OMG! KFed Spotted Holding His Son!

This is actually very saddening…was just getting very joyfully accustomed to seeing Perry the Naval Academy grad escorting Britney around. No, just kidding! It is good to see a family stay intact, and I do realize that KFed is Sean’s father. I just thought Perry seemed so much better! Here the family was snapped near their Malibu home on Sunday and KFed is actually looking like a real dad to 9-month-old Sean. This is the first time since March 25th that they’ve been photographed together!

Britney Spears

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  1. lisa says

    ok give kevin credit for ‘cleaning up’ he does look much better. but to bad he isnt a man…even boys can take baths.

  2. Renee says

    Where is Justin, why can’t they get back together? She looked SOOO much cleaner with Justin than with Kevin.

  3. Amy Fisher says


  4. bored says

    I bet that he just looked out the window and said “Oooo hey Britt!! There’s paparazzi outside, we should grab the baby and go for a walk!!” just so that they could snap a few pics of him holding his son then he probably just gave the kid back to Brittney and drove off to the bar.

  5. carleigh says

    Kevin Fertile-line has spent the last 5 years making babies and trying to hone his skills as a bad boy rappa…what a joke! The only thing this joke is good for is living off his wife’s money and riding her coatails and most importantly MAKING BABIES! He should go pimp himself out to a sperm bank somewhere because at least he has that talent down pat!

  6. Kelley says

    Federjerk, is a total looser. He lives off of his wife and tries to live off of her celebrity. Kudos to her for wanting to be a mom and I hope she is getting better at it. We all make mistakes, hers are just all in front of the prazzees that are always around (even in freaking helicopters). I would hate to see what they would catch me doing.

    I would tell Brit just like I am telling a good friend that is going through something similar. He will not change. He may even try, but as long as you are you he will be the same. Brit enables Kevin to be the way he is so why would he change. Good luck to them all.

  7. Courtney says

    Anna, Sarah has the answer to your question. Love is not only blind, it is deaf and dumd also.
    Too bad she can’t see it is only going one way.
    Just please wake up Brit and see the light. EVERYONE would respect your choices more then, you are holding onto a dream, that with K-idiot, it will NEVER become. Open your eyes and dare to dream again, it will happen for you, just not with him!!!!!!!!

  8. cj says

    you know brits new at this whole mom thing and everyone scerws up but if there in love then work it out if not than leave his mooching money grubbing ass. the only reason hes still with her is cause he needs her money to pay child support for his kids. and if she leaves him theres two more to pay for. hell have to live in a dumpster where he belongs. hes would be better off without him. but he supposivley makes her happy. doesnt she look so happy

  9. chrissy says

    how do we ever know the truth, the media says one thing and britney writes a poem and then says everything is peachy, and why do we care?

  10. Sarah says

    #4 im not trying to defend her or anything but sometimes “love” is blind. You cant always see what everyone else sees. But I agree with you she would be alot better off without him.

  11. says

    She needs to cut her losses and move on out, she has her kids and thats what matters, he is a bone head, but why why couldn’t she see he only wanted her bank account? Makes ya wonder.

  12. Nicki says

    He is the biggest loser I have ever “seen.”
    I would respect her if she would kick his ass to the curb.
    But until then…………………You reap what you sow.

  13. Sarah says

    its actually to bad that this isnt a permanent thing here. He will be gone again soon, doing what he does best…. Buying ciggs and hanging with “the guys”. lol

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