Britney's Mystery Manbot Revealed!

Oh, this is wonderful, fun news! Britney’s mystery manbot manny has finally been identified, and he sure sounds great! His name is Perry Taylor. He is 28 and a US Naval Academy graduate! Yum! Britney’s mom, Lynn hooked Britney up with him as a male nanny(manny!) but it seems the relationship may have developed into something more. That’s great! Lynn is one smart mama…she knows what she’s doing! For a long time it was being reported that he was JR Rotem. Good to clear this up and have Britney’s mystery man be a hunky US Naval Academy graduate!

Britney Spears

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  1. annie says

    UGH!!! When is she gonna get a clue and dump that loser? If she’s that lonely, buy a toy! Not only does she not NEED a man but, even if she did, I’m sure someone like her can do a lot better then Kevin! Wake up brit!

  2. manda says

    Brit’s new boy toy is so much hotter than K-fed. All of your fans K-fed up with the real hubby

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