Baby Shiloh's Debut!

Here’s the baby pic bonanza! What fun!

Here’s the cover of the issue of People magazine that hits newsstands tomorrow! I think the leaked pic was actually better, but this is great too of course! (Oh, never mind … People Magazine says that (even though they’ve got a syndicated RSS feed of these), these photos are not for sharing). Go figure. Enjoy this lifelike artist’s rendition instead!

Shiloh Nouvel Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Drawing

The Italian Vanity Fair cover photo of Angelina & baby is also very beautiful.

And thank you Steph for all the great photos!

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More coming!


  1. Mo says

    This whole senario is truly facinating…

    I think alot of womens deepest fantasies are being roll-played through Bradgelina and the baby(s). What do we all want deep inside as our instinctual need? -To look sexy, catch the man of our dreams, make him fall madly in love with us enough to forget about any other woman in his midst (even his wife), pro-create with him all the while looking radiant and have a perfect baby for him to devote his soul too then live happily ever after!

    Isn’t what they have almost too perfect to be true? Wealth, fame, beauty and love… Well everyone yes it is and this is why we are so captivated… Instead of going to bed dreaming of being Angelina, I am here to tell you there is more to it than meets the eye as to why this is just a fleeting bizzar moment in history. Try not to take it seriously and realize that what most of us have already is far more substantial than what we are seeing played out here.

    Angelina, everyone please don’t forget that not too long ago this was a very disturbed ego-centric girl. This goth witch loved to play with knives, blood, drugs and drill into our heads how much she loved screwing her trailor trash husband “Billy-Bob”. She could not keep her tounge out of his mouth on camera the whole time. I myself being somewhat a nympho do not need to go that far, especially in the media. Hey, I like to think I’ve got some class…

    So much of what she was then was pathetically insecure and I think as fame came knocking a little harder and she was forced to see herself on camera. Being ego fed like never before the realization was, was finding out her trashy husband Billy was just that and then feeling revolted enough to sink or swim for a new persona. It was like “I’m telling the world how great my husband is in bed and wearing his blood, but he’s actually a massive loser like me at the moment”. So what do we all do when we have those self reflections? Shed the old you and take on a new one, PRONTO. So Miss. Angelina got all serious, focused on work, humanitarianism and started to milk her fame for every drop of sex appeal she could muster and we all began thinking as we do now, how cool she is. But is she really? “Plastic surgery” everyone…! (Ashley Simpson “I would never do that! yeah right sweetheart”) -she and Angelina did girls and boys. This is a need to prove to the world that you are something you are not -more like an insecure revelation…

    After Billy she needed to shed the trashy image (and tattoo -who actually cool does that? -opps Johnny with the loser klepto Winnona) like she’s now all of sudden a wise old soul that no one saw before. Bullsh*t. You are not as sophisticated and wise as you think going after Brad Pitt and breaking up a marriage or at least having the maturity to wait awhile before the ink was dried and Jens tears, no matter how lame Jen was in bed (speculating). Or just Brad Pitt period. He was only made sexy after the movie Legends of the Fall for his character. He’s just a munchkin voice geeky puppy dog. He has nothing on Matthew McConaughey… But anyway, I truly believe that Angelina saw her opportunity with him and went for it without any regard to Jen. That was a bitchy thing to do but I guess one can’t help infatualtion and the “oh well” factor. I mean this is a woman who decided not to kill herself after she saw a kimono in a window that she had to buy the next day. I think she does all her humanitarian work because hey, I would too if I had lots of time and cash and the fact that most of us do care, but also to re-affirm to herself and the world that she’s a good persona nd to lose her trashy image because in reality she’s actually just another spoiled poor little Hollywood kid who’s claim to fame was her filandering dad. She didn’t get what she wanted then so she rebelled and she’ll continue to get whatever she wants because she’s brilliant, egotistical and we are the gulliable who look on in awe instead of intelligence to applaud her and him as our heros. Once shes tired of Brad she will dump him because he is so pathetically ga ga over her and that’ll lose appeal over time for her. Females who have problems with their dads will have problems in their relationships with men. She’s not looking for another fan to kiss her a**, shes looking for a stronger daddy figure and it only works in the moment because he’s older than her in a position of power. That will change because she wears the pants and gets what she wants and always will between the two. Poor Brad is just pu**y-whipped. That’s incredibly pathetic in any independent woman’s eyes, -mine included. I don’t think she scored at all. And I don’t think her life is charmed or her childs who has to live with their pasts. I think she lives in a self absorbed fantasy world where reality to her can only be found doing humanitarian work and meeting the less fortunate then getting praised for doing so which makes her feel good and less like a shallow actress. I think she’s so in love with herself and thinks she has it all. She never will. Compare her with Jennifer Garner married to Ben Afleck. Who seems more charmed and right as a family unit? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a total Angie basher, I wish I looked like her, minus her wide waist, had her creativity, acting skill, and sex appeal but do I clap in glee for such a perfect family trio wishing them well? No I don’t have to because they are already doomed my friends… It’s outta my hands already based upon the facts. A fantasy situation from flirting on the set then having hot sex in Africa because she was without a steady man for way too long according to her standards of sex which we all had to hear about with Billy. Bradgelina are still in heat, she didn’t even gain a pound during pregnancy. We all know it wears off just like Kate and Cris, Demi and Bruce. Brad will regain some respect if he doesn’t marry her. But he’s so whipped who knows… andJen Shem, she’s like us, in reality.

  2. Braydie says

    Cynthia…i respect everyone opinions on here and when they go to far and i feel like like you do, i say something as anna and carliegh know 🙂 i wont try to change anyones mind on anything its their thoughts and feelings … people do forget what this site is for but i disagree about it being only about babies…. and when it gets too personal and i like the post i will say something. this world would be a boring ass place if everyone said the same things about others, i like the conflict and diferent things people say…and im sure thats why people continue to come here to see what another has responded to a post. sorry about the way you feel reading post on here but I myself will say and respond to anything the way i want to, as you you do 🙂 thank you for the nice post..and i do understand and respect your thoughts and feelings also….
    have a great nite all !!!

  3. Cynthia says

    Despite on what it looks like, I really don’t think that everybody should praise Jolie and Pitt, they are not saints after all.
    It’s just that I don’t know them besides movies and gossip, and therefore I think I have not much to say about them personally, and that the only thing I can do correctly here is being polite with congratulating them with their newborn.
    I’m sure they made mistakes, like all people. And if it is true that Angelina caused the breakup of Brad and Jennifer than that is a regrettable thing and not something to be proud of.
    I don’t intentionally try to critisize, but after reading Braydie’s message I guess she has a point with me finding these discussion forums sometimes a bit disrespectfull.
    Sometimes I’m just afraid that people can go too far with what they can say online, because it’s much easier to say something anonymous and without less consequence. But I can understand that people should be allowed to say whatever they want, without consequences. After all, freedom of speech is one of the things democracy is based on, and a lot of people, including me, are therefore able to live in freedom and without fear of being persecuted.
    Even though my oppinion is that respect is more important than freedom of oppinion, I can understand that some people find this really important and I respect that.
    I respect Braydie too, I have the feeling as if she understood where I came from and that she dealt my viewpoints/critizism very respectfull and gracefull. Even though it may not be her own perception.

  4. Braydie says

    carleigh i just jen A to make a point that not everyone will be congratulating them in person…im also sure she has moved on i hope she has anyway.

  5. carleigh says

    I do agree with some of what Braydie has said. However, I would think at this point Jennifer would have moved on and let go of this stuff so it wouldn’t eat her up alive.

  6. braydie says

    go ahead give me the name of the site ….also, no, people wouldnt say anything like this in person …but then again WERE not saying it in person…and yes on the net you can say anything, and i like it. This is about children but also about the parents…and if you dont like how people disrespect you …or these celebs… or, if you feel like crap after reading this site …then dont read it..its that simple…and im sorry i wouldnt “praise ” them in real life …i dont like them . I wish the child good luck but not please dont asume everyone would praise them in real life, im sure Jennifer anisten isnt

  7. Cynthia says

    You are right, Braydie, everybody is allowed to state their oppinion. But this is supposed to be a happy anouncement on the birth of a baby. Would people do the same when the would visit a mother of a newly born child? No they would not.
    I think that there is a lack of respect for other people lately, and this is becoming an increasing problem.
    People would not say anything but praise in a situation like this when they would visist a newborn baby themselves, and I don’t think it should be any different on the net, expecially on a site dedicated to children.
    Maybe I will start my own website with disclaimer, and you know what, I think people will visit, and FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES!
    Kind regards, Cynthia

  8. braydie says

    Cynthia, i think some of the opinions on here are lil out but at the same time …its THIER opinions , just like you have yours so if you wanna hear about how great people are maybe you should go make your own website with a disclaimer that no one can say anything bad about anyone…only sing praises about them. see how many people you get on your website

  9. Cynthia says

    I noticed some negative messages here, and I think that’s a shame. I don’t know what the parents of this baby girl have done in their life, but I know that there is nothing wrong with Shiloh’s existence. I came here only to admire this beautiful baby girl, and to celebrate her succesfull birth, and I think that is the same thing that all people should do here.

  10. Reannon says

    All I can say, is man I wish someone would pay that much money for pictures of my new baby!! 🙂 Kudo’s to Brad and Angelina for donating it to charity.

  11. Jessica says

    Honestly people why are you going to bash on Brad and Angelina and Jennifer? Their lives don’t affect you. So it’s pointless to rant and rave about people you will never talk to or meet. And if you’re in “love” with Brad Pitt and you are just mad cuz he had another woman. Boo friggin Hoo. He’d probably never be with anyone of those kinds of women. Because you are messed up in the head.

  12. Jessica says

    Susie you friggin idiot. That baby could be a few days old. My baby was 10 lbs. 9 oz. she was a few days old and looked like a 1 month old. Do you have a child? And if you do you’ve go to be a real idiot because any mother would know that.

  13. says

    i think that it is very consiteret of them to help out other countries! i don’t get why people r fighting about which country they choose to adopt from it’s not like they have any say in it i think what ever country u decide to adopt from should be your chose and no one elses!!
    good luck with the new baby!!

  14. susie says

    I have a very difficult time believeing that the the photo of this baby is just a few days old.
    This baby looks more like 8 to 10 weeks old.

  15. Mike says

    WHAT IF THE BABY WASNT REAL?!!!wouldnt that shock everyone i think so what if it was all planned out and they pretended to have a baby when actually they just adopted againWHAT IF THE BABY WAS ADOPTED????WHAT IF??whatever good luck on your baby…thanks for helping out africa AND SHIHOL HAS ONE HELL OF A SET OF HUGE LIPS!

  16. james says

    Brads a Dad…..Congrats on your baby……
    Hes gonna change alot over the next few years….hes not gonna be like he was in the 90’s and early 2000’s ….it was better then…but what can i say nothing lasts forever….

  17. Angelina's Fan says

    Angelina has helped both the Adoption issue but also the situation in Africa, as I believe the owner of this site has posted elsewhere on babyrazzi.

  18. KellyMay says

    Interesting “J” post?!? Okay I hope you feel better after that!

    Anyways I am elated for Brad and Angelina, Shiloh is gorgeous! I just saw the whole spread, Wow Brad is so in love with that little girl! I am so happy he has finally found happiness! They have given so much thus far and only continue, may God continue to bless them!

  19. Germaine says

    I coudn’t be happier for you and your new born. It’s the most beautiful baby , and also because it was the fruit of your love for each other. Even thought we don’t know you personally we already love you both and also for your kindness and because you are not mean people like so many in your entourage. People that says bad thing about you are ignorant and have nothing better to do. Ignore them it’s not worth it. I wish you well and may your love last forever. You coudn’t be a better match for each other. May God bless you and protect you everywhere you go and whatever you do. We love you both!

  20. bonnie says

    I think the baby is cute, but for god sakes so many cute babies and u dont have to be rich…..I really dont think the parents are that great, just because they have money, isnt that sad….

  21. Fleur says

    I think that the baby is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, but then with parents like that how could she not be…

  22. braydie says

    I wonder if it really is her lol…wouldnt that be weird…everyone spells badly there isnt a person that doesnt, but she does have a good point , who ever she is ….its not like she was saying anything bad …just to leave her out of it…i choose to believe the post if it was someone else doing it, they would of went off ALOT more then that…i mean …check us out and the post we right ..its not even our lives and we go off as if its OUR lives out there for all to see…it was straight forward and to the point, with no negitive comments about anyone but us lol…i think it was her

  23. Carleigh says

    Yeah that’s supposed to be Jennifer Aniston and she can’t even spell. Give me a break….I choose NOT to believe..lmao

  24. lil miss exists says

    A Friend of mine told me about this site not to far back and she informed me of what people actually say on here about others and myself. First off, I have no feelings about Brad and Angelina, I wish their baby all the best. Also I have no Children…as you all seem to know and have no problem bashing me about, if i read correctly on the top of the page..this site is ABOUT babies so stop assuming that you people know everything about my marriage and my feelings. I have no children and shouldnt be even mentioned on this site. Also i wont be having any children for quite some time, when I decide to I’ll expect to be on a site like this one, until then, Try to keep me out of your arguements about me , about my life and about my womb. I know that when a person BELIEVES something , NO ONE can change thier mines on it, believe this is me …or choose not to…Doesn’t matter to me. I wont be responding to any comments nor will I come to this site again to see if there are any comments. I wish all the best to you all and remember, this site is about children and babies, and all babies are a gift no matter.

  25. Sandey says

    Maybe I have walked in similar shoes., Jolly. It is what it is wish all of them the best and get over yourself.

  26. maryj smith wilder says

    Anyone who wants to help babies in this country can do so…feel free. I think Angelina has helped the entire adoption issue. No matter from where you adopt, it helps the world at large. I think it is small minded to not be able to think beyond our country. Maybe she thinks that children in the US have resources and opportunities eventually, that some children would never have. Period. I like to watch them doing good things for others. Period. Thanks for the site, by the way.! Love to all new babies always, everywhere.

  27. Boni says

    Brad did what he did and in the end I think Angie will screw him around just like she has all the others as they say what goes around comes around.

  28. Carleigh says

    I think it was a very smart PR move on Brad and Angelina’s parts for many reasons. Mostly because they would have been relentlessly hounded by the paparazzi to score the money shot. By releasing these photo’s they were able to do this on their terms and hopefully quell the prying eyes of the camera for awhile. They need time to bond with their sweet little girl and not have a media hey-day and circus made out of this special time. Kudo’s to them in the process for taking control of the situation and then turning around and doing a very noble and giving gesture by donating the money to charity. I don’t care what anyone thinks about these two people because time and time again they have done nothing but give money, time and efforts to causes that they believe in and they are good for doing that. Bless baby Shiloh she’s perfect and I wish them all the best in the world!

  29. stacy says

    Just about every normal celebrity couple’s baby’s pictures are printed whether for money or not. When we all had our babies did we hid them. Dont think so, or if we did there was a reason. Since that TomKat kid was born, how many other celebrities have had they’re baby’s shown to the publci. Angie is not a homewrecker. Obviously there was a problem with Aniston way before Angie. Jenifer needs to get over herself because she’s going to lose Vince next. Watch.

  30. jen says

    this will stop the press from following Angelina around to take a latest pictures of the baby where ever she goes

    as the biggest fuss was to get the first ever pics,, why fight it as they may aswell get lush pics like them

    then ones with them covering there kid in a huge box or something to provent pics being taken
    this is a much more relaxed approach

  31. Sarah says

    Im not saying their not deserving, that may have come out wrong but there are babys dying on the streets here in the u.s.a. Whats so wrong with helping them also?

  32. Leona says

    Why should Angelina help babies in her own country first – are one set of babies more deserving than another?? Comments like this really annoy me – they’re so small minded.

  33. maryj smith wilder says

    Lindsay is right: Angelina is not a home wrecker. It’s pretty generous of this family to use their influence to aid any country in need at a very special time in their lives. They managed the publicity with grace. GO Angelina!! et al!! I wish them well, meme

  34. Lindsey says

    Yay for the baby, she’s adorable.

    Not yay for speculation. What went wrong with Brad and Jen is between Brad and Jen. We don’t know, and we won’t ever know. People need to stop pretending they know what went wrong. No one knows if Jen was being too spoiled or Brad was being an ass. There’s no way to tell, and there’s no reason to! It’s their business!
    The End! :o)

  35. Sandey says

    Who knows what went on in the Aniston/Pit marriage. Why didn’t Aniston she see it coming? Was she too focused on Jen??? She has been a real Wa-Wa poor me Queen for too long. I’d have gotten sick of her too if the phoney bull we are seeing now whas what life with Jen was. I loved her to death but she has sooo turned me off with her pathetic self focus. Time will tell on Pit/Jolie and I am more impressed as time goes by. Softness, love, & happiness shows in their eyes. You can’t wreck a home when the foundation is strong. Get out of their shoes you haven’t walked in them!

  36. MELISSA says

    The Baby is soooo Beautiful but whats with the clothes??? Brad and Angelina both look very happy

  37. Sarah says

    I agree with the fact that she likes to help children but I also think she should first start at helping all the ones in need in her own country first. And as for Brad “falling in love with her” she should’ve backed off until the divorce was final.

  38. Jenn says

    This is a very beautiful baby. I am happy for them, everyone needs to lay off of them, they are happy, and are raising three beautiful kids. Congratulations to the happy family.

  39. Leah says

    shes likes to help children and people in bad countries..
    I dont think anything is worng with that and shes not a homewrecker Brad fell in love with her.

  40. Sarah says

    Angelina is a homewrecker. I think the only reason she went to namibia to have the baby is to keep Brad as far away from as many people as she can possibly can. Just my opinion though.

  41. marie says

    angelina and brad are very good people ,
    they don’t need poblicity !!! they sold the photos for a good cause shame of you who critizided them!

  42. Leah says

    I think it was a very good idea for her to sell Shiloh’s baby picture..we all know that the Paparazzi is not going to stop following her but why noy sell Shiloh’s picture to donate the money for it?
    I like them both and think Shiloh is a very beautiful lucky baby!

  43. Hana says

    I’ll say it was very quick too. I hate Angelina and she probably did it to get good publicity and for people to say she is generous. However we won’t forget she is a home wrecker!!!

  44. Nicki says

    They have been in the public eye through all the papprazzi cameras for over a year now. They have all the publicity they could ever want, and probably wishes for a lot less.
    They money was a great idea instead of going to a nutcase photographer hiding in the bushes or under a car somewhere, to line his own pockets with lots of money.
    They took control of what could have been a scary situation, and are giving the money to people who really need it. Of course they will still be followed for pictures, but the money shots, these the first ones, are out there making other ones less valuable for the photographer. So maybe the will be less stalked for a little while.
    Charity, for sure.

  45. Publicity or charity says

    I can’t believe how quick they sold the pictures poor little baby. She must have been 4 days old when the pictures were taken. It not like this will stop the press from following Angelina around to take a latest pictures of the baby where ever she goes. Its a good thing they donating the money to Africa. I was born in Ethiopia myself so I know its a good thing but I’m sure if they wanted to help Africa Brad can afford to do that without selling their baby’s pictures. This makes me wonder if they’re doing it for publicity.

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