Katie Holmes & Her Divorce Lawyer Dad Getting Savvy

Katie Holmes and her divorce lawyer dad have been getting smart. The whole thing is weird as we all know, but at least Katie stands to walk away a pampered princess. So, she’s at least being fabulously rewarded for not only putting up with Tom, but giving him his first biological child.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

The couple reportedly have hammered out a prenuptial agreement that will give Holmes as much as $33 million and that will pave the way for the two to get hitched.

The happy couple and their lawyers have come up with a contract that will give Holmes $3 million a year up to $33 million for each year that she is married to Cruise, as well as a palatial home in Montecito, California, according to Life & Style Weekly. If the marriage lasts longer than eleven years, the contract becomes void and California’s community property law kicks in — giving Holmes half of Cruise’s rather sizeable fortune.

Not bad, huh? And I’m sure it has helped out that Katie’s dad is a divorce lawyer.

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  1. Debbie says

    Katie, if you will wake-up and listen to your Dad, you were just a baby maker for Tom. While he’s away, you need to take your baby and run.
    Don’t you think it’s strange that Nicole and Tom don’t talk and he has his way how their (THEIR) adopted kids should be raised?
    If you stay with him, you will never have a life of your own and neither will Suri. She’ll be at his church worshipping aliens.

  2. says

    how do you all really know???????????????? i cant say anything like that, but I can say that I think they are some good people, and the lawyer thing, katies just watching her back, but who wouldn’t it’s hollywood for crying out loud, she’s pretty smart if you ask me and her dad is a good one to make sure katie, will be real secure in her future………………….but duh, she will have to take care of him one day………….

  3. jenna says

    you actually think a guy would stay with her for five years and not get any? please… just because she’s catholic does not make her a good catholic.

  4. cherisse says

    Deane that was mean I can see Tom Cruise maybe, but Katie is actually one of the people in hollywood who is the nicest person i seen. And if she was not with Tom Cruise i think that she’d be one of the biggest movie stars without Tom help, because she is really a good actress. ( If you don’t think so see the movie Pieces of April, Batman Begins, Thank You For Smoking ,The Gift (even though she played the town slut she was still good in that movie)), and my fravorite Wonder Boys.

  5. cherisse says

    I mean braydie KATIE FIRST (SEX DUH). You did not know that she was a virgin before she met Tom Cruise. She might have been in a 8 month relationship with Joshua Jackson and a 5 year relationship with Chris Klein, but thay does not mean that she had sex with them. She even confessed to it in a magazine one time i can not remember which one but she confessed….plus she was a Cathloic before Tom.

  6. Denae says


  7. Ali says

    I agree with #16. get real people who think Tom is her first she was engaged for 5 years to Chris!
    Tomkat are great!! I actually like them, they are growing on me. I wish them all the best even though I doubt this story is true but good luck to them anyway. I haven’t heard any news (I don’t mean gossip) or see any pictures of them lately and I’m glad. They must be having a nice family break, away from the noise media and the bloggers.

  8. carleigh says

    Katie’s first what BIG SPENDER? I do agree that they seem to be really loving towards each other..(read Good Housekeeping June 2006 it’s a cute article). But no amount of money or trinkets can make someone love you more or less, they either love you for who you are and not what you have or it won’t work. You can’t base a relationship off of material objects and say that because he has bought Katie this or that, that that will make or break their loving each other.

    Katie was engaged to Chris Klein before her and Tom got together so I highly doubt that Tom was Katie’s “first” anything. Gimme a break she’s 27 years old and obviously Hollywood isn’t like Minnesota..lol.

    Katie seems to have a newfound beauty to her since she has become a mother and hopefully time will tell if these two can make it work..after all the third times the charm right?

  9. braydie says

    cherisse…what do you mean katies first?? first what…lover? yeah RIGHT…im laughing to hard to type

  10. Sandey says

    What Tom has spent on Katie is nothing more than chump change to him. Money can’t or happiness and love isn’t measured by how much anyone spend on someone, Cherisse. Money is nice sure, but it’s not the end all, once your needs are met that’s as good as it gets.

  11. brenda harcrow says


  12. cherisse says

    I would like to say is this is the first e-mail address i read without the negativity. I love it….. I wish Tom and Katie the best. I love Katie Holmes i am her biggest fan after i saw Dawson’s Creek. And i watched Tom and Katie romance from the beginning too and he really truly is in love with her….he treats her so special who else do you know drop down so much doe on someone. 20 mil on a plane and then changed his plane name dedicated to Katie….then spend millions of dollars gifts on her….one time he sent Katie a 20,000 braclet to her during a interview who else do you know spends that much on someone that they care about. Beside remember Tom was Katie’s first…I wish the world and universe to them …And I know that their little offspring is just as beautiful like Katie.

  13. Hana says

    I’m the same age as Katie and I love Tom cruise and I wish them all the happiness in the world! I do think Tom is in love and they are happy so leave them alone. And Katie you are the luckiest lady in the world. All the best

  14. georgia says

    i wish them the cbest ..true love is hard to find ….you only live once ..so good luck to tom and katie

  15. KellyMay says

    I agree Carleigh, to me it he seems he is deliriously in love with her. I love Tom (must be my age LOL) and have watched this journey with Kate since it started. I really think the man found love for the first time in his life and can’t refrain his enthusiasm. He does dote on her and really what girl could ask for more! God job Dad might as well revel in the wealth if Tom truly turns out to be a flake!

    BUT enough already let us see that beautiful baby girl!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if the first pics are at the wedding and supposedly on July 4th, how fitting for Tom!

  16. Carleigh says

    Kudo’s to Katie for getting an iron clad prenup! That’s great! I am happy for her. Now at least she won’t end up like Nicole Kidman who Tom divorced right before their tenth anniversary so she couldn’t take advantage of the CA community property laws. Maybe these two are for real or maybe it is just an elaborate set up whose to say? I would love to see a pic of Suri though that would be nice. I do believe that Katie and Tom have a baby because she does have some nasty stretch marks which I saw in a tabloid mag and she’s been spotted with her nursing bra hanging out. I think that all the speculation surrounding these two is nothing more than that, just pure speculation. I think they will be married in July sometime and I hope that they can make it work and last. Even though Tom is a couch jumping weirdo they do seem to be in love…or in the words of Prince Charles “whatever love is”..lol

  17. Sandey says

    He’s weird, right up there with wacko jacko. Wouldn’t be a surprise if first photo’s of Suri are of him dangleing her off of a hotel ledge, or is there even a daughter, maybe the entire story was a publicity stunt and he paid Katie to put on weight, the bump was never consistant. Hard to believe a couch jumper wouldn’t show the world his greatest prize. Could be the greatest I’m not gay cover up ever. The guy is a gagger

  18. Sandey says

    He is moving right up there with Wacko Jacko in my opinion. Jumping on Oprah’s couch was shocking. Club wall climbing?? My dad was abusive Wa Wa look at me, when Katie was ready to pop?? Poster boy for Scientology?? Self appointed Director of post natal depression?? Fighting with Matt on Good Morning America?? Manipulating South Park?? Editing Katie’s movie roles?? Look at me world I’m Tom Cruise!! Seems pretty gay to me and if that is the case, why is he ashamed of it? Maybe he took her OBGYN and a tube along on their dates. Tacky thought? Ya, but the guy is way weird. Maybe money will ease the Katie’s pain when Tom dumps her for his man and she seldom if ever sees her child just as with Nichole seldom see’s hers. Not enough money in the world to wish Katie’s position on anyone. Is Tom going to show the world his Suri when he dangles her off a hotel ledge??

  19. Elle says

    Let me just be the First to say “Congratulations, Katie and Dad!” It’s good to know Everyone is not living in La La Land as they were One Year Ago! Look where that got Katie. I mean this as sincerely as possible, I want the Best for Katie . . . and forgive me if . . .
    Mind-Twisting, Faith, Friends and Family Ditching, Microscopic Existing, Career Forfeiting and Short Fused-Controling Tom is not the ideal recipe for a Happy Marriage or Happy Life! I am very glad to read this newest article on Katie.

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