Beautiful Pics Of Gwen, Gavin & Kingston!

Wonderful pics of Gwen, Gavin and Kingston! More coming, but I just got back from the beach and have to make a pb & j for my son real quick!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Sorry it took so long to get more pics up! Kingston is by far the most adorable little baby I’ve seen in a long time! He looks so happy and peaceful too! He is actually smiling in some of the pics!



  1. bruce rhee says

    I heard that Gwen wants to adopt a japanese girl so that she could be one of her posse girls and she wouldn’t have to pay her.

  2. nicola says

    How cute is Kingston???? For once there`s a family out there worthy of bein a shinin example 2 all families….They`re just adorable……gook luck Gwen

  3. Jewel says

    Aww, what a cute baby. He’s does look like his Daddy. Congrats to Gwen and Gavin on a healthy little boy.

  4. JenniferM says

    I think OGG is Angelina Jolie undercover, or one of her “media sources”. She probably can’t stand it that some other celebrity couple has a cuter baby than hers!

  5. kinny says

    how sweet is the pic of him and his daddy?! The fact his little eyes are open in the pic is just precious!

  6. Nicki says

    Anna, that last post meant to say, I agree wioth Anna on that being a great picture. They all look so cute.

  7. Nicki says

    I forgot to add, I just love his little long sleeve-T, (or sweatshirt?). So cute he has a Bob Marley shirt on!
    The little boy is adorable. I love the second picture with ALL of them smiling.

  8. Nicki says

    #19 Chrissy, your welcome. I’m sorry about #13 from Courtney, that was me on my sis’s comp. this am.
    Yes that is a cool site. Glad you liked it.

    The baby is sooo cute. He does look more like dad right now. Ogg needs to get glasses or clean the computer screen. That baby is beautiful!

  9. says

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful baby, your right he is by far the cutest little thing, what a sweetie, My fave pic is the middle one where Gwen is kinda looking down at the baby, it is a striking photo of the three of them.
    I have to add they are all beautiful pictures though her hair in the first one is a little funky for me, but it suits her to a T in a good way, I wish this family all the best, Congratulations, Gwen and Gavin and Kingston.

  10. little whit says

    i also agree with #17 qwen doesn’t need to change a bit she looks great the way she is. it drives me nuts when famous people change the way they look all the time there is no point find a look u like and stick with i mean to change everyonce and a while is ok but to change everyother week or less is just nuts!!!

  11. little whit says

    ogg if u r serious about kingston u r insane that is the cutest baby ever!!! (except my baby cuz although they’re about equally cute!!)

  12. little whit says

    i agree with sarah that baby is adorable! they do make a great family qwen and gavin look like a perfect match for eachother!!!!

  13. chrissy says

    i just looked at the other photos and he is such a beautiful baby, he has really piercing eyes, but makes your heart melt congrats to a fantastic couple

  14. braydie says

    SUCH a cutie!!! i wish these three all the best..
    as for the way gwen looks i disagree….she hasnt changed at all and i think its great. shes always looked like that and im glad she hasnt changed. gwens beautiful and always has been .red lipstick, bleached hair, funky clothes …thats just her. DONT change gwen!! And gavin your one hot daddy:P

  15. Jennifer says

    I thought gwen was one of the most beautiful pregnant celebs I have seen in a long time. I like gwen but I am not some huge fan or anything but I think she will make a great mom.

  16. Courtney says

    It was at the HotMommaDrama site. It was yesterday, so you might have to scroll down a little.
    Sarah, really I’m not picking on Gwen. And she looked GREAT all the way through her pregnancy, make-up on everyday, same lipstick. She never didn’t look great.
    So to say she just wanted to look like she did before she was pregnant, is weird…because there wasn’t a day she didn’t look fantastic. I love Gwen, I guess my point was, she looks like she is about to go on stage, not at home with a newborn.

  17. chrissy says

    nicki where did you see the other photos, i wanna see!!! i can’t find them help, congrats to the parents that is one lucky little boy

  18. Sarah says

    oh leave gwen alone every new mom wants to look like they did before the pregnancy. I say she looks great. Yall are just jealous that she looks that good after giving birth lol

  19. KellyMay says

    Personally I think Gwen probably felt sexy for the first time in a long time with the red lipstick! kudos to her, I’ve been there!

    Beautiful pictures, all around!!!!

    P.S. Hmmm Kelsie I wonder the same but I don’t think Reese?!?

  20. Celeste says

    Baby boy is very adorable!! and I love the name.
    But I was gonna say the same thing, she is awsome but I wish she would loose the bright red lipstick all the time. She would look way better with out all that. Like she is in that one video of her’s with the darker hair and natural makeup – much nicer.

  21. Nicki says

    That baby boy is the cutest baby boy I have seen in a very long time. Another site I was looking at earlier had all 5 or 6 pictures. He is beautiful.
    Don’t hate on me, but could Gwen do a little more natural. Her hair extensions, and bleach job, and that severe red lipstick is just a bit much. I do love her, but she is at home less than 1 month after giving birth, the first priority shouldn’t be mom’s makeup and hair……. We do understand the new baby thing. But Kingston is so fricking cute. Rock on, Kingston!!!!!

  22. AnotherMama says

    He is adorably cute & so lucky to have cool parents that are not psychos (at least not that we know of) best wishes to the best looking family on here so far.

  23. carliegh says

    What a sweet baby boy and you can bet he’s going to be pampered, spoiled and soooooo loved! Lucky family! They are all beautiful!

  24. Kelsie says

    He is SO cute, but what you wrote about getting home from the beach and making a pb&j for your son. Reese Witherspoon has a son, and she recently spent a few days at the Beach…HUM…I wonder.

  25. Erica says

    He is the cutest baby that a celeb has had! he is going to have a cool mom and dad and gwen and gavin are going to be the best parents and dont be like britney spears and do wrong things with him and make sure he dosent fall out of a highchair and fix his neck if it is bent over in a car seat and also(to the dad) please do not have strict rules like tom cruise. there all going to be messed up parents u guys are going to be great!!!!! congratulations!

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