Brad & Angelina's First Public Appearance Since Shiloh's Birth

Today, Brad and Angelina made their first public appearance since the birth of their daughter, thanking Namibia for the privacy and peace they enjoyed. They look tired, but happily tired!
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

“We have been able to have a very special, peaceful time for our family here, exploring your country and more importantly helping with the delivery of our daughter Shiloh,” Pitt told a news conference for local journalists at a hotel in the coastal town of Swakopmund. “So for that we are eternally grateful.”

Jolie, relaxed and smiling in a long black dress, said the couple had sought a place where they could spend some special time with her children, 16-month-old Zahara, adopted from Ethiopia, and 4-year-old Maddox, adopted from Cambodia. Both children had their surnames legally changed to Jolie-Pitt after Pitt announced his intention to adopt them as well.

“We both had traveled to Africa and loved this part of the world,” the actress said.

Angelina also dispelled rumors of wedding bells in the air.
“There is nothing in the air. The focus is the kids, and we are obviously extremely committed to the children and as parents together. “So that kind of says it for us, and to have a ceremony on top of it is nothing.”

They also revealed that they would be heading home to LA in the coming days.



  1. angelina hater says

    alos i knew if i said something on my other comp about you …you would “engage” cuz thats just your nature … by the way this is braydie 😛

  2. angelina hater says

    AND about the actual post …i looked on the pics of angelina and brad on the internet and ive seen them touch 2 times in the past year that wasnt movie related…maybe if they werent so guarded …more people would accept them as a acouple..but its not like they care what we think as they should…

  3. angelina hater says

    carleigh, O..o dont try to “engage” me …im shaking just thinking about it…( not really) i would of said debate but thats just me…maybe saying engaged makes you think you sound more like your a educated person huh, carleigh.
    like i said before about the life thing …. you make me laugh…get a new line lol, also, I dont have a perfect little mouth ….*cough…bitch…cough* just dont want to read cursing words on 100 post over and over again …as i said before…wow if i really gotta rewrite my post over and over again for you to ACTUALLY understand them then your not gonna be any fun… MAYBE if i curse everyother word you’ll get it the first time around

  4. carleigh says

    Hi Braydie nice to see you still running your precious little perfect mouth, have you found that life you so desperately need yet? Have a wonderful Day!! Oh and U too ANNA! Love ya girls!

  5. carleigh says

    Hey Angelina Hater…don’t try and engage me because it won’t work. Have a wonderful day and IF YOU DON”T LIKE it or me YOU go somewhere else.

  6. bdd32 says

    Anna is stuuuuuuuuuuupid!!!!!!! Please go away Anna, nobody wants to hear your nasty comments. Just go…Peace

  7. braydie says

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  9. braydie says

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  10. carleigh says

    Braydie, I am rather inclined to think you are like Anna. You just stated I am putting words in your mouth? I asked a simple question above about what makes it OK for you to be defensive and to turn around and jump on me about my conflict with Anna. I think you are the one rather enjoying this banter..well let me enlighten you dear. I never said you had a quote “bitch-fest” with Nikki so who’s the one putting words into whose mouth here? (See post above)

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    Since you “talk like you actually have a brain”, I believe you can understand exactly what I am talking about.

    Lastly, as for the topic of Brad and Angelina not showing affection in public? There was a picture about 4 months ago that thay had in People magazine and it was of them sharing a kiss in a Parisian cafe so occasionally they do show affection in public. They just don’t chose to make a spectacle of themselves and are doing their best to maintain whatever modicum or shred of privacy they can. Look at how they look at one another and I think that would be enough to dispel the myth that they don’t really and truly love each other.

  11. braydie says

    actually she looks at her own brother with the same looks, but she at least kisses HIM in public…and yes her and billy bob were nasty

  12. Eyesofpearls says

    Braydie – I got your point, but not many people like to show affection in public – Snogging in front of others definitely doesn’t show affection, just posing. Remember Angelina and Billy Bob – THAT was disgusting. But her story with Brad – just look at the pictures – have you seen the way Angelina looks at Brad and her baby? That look is so much fuller of affection than any kiss or touch. Actually, I think that even on the pics you can see the chemistry going on there. He adopted her kids and she gave him a daughter – what more affection do you expect? Kissing and hugging and all that saliva exchanging stuff is for teenagers. ..and Tom Cruise, of course.

  13. braydie says

    AND im not anna so dont think that you will get a rise outta me like you do can scream and curse all you wish at me …just makes you look childish…so until you have anything to say thats WORTH responding to, thats actually apart of the actual post then dont refer to me again

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  15. carliegh says

    Hey Braydie..I see here your the one getting defensive towards Nikki. Who are you to say something to me about writing my posts to Anna on the other board when your doing the same thing here? Just wondering what makes it OK for you but not for others? Double standard perhaps?

  16. braydie says

    Also nicki, by saying “I think baby Shiloh is pretty good proof the affection is there, where and when it should be ” that the proof of their love is only in the bedroom???

  17. braydie says

    First off nicki i SAID ive never seen them show affection not just in this picture, and i didnt say at the press cionference so stop putting words in my mouth…and just because they have had a baby doesnt mean they proved any affection…it just means they had a baby…i guess having a baby by a rapist shows affection also huh? im not touching my husband 24/7 but at least i actually DO touch him. they get photographed all the time and never have i seen them show any kind of feeling toward each otherno hugs no kiss no belly rub while she was pregnant if they were sooo in love i would think they would show it…so when you want to turn another one of my post into something ugly nicki go right ahead…im not Anna …ill go off in a nice way that will actually make sence

  18. says

    Where would you like me to post it? I have 3 kids and am 5’9 and 140 lbs, a size 10. My youngest is 2 years old. SO sssshhhh, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

  19. Nicki says

    You want them to show affection to each other in a press conference??????? That would be disrespectful to all at the conference. I think baby Shiloh is pretty goood prove the affection is there, where and when it should be.

  20. Lisa says

    Number one-Anna is probaly some bitter woman who had her husband leave her negative, bitter, boring ass and she resents the happiness Brangelina is sharing.
    Number two-Angelina looks amazing for less then 2 weeks after giving birth
    Number three-My doctor said no to hard core exercise for six week post baby and I did not have a c-section like angelina. (C-sections do cause swelling)
    Brad did not leave you and you will never truly know why or how the dissolution of the Brad/Jen marriage happened.

  21. lakisha says

    Hi there,im from Namibia but leave in london .
    and im realy proud of the pitt’s decision to go and have their baby in Namibia.

    although Angelina looks tired,im sure she would have even looked worse if she staye in england or america,were the paparatzi will go to extreme lengths just to get photos of celebities.

    Some people think our goverment was bad to keep some journalists out of the country but i think it was best for them,taking into consideration that they are the most famouse couple on earth right now.

    I realy wish them the best xxxxxxxxxxxxx and for anna if she can be bad to people she doesnt realy know,it makes you wonder what kind of friends she has or what she does in her sparetime?

  22. Jennifer says

    Braydie your right they never seem to be touching each other but, here is some theories of mine why they dont….although I could be wrong.
    1. Maybe one or the other doesnt like to be touched a lot. My sister is like that. She is not a very huggy type of person except with her husband and only at home.
    2. Maybe they feel that if they dont display affection in public, it will dispell any rumors. You know how you see the paparazzi say this celeb is breaking up because they were holding hands but she was walking behind him. Maybe they just want to avoid all that.
    Any way that is just my theory.
    People………..stop talking about Anna……………she is thriving on this. Just shut her out!!!!!!!

  23. Carleigh says

    Well Braydie yes I do agree! Anna is losing more and more marbles by the day! Maybe it’s all the paint thinner she sniffs! LOL

  24. Braydie says

    im just wondering…..why dont they ever touch each other? ive only seen one pic of brad touching angelinas arm….they just had a baby is ok to show affection….i hate these two but i gotta say….they do look happy…and ANNA you talk and talk and talk … as i read your past post to these current ones you seem to be getting stupidier as the days go on

  25. Anzhelika says

    Hi there
    I understand how everyone feels about Anna’s comments.
    I take other posititon i just ignore those kind of comments, i want to say that after birth Angelina has got somes special brightness and special beauty. She looks great as always!

  26. Carleigh says

    Anna is just a B*TCH and I am sick of her BS comments and negativism but as with everything there is always going to be negativity along with anything positive. HEY ANNA-why don’t you post your own pic so we can rate you as HOT or NOT? That would be great. I’ll bet your a fat ass B*TCH who does nothing but sits around growing fatter by the day eating bon bons and just WISHING she could have 1/10 of Angelina’s beauty. Your bitter and jealous and pathetic. Women who have a c-section you dumb uniformed witch cannot exercise for 6 weeks and I know because I had one before. Why don’t you take your evil, jealous and bitterness and BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!

  27. stacy says

    Angie looks great for having a new baby and so does Brad. Anna, you need to take a chill pill. If you ever had a kid you wouldn’t have the balls to make such a rude comment about being fat and the gym. If you were the “miracle human” good for you. Go jump on someones couch. Maybe Tom Cruise will understand you’re negativity.

  28. Sandey says

    I was team Aniston in the beginning, but the WaWaWa still goes on.Crazy 2 cry over a man who didn’t want her! Did she think he’d come back is she kept whining? WaWa! The clincher was when Aniston & Vaughn avoided each other at the break up opening. Give me a break!! is she still monkey seeing monkey doing? When Pit/ Jole did it at Mr & Mrs Smith opening, it was respectful, Aniston was an idiot. It must hace sucked living with her . She needs to grow up & get a life & leave Pit/Jolie to theirs. Love shows in their eyes

  29. Leona says

    She’s just a troll, she’s doing it to get a reaction. If we ignore her she’ll go away. Some people have so little to do with their day, y’know?

  30. Jennifer says

    To all the people who see that Anna has an issue:
    I was reading back on a lot of the older comments on Angelina and I have to say either Anna is craving attention or is just plain bitter. She never has one nice comment to say. If you dislike Angelina so much than why even bother looking at all the posts of her. You have so much hostility in you or you just like trying to get people to debate with you. So I ask all the people who have been making comments to anna for all her nasty talk, stop responding to her. I think she is thriving on the thrill of debate and anger. If nobody responds to her than she will run out of things to say. Either she is a complete fake or just plain rude.

  31. Jennifer says

    She looks good for just giving birth. Who would expect anything less than extra weight and tiredness. I have to say her bust line looks good in that dress. Is she breast feeding? I wish them well.

  32. Eyesofpearls says

    Wow, women like Anna make me sick! Ange’s has just given birth and looks amazing. GYM? With a two week baby? Do you have kids, Anna? Are youone of those fake figure-obsessed women who leaves their kids with the neighbour to have her nails manicured? In any case, you need your head examined! And don’t submit comments unless you have something wise to say.

  33. chrissy says

    ange looks great considering she just gave birth, and brads suit probably cost more than everything you own, stop believing everything you read and accept people for who they are not what you read and considering you don’t personally know them, be quiet, you know the old saying if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all

  34. chrissy says

    the woman just had a child!!! we don’t all bounce back and maybe she would rather spend time with her kids and brad than worry about the gym! where do you get off slagging them off, do you know them personally or have you decided that through everything you have read (half of which probably isn’t true) that you dislike them, get a life

  35. says

    She looks fat and tired, why isn’t she in the gym? Instead of going to press conferences she should be working out. And hey Brad the 70’s called and they want thier outfit back!!!
    HA HA HA HA.

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