Paul McCartney's Almost Ex-Wife's Shocking Secrets Revealed!

This is way too crazy to print here, so I will point you to the story as reported here by Celebitchy. I know everyone has skeletons in their closets, but this is NUTS! It is good, naughty fun though!

Please don’t laugh at my attempt to Babyrazzi-ify this saucy photo of Heather Mills!

Heather Mills



  1. carleigh says

    Rina–are you talking about the EX-high priced call girl that is going to milk Sir Paul for his $$$??? A role model for what how to marry well? Sure. Heather overcame a tragedy sure but you know what people overcome obstacles every single day… what makes her so gd special? If it happened to you, would you stop living altogether, NO–you would have to find a way to come to grips with life taking a different turn. She should be commended for having that? She puts others first??? She has all the time and money in the world to campaign for charity and be a do-ggoder which is like you said admirable..but in the same token if I had nothing to do but throw charity gala’s and visit the sick and infirmed that would make me a “good” role model for others too right? I don’t think it’s the fact that just anyone Paul was with would be bashed in the press, but when your own family doesn’t accept your mate there should be specific warning signs there that maybe he just couldn’t see because he was blinded or just didn’t want to admit the truth to himself. He was very lonely after Linda died and he married to replace that emptiness…but just didn’t use good judgement. I would never go so far as to say a woman with Heather’s past with the accusations about being a hooker, posing for all those raunchy disgusting porno pic’s is any kind of role model. Oh she lost her leg and reinvented herself and that makes her a GOOD actress! I wouldn’t want my kids to look up to someone w/ her past and I damn straight would never be proud of her past if I were her. She’s a low life who married well and that’s her BIGGEST accomplishment.

  2. rina says

    Heather Mills has been very unfairly treated by the press worldwide. It’s easy for people to assume she married Paul for his money but anyone he fell for after Linda died would be accused of the same.

    We should remember that Heather is a fantastic example of overcoming tragedy; she has been a brilliant role model for anyone coming to terms with the loss of a limb; I’m not sure if it happened to me I could carry on living never mind live a full and active life. She is constantly putting others first and has raised a great deal of money for charity – admirable qualities. Let’s face it she could just as easily have sat back and enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, instead she has campaigned for animal rights and fought against the use of landmines.

    I admire her and wish her happiness in her future, Paul has set her free, she’s a survivor.

  3. carleigh says

    Sir Paul was WHIPPED in more ways than one and apparently in all the ways that count! LOL…Did you read the article from that website? It’s really detailed and talks about Ms. Mills-McCartney being a paid “call girl” and all sorts of other stuff. I think it’s just funny because apparently there are things in the world that even Paul McCartney’s money can’t bury and that’s his soon to be ex-wife’s tacky little past! Paul was so stupid he didn’t even make her sign a prenup how dumb is that? Oh well, I am going to read a new article in this weeks mag stating that “Heather beat Paul with her prosthetic leg”..seriously, I am gonna love this one !LOL

  4. KellyMay says

    Carleigh you have me giggling! Really isn’t that what our prying is all about! I really don’t want to think so but we are prying!

    Heather definitely had a sordid past, I pray that Sir Paul was informed, dear God if not!!!!

  5. carleigh says

    Apparently this girl has a lot more than just skeletons in her closet..she opens her mouth and BONES fly out! She’s just another gold digger who happened to have hit the MOTHER LOAD by marrying Paul McCartney and having a child. This woman has a racy, sordid, colorful past and she’s about as tacky as Denise Richards and as far as the tabloids leaving her alone..why it makes for fun gossip and great reading. I hope we find out

  6. Eyesofpearls says

    It served him right – he wanted a young woman – well, you cannot eat fish without removing bones from your mouth…

  7. chrissy says

    the public may not have known about heathers saucy past but sir paul claims he did, so i guess thats really all that matters, everyone has skeletons in there closet

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