Angelina's New Tattoo!

Angelina Jolie showed up to a June 7 press conference sporting a new tattoo where Billy Bob Thornton’s name used to be. It reads:

N11º 33’ 0” E104º 51’ 00”
N09º 02’ 00” E038º 45’ 00”

They’re the latitude and longitude coordinates for Cambodia (son Maddox’s birthplace) and Ethiopia (daughter Zahara’s birthplace). Maybe there will be some Namibian coordinates up there in the near future?

That’s neat!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. Maria says

    You know #15 & 7, get off your high horse. There are thousands of babies born everyday to people who are not married ! So get over it and at least there helping eachother ! The tat is fine it’s her body !!! SOO GET OVER IT

  2. says

    I agree with sylvia tomsky and I think that children should be the result of a loving marriage. You don’t have kids then go “oops…maybe we should get married…or maybe not”. People have no self-control anymore. I am not being judgemental, that’s a fact.

    Message to: carleigh (Exodus 20:7) & (Revelation 1:7)

  3. braydie says

    how did a post go from a tat to the guys at war sylvia?
    maybe read the post next time and actually say something that belongs here

  4. carleigh says

    TO Sylvia—what the hell does the fact that they are not married have to do with a godamn thing???? Children are born and most times in todays society and the reality of things-sometimes parents do NOT get married or simply don’t CHOOSE to be married. Where do you live in a cave in SIBERIA???

    In my opinion I hate the war and my BIL is over there now fighting so my kids have a not a better future, just a future! So what does one have to do with the other?????

  5. little whit says

    it isn’t the greatist tatoo and not in the best place but i think that simple weird stuff like that means alot to her!!

  6. sylvia tomsky says

    I think the world has heard enough about Brad and his girlfriend. The morals of the Hollywood Stars have gone to the dogs it’s a happy event but the baby is illigitimate whether the child belongs to movie stars or not. We have young men and woman fighting for our freedom and dying in Iraq let’s give them some recognition.

  7. brendharcrow says

    angelina come on, i have three tattoos, you are so pretty ,it should have said brad after all he has changed his life for you and your childen! BRENDA

  8. braydie says

    she covers up a ugly tat with ANOTHER ugly tat…at least she could of gotten her kids names not their “cords”

  9. Nicki says

    I think it is kind of a cool idea. I personally don’t like arm tatoos on women, but it is original and she had that Billy Bob mistake to fix. I know she had that removed, but there is always traces or shadows of the first.
    I think all in all it was a great idea, but like I said i’m not a fan of women in general with arm tatoos.

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