Britney Hits The Gym & She's Divorcing Kevin!

Here Britney was snapped on Monday, June 5th working out on the Precor at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel, CA. She is probably letting off some steam.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has signed preliminary divorce papers from her husband Kevin Federline, according to British reports. The pregnant star allegedly signed the documents after consulting lawyers about splitting from husband Kevin Federline. A source told Britain’s News of the World newspaper: “It’s a stressful time. Britney has already started seeing lawyers about splitting with Kevin. “She is serious about it. She knows she has to get things moving.” Britney has been at the centre of months of speculation her marriage is on the rocks. Last week, it was revealed the singer hit out at Federline on her website – by posting a picture of herself posing with a rude hand gesture. Britney, who has a baby son, Sean Preston, with Federline, put the photo under a poem – entitled ‘Remembrance Of Who I Am’ – which was allegedly aimed at her 28-year-old spouse. The verse, believed to be written by the singer, describes feeling tied down in “chains” and asks: “How do you stand sleeping at night?” It continues with lines about feeling “manipulated” and “swallowed”, and talks about “the sins of the Father”.

Well, seems Britney, or at least her mom, should have known better than to pick Keven as the father of her children. He seems like such an opportunist and you could always tell that he didn’t cherish and appreciate her enough. He seemed very selfish and immature. Please let there have been a rock solid pre-nup drawn up by Britney’s lawyers! Kevin doesn’t deserve a dime…it sounds like he has already taken a ton of her money for drugs, his “pimpin’ lifestyle” and his “career.” Hang in there Britney! Britney will probably be transformed into a whole new person without Kevin dragging her down.
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  1. krystyna says

    Hi Brit i whish you all the best you have a beautiful son. I would like to see you happy again and no stress do what you have to do ,come to Canada for vacation it is more peaceful here. thank you Krystyna

  2. Cristan in columbus ohio says

    it’s about time she kicks that gold diggin loser out of her life, he’s done nothing but use her for her money since day one.

  3. georgia says

    hey brit what your heart tells you to do and put all your love towards your children first ..peace …georgia

  4. kinny says

    Yeah! No more white trash! Brit is leaving it behind! Good for her! I wish her strength and future happiness without the trash!

  5. Braydie says

    thank god shes rich cuz he wont get no money to pay for child support for one child, let alone 4

  6. Jennifer says

    Thank God! I hope this is true. It seems as though Brit has lost herself since being married to Kevin. I hope now that she has children and gets rid of Kevin that she will grow into a good role model and mother.

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