!!
    I said I was out of that last site and since I admit I am new to this and not experienced all I ever wanted was to say what I felt about the very good things that brad and Angie are doing and she is well liked for that . Brad has also been very active in the same stuff. I am so happy for them both and the picture of the baby was so sweet!!!!
    I never thought i would be attacked for …God Stalker?
    my faith has nothing to do with this except that hopefully it makes my posts more kind and I do believe in the concept of trying to send out good thoughts and no i was not obsessed with them but I do believe in the power of change and growth and Angie has exceled at that. She admited it. That she was self centered until she found out that there was a greater purpose for her life. Also brad has been supporting some same causes
    and it is so nice that they have not only that in common but also such love for each other and that is probably why she had his child. love can also bring change and
    so I am sure that they are very happy together and that is good enough for me. You who think i am what did you say not all there? well I am not at all there as i do not want to be all there or here where you have come to with more disdain for them!! LOL
    No way to chill you out or get you to stop living in the past or no chance you will fine growth or an awakening
    to the present and the real change that has caused so much happiness for this couple. You who go on and on about such mean and rude comments need to get a life.
    i hope your comment to me filled you with your evil bliss
    and I will not come back to this site now that you have discovered it. What did Angie say… You cannot just call yourself a father. You have to earn it. I do think Brad did that because as you have mentioned over and over her strength as a woman I am quite sure she would not just
    take any man for those children and instead has found a worthy man for her and her children and they are so happy looking and is it that you can not handle?
    Oh and I think you must live on this site just to provoke nice people who can see the obvious commitment they have and that is what I think bothers you most.
    And #40 I agree!!!! But this is my last post now on this new extended site need to go live my life. Thanks to all who have made this site a site we could be glad to visit and share how love can make us happy to see.
    Beautiful baby. Wonderful Dad.
    #37 #31 #38 Still same old crap on this site too!!!!
    Max do not listen to this uninformed soul!!!!!
    She is not a nice person and attacks everyone and has no facts but is really repitious and Max I am sure you have a life and this soul does not seem to have any except on this site and on this subject which she is so clueless. We must forgive and forget her!!!!!
    Out of here! Congratulations on all your children Brad!!!!

  7. Terry says

    I am so sick of hearing that Brad is rubbing things into Jennifer’s face just by living his life and being happy. I know it looks like Brad left her for Angelina and what not and maybe he did. I never heard Jennifer say anything effusive about her then husband and it always seemed like they were going in separate directions. Now they really are and I think Brad took his life back, and he’s extremely happy with his accomplishments thus far. I applaud both Angelina and Brad for daring to be happy, for living life on their own terms and being better people for it.
    If Jennifer has problems with that. She should learn to make herself happy. As far as I know she is.

  8. braydie says

    Judy as i said in another post here Brad HAS NOT adopted her kids. Just because he lent his name to them doesnt mean she cant erase it as quickly as she does her tats. he doesnt deserve to be father of the year. just because he got a “ready made” family doesnt make him father of the year. it makes him father for a MONTH.

  9. Judy says

    Brad deserves to be #1. He’s adopted Angelina’s 2 adopted children and given them his name. He’s been blessed with a new biological baby. If you watch the interviews that he’s given over the past few years, he’s always wanted children. Just because it happened so quickly – many people are judgmental. Brad’s been ready and he’s going to be an awesome father and parent.

  10. carebear says

    I think if brad and angelina can a have a baby then jen and vince can have one.

    j/k jen and vince should wait like brad and angelina

  11. says

    Brad,Brad Brad most people don’t know how it feels to be you.It was good for Angelina to go so far to have Shiloh most people dwell on the past instead of the future.Jen is in the past,and most people can’t handel that.At least Brad left her before Angelina had the baby.No matter what they say Brad is the #1Dad for right now because he did his shit right,and instead of one child he has three.Take That!

  12. Geneva says

    what about my dad, your dad? they are a lot of excellent fathers out there. it dosent matter how long a man has been a father. i cant believe the majority of people commenting are women and they make it sound as if babies are not alive until birth, as men do. having your baby’s father support during pregnancy is very important. anyone with children knows what i’m talking about.

  13. PaGirl says

    Anyone Know? When Does The People Magazine Come out With Baby shilohs pictures? I Was In the Store Yesterday But Didn’t See Them On the Cover Of People?

  14. PaGirl says

    I Think Ben Affleck has shown to be a real hands on dad ,& Reese Witherspoons Husband Ryan ,Their always out & about with their children & A Lot more I Can’t think Of At the moment.Wow doesn’t baby shiloh look like her Dad Brad But has Her moms Lips .

  15. Braydie says

    Max ive never believed in this saying but im gonna say it cuz the situation calls for it for real….. you REALLY need to get a life…im happy your stalking a girl you cant find……………….

  16. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    wat is max’s fleepin problem! max is like OBSESSED with them especailly angelina!!!!! weirdo…

  17. nicola says

    Fair enough, Brad may be a good dad,but is that any reason for him to rub Jennifer Aniston`s face in it? She`s clearly upset wiv the way he`s played this 1 out and all him an Ange are lookin 4 is publicity. If i were a guy, i`d pick Jen over Ange anyday…..homewrecker !

  18. jenna says

    i dont ‘t think it’s fair to pick brad pitt! sure, if it was for also caring for maddox and zahara BUT the picture is of him and shiloh and she’s not very old, he can’t be considered the best dad! how on earth would they determine that anyway? i’m surprised the wacko who made the list didn’t put on tom cruise.

  19. Max says

    I think it is cool.
    as Angelina and Brad are cool.
    she is my favorotte Actress.
    and want to be like her some day.


  20. Max says

    I am a real fan of Angelina and Brad.
    and think it is cool, that they have a baby.
    Angie is my favorotte actress, and think she is really cool.
    as i want to be an Actress like her some day.

  21. Max says

    I am a real fan of Angelina and Brad.
    and think it is cool, that they have a baby.
    Angie is my favorotte actress, and think she is really cool.
    as i want to be an Actress like her some day.


  22. Kruz Rich says

    I think Ben Affleck should of gotten it or Ryan Phillipe.
    But you can just vote on what you see in the tabliods.
    Every father is the best daddy to someone, and that’s all that matters.
    The best mommy is Jennifer Garner.

  23. bored says

    How could anyone make a decision like that?? Dad of the year for celebrities?? Ya they look all lovey, cute, and snuggly in the pictures we all see of them, for all we know they are at home abusing the kids on a daily basis. I sure hope thats not true for any of them, but how are any of us supposed to know the real truth about how good of a Dad they are?? Its all a pile of crap I think!!!

  24. braydie says

    NO he has not adopted her 2 kids as of yet. Brad and Angelina only got a name change from jolie to jolie-pitt is all. Im sure when the day comes , if it ever does, that a judge grants him any legal gaurdianship of those 2 kids…theres goin to be a world parade or some crap

  25. mitchelle says

    Well see if you look in ther babys eyes it looks like both of you, and you should be happy that she is in both of your lifes so you two should think about that. It is first child with each other don’t want to get rid of someone so soon do you. Inside of each one of you you love each other very much every body knows that so could you think of that for a little. You both will need each other when Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt grows up you two will need each other alot like when she turns 1 both of you should be there and 13 when she wants a boyfriend you 3 should discuss this all together, and not when she is with her mom and then when she goes to her dads it should only hopefully be once for her to discuss with her mom and dad, and also i think your family would like to see the 3 of you together having the greatest time of your life like going to the fair when she gets older she probably would like to go more than once with her friends and family but if i was Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt i would love to go with both my mom and dad togehter as a family and i mean you two really should not break up for your childs sake. Well thats all i had to say please stay together for your childs sake. Bye

  26. Jennifer says

    Response to Braydie. I thought Brad DID adopt Ang’s 2 kids!? Maybe I miss understood. Does anyone know? Whats the story on that.

  27. Eyesofpearls says

    Sorry girls for sending this twice, but my PC was acting weirdly today. Anyway, you all got my point. It’s a shame ordinary dads don’t get voted. None of these celebs would ever get a chance…

  28. Eyesofpearls says

    Brad?! Give me a break!

    Has anyone heard of Mel Gibson? He has 7 or 8 and all of them with the same woman!!!

  29. Eyesofpearls says

    Does anyone remember Mel Gibson? He has how many, 7 – 8? And all of them with the same woman!!

    Give me a break….

  30. braydie says

    jen, well since he HASNT adopted any kids …maybe they should of voted for someone thats been a father for more then acouple weeks

  31. Tonya says

    I have seen much better celeb dads than Brad. Aside from the point though, does anyone remember how they were saying Shiloh has Brad’s nose? I don’t see it. I looked at the pictures on People online. They have a shot where you can see both his and her profile and I really don’t see it.

  32. jen says

    i think they should have done a non celeb pole

    to the dads who all the real life dads struggleing

    what you think

  33. jen says

    might be because he looks after his adopted babys aswell

    has been a dad before his lil girl
    with ang two kids…

    not every man would take on someone elses kids never mind adopted kids

  34. HR says


    Hollywood –With two of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity couples bearing baby girls in the past two months, Dateline Hollywood convened a panel of experts to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind: Who’s hotter, Shiloh or Suri?

    Though Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not yet released photos of their daughter Suri to the media, polls show that Americans can’t wait any longer for a professional evaluation of which celebrity baby is hotter.

    To answer that question, Dateline Hollywood convened a panel of experts on celebrities’ sizzle factor:

    -E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca

    -TV Guide Channel red carpet diva Joan Rivers

    -Syracuse University professor of pop culture Robert Thompson

    -Richard Ellenboger, a real life plastic surgeon from E!’s reality series “Dr. 90210”

    By a vote of 3-1, the panelists concluded that Suri was hotter, noting not only that she would likely have a better smile, but is already managing her PR better.

    “Shiloh showed herself to the public just a few weeks after she was born and now it’s like ‘Been there, done that, next baby,’” said Thompson. “But Suri’s PR strategy is genius. Even though she was born before Shiloh, we still haven’t seen her. That baby has already learned the no. 1 rule of being a hot celebrity: always leave the public wanting more.”

    Panelists also noted that Shiloh doesn’t seem to have the “movie star good looks” that Americans expect from their sizzling hot stars.

    “Baby fat is fine on a regular baby, but someone of Shiloh’s stature can do better,” observed Ellenboger. “Any competent plastic surgeon could have gotten rid of those bags beneath her eyes and those little rolls of fat on her forearms. And how about getting yourself a smile? Infant dental implants are the hottest new thing at my practice. I could have made Shiloh presentable to the public in just five hours.”

    Rivers faulted Pitt for what she said was “fashion taste so bad even a one-month old should know better.

    “When I see her at next year’s Golden Globes, I’m going to tell Shiloh the same thing I told Patrick Stewart: ‘If you haven’t got a full head of hair, put a hat on.’ Her hair looks worse than Ron Howard at a ‘Happy Days’ reunion.”

    Rivers added that she has seen some of the bags of clothes Katie Holmes has been carrying out of Los Angeles clothing shops and is already excited. “Louis Vitton… Kate Spade… Chanel… They all have fabulous baby clothing lines and Suri’s got a closet full of them. She looks like she’s ready to go out to a red carpet. Shiloh looks more like she’s hanging out in a third world country.”

    Casablanca was the one dissenting voice in favor of Shiloh’s hotness, based on unconfirmed rumors he recently reported in his column concerning Suri Cruise’s “extracurricular” activities:

    “My sources tell me Suri’s the terror of her playgroup and has been sneaking off with a certain Johnny B before Mommy Mira picks him up, causing all sorts of trouble. Nobody I could find had a bad word to say about Shy-lo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more weeks of hanging out with J.B. leads Sur-ee to have a Sur-prisingly low e-meter rating that causes daddy T.C. to have to start a Scientology detox on her before she even has a happy half birthday.”

  35. Lisa says

    Michaels Douglas, you have got to be kidding me. Brad Pitt is a fine choice. He has been a great adoptive dad to Mad and Zahara. He has changed his whole life around to be a good dad. But, I do see so much of Ryan Phillipe with his kids. Him and Reese were pretty young when they had Ava and even at their young ages they handled the responsibilties wonderfully!!!!

  36. chrissy says

    i think its bloody stupid as well he has not been a father for five minutes let alone a year! what a joke, same with some of the others on the list they have not been a father for a year so how can they be on the list for father of the year!!! johnny depp should be top!

  37. Jennifer says

    what about Will smith, or Michael Douglas, or
    Johnny Depp. Why brad? Although he is showing he is a good Dad to M & Z right now, I think he was picked because of the baby. Why does is have to be a celebrity. Why not pick a Dad who is home caring for the kids whose wife may be at war? Those are the real Dads. Dads of the Year!

  38. carleigh says

    I can think of other male actors who are or appear to be great fathers, Brad hasn’t been a daddy long enough really though he does seem to love those kids.

    What about Seal? He LOVES Heidi Klum’s little girl Leni and he is very clearly devoted and loving to his family. I see them together and it’s like they are the perfect blended family and it’s wonderful how happy they are.

    What about Pierce Brosnan he is always shown doing things with his kids with Keely Shay and he also adopted his late wife Cassandra’s two kids. Isn’t that a loving gesture of someone who loves their kids as well as the kids of his partner? To me that speaks volumes about his character and familial devotion.

    What about wierdo, couch jumping, ego maniacal Tom Cruise? Even he seesm to be a loving, devoted picture of fatherhood and he didn’t even get a mention?

    I just think there are many more logical choices than Brad Pitt..but give him more time I am sure he is going to continue being a wonderful father to all of their kids..Ang, Mad, Z and Shi are lucky to have him!

  39. Sarah says

    I AGREE that is a load of crap. I think that Ryan Phillippe should have done better than 3. Brad is a joke. LOL there are so many people that could have done better.

  40. says

    OH PLEASE…..GAG, Brad has not been a father for more than a week and all of a sudden he is father of the year??? What is wrong with people LOL, all of those other Dads have been fathers longer, really Nicki was right before to give me heck about reading those tabloids. I am sorry but I feel this is a load of poop, he is being awarded for having an affair, lying about it all, and well need I go on….I won’t so no worries, I am sure by this time everyone knows how I feel, HA HA HA. But really ANY other one of those fathers (especially David Arquette) should have got that title. Brad doesn’t know what it means to be a good father, YET…jez they just had that baby. JMO JMO JMO JMO JMO JMO JMO.
    Okay I am done now. LOL have a good night everyone.

  41. Nicki says

    OK, this is weird.Life & Style? I think another tabloid, no?
    But anyway, while I do love Brad, (or anyway my impression of him, oh yeah, beautiful picture of him and his baby girl) except for the paps intrusive pictures of most all stars, which is 90% of them time, and some are just photo-ops, how would anyone know they were responding to thier kids in a great and positive way? I guess we will have to wait and see as they get older
    He just won that L&S poll because they are #1 in the news right now. Time will tell if any of them, Ryan is the exception(been there the longest), deserve to be called that.


  1. Angie Everheart…

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

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