Here's The First Pic Of Shiloh Nouvel!

Hello magazine apparently bought the first overseas rights to Shiloh’s baby photos. People has the US rights. But these are the first out! More coming!

Ooops! We’ve been asked to remove this cute pic by the Jolly folks at Time, Inc. & People Magazine. 



  1. Tasha says

    The baby is so cute and for those of u that dont like the baby and think she is a fake w/e get lost but my opinion is that she is adorable and angelina is VERY pretty and they r both #1 parents!!! I just love babies and they r all cute to me and i really dont think any baby should be called bad names it is just down right wrong!!!! u can’t judge the baby by the parents if u dont like them. Everyone has and lives there own life.

  2. rachel says

    u lot r so bitchy y cant u just shut ur fat faces……. the baby is cute n this site wasnt made 4 u lot 2 bitch at each ova its 4 THE BABY…….. and Derna ur so right they are all a bit dramatic! …..

  3. derna says

    you guys are sooo dramatic I just think the baby is beautiful and I wish the parents goood luck I hope they stay together for the sake of their family.

  4. maya says

    You can find a good person living in a trailer just as easy as you can find an ill harted person leaving in a one million dollars house. It’s not right to judge somebody’s character just by their position in society. Not even by their inteligence or their ability to communicate. Or by the hate they seem to throw at the whole world, because a sad reason may be the foundation of their hate and unhapines. Nor by their bealives just because they are not ours. Well… I fail sometimes and remind me that I am only human.

  5. maya says

    We always tend to blame other women for men leaving us. Is our man the one to be blamed. He was the one who knew how much it will hurt us. The other women in most of the cases is somebody who probablly do not even know us. She knows only what he tells her. And if it is not her he leaves us for, most likely onother she will come along. Life sucks! It did for angelina before, it does for Jen now. But also life goes on, and staying bitter will keep us longer unhappy. I find it unfair to judge people because it is always more then one side to a story.

  6. bex (angelina rocks) says

    look guys we should be happy for the new parents not aruguing about things! i’v not had children and dont plan on doing quite yet but i think if it means me haveing a c-section or the risk of loosing my child through breech birth i most definatly no that i would go for the c-section!

    What has angelina done to upset you all! she’s just a human being lie the rest of us and she was just doing what was best for her baby! And ad for the gym issue that people keep bringing up, i think it absolutly rediculous that people are exspecting her to go tto the gym even though she does have a 2 week old, beautiful baby girl at home, which i think she would much rather spend time with than going to the gym. Ange has plenty of time to go to the gym!

    ‘Holy Drama’ you talk a load of bull! America doesn’t need their money as much as these ‘3rd world countries’ do! I’m sure these ‘3rd world countries’ appricate things alot more than Amercia does! I’m not from America but i’m more than sure that they don’t need celebs like Brad and Angelina to help them out! If you haven’t forgot a child in Africa dies every 3 seconds from poverty and starvation, so i think its about time that people like Brad and Ange started to help out more often! They are very brave in what they are doing and how they are trying to help!

    I think that Brad and Angelina are a match made in heaven! They are perfect together and they are very lucky to have eachother! Yes maybe he did leave Jen for Ange but Ange can give Brad everything her wants and jen couldn’t! Jens moved on with her life and is very happy for the couple! Its about time people stopped judging Angelina by the way things turned out for her and Brad and saw the real them, the people that help others!


  7. Holy Drama says

    Maybe Brad and Angeline should start thinking about putting all their donated money into something for their own country. If we keep giving money to all these 3rd world countries, what is it going to do?? NOTHING!!! They are going to just keep reproducing more and more and its always going to be the same problem. What they should be doing is giving their money so that all those women can get on birth control. Now that would be a way to start ‘saving’ other countries!!!

  8. maya says

    I always tought Angelina is very beautiful and when I found out that she acctually devotes a lot of money and time to help others that are not so fortunate, I liked her even more! I also think Brad is hot, even though I was never so found of blond men. Now that they are togheter, to me, they are the most breath taking pair! And the beautiful baby girl, is just the gift that people like them deserve! Beautiful, rich, in love and unselfish! A luck well deserved!

  9. HR says


    Hollywood –With two of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity couples bearing baby girls in the past two months, Dateline Hollywood convened a panel of experts to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind: Who’s hotter, Shiloh or Suri?

    Though Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not yet released photos of their daughter Suri to the media, polls show that Americans can’t wait any longer for a professional evaluation of which celebrity baby is hotter.

    To answer that question, Dateline Hollywood convened a panel of experts on celebrities’ sizzle factor:

    -E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca

    -TV Guide Channel red carpet diva Joan Rivers

    -Syracuse University professor of pop culture Robert Thompson

    -Richard Ellenboger, a real life plastic surgeon from E!’s reality series “Dr. 90210”

    By a vote of 3-1, the panelists concluded that Suri was hotter, noting not only that she would likely have a better smile, but is already managing her PR better.

    “Shiloh showed herself to the public just a few weeks after she was born and now it’s like ‘Been there, done that, next baby,’” said Thompson. “But Suri’s PR strategy is genius. Even though she was born before Shiloh, we still haven’t seen her. That baby has already learned the no. 1 rule of being a hot celebrity: always leave the public wanting more.”

    Panelists also noted that Shiloh doesn’t seem to have the “movie star good looks” that Americans expect from their sizzling hot stars.

    “Baby fat is fine on a regular baby, but someone of Shiloh’s stature can do better,” observed Ellenboger. “Any competent plastic surgeon could have gotten rid of those bags beneath her eyes and those little rolls of fat on her forearms. And how about getting yourself a smile? Infant dental implants are the hottest new thing at my practice. I could have made Shiloh presentable to the public in just five hours.”

    Rivers faulted Pitt for what she said was “fashion taste so bad even a one-month old should know better.

    “When I see her at next year’s Golden Globes, I’m going to tell Shiloh the same thing I told Patrick Stewart: ‘If you haven’t got a full head of hair, put a hat on.’ Her hair looks worse than Ron Howard at a ‘Happy Days’ reunion.”

    Rivers added that she has seen some of the bags of clothes Katie Holmes has been carrying out of Los Angeles clothing shops and is already excited. “Louis Vitton… Kate Spade… Chanel… They all have fabulous baby clothing lines and Suri’s got a closet full of them. She looks like she’s ready to go out to a red carpet. Shiloh looks more like she’s hanging out in a third world country.”

    Casablanca was the one dissenting voice in favor of Shiloh’s hotness, based on unconfirmed rumors he recently reported in his column concerning Suri Cruise’s “extracurricular” activities:

    “My sources tell me Suri’s the terror of her playgroup and has been sneaking off with a certain Johnny B before Mommy Mira picks him up, causing all sorts of trouble. Nobody I could find had a bad word to say about Shy-lo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more weeks of hanging out with J.B. leads Sur-ee to have a Sur-prisingly low e-meter rating that causes daddy T.C. to have to start a Scientology detox on her before she even has a happy half birthday.”

  10. says

    Carleigh, about my comment…..and yet you still keep proving me RIGHT, keep going it is actually very amusing, you fit the world known sterotype, it is people like you and Bush that give your country its name!!! LMFAO.
    I am out of this section too much crap going on, so if I need to spell it out for you Carleigh, I will not be back in this section (Here’s the first pic of….. ) of this site again, others maybe …LOL, See ya in the funny pages.

  11. Kelley says

    Carleigh Line 123. “I never made any disparraging remarks about anyone but Anna”

    Carleigh Line 45. Starts out Hey Kelley, rant rant rant and ends with “shut YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH NOW!!”

    Responding to the post Kelley made on Line 35.

    Kelley Responded in line 53 only to be hit with more diatrab in line 64.

    At this point I excused myself from the conversation based on the fact that I felt I was dealing with an unrational person who would rather insult someone then have a free discussion while suceeding that someone other then herself may be right. You can not talk to people like this. At some point you have to walk away. I was able to read the last couple of days worth of posts without reacting until now. The only reason I speak now is because i thought it important to remin Carliegh that she has in fact made hurrtfule comments to other posters and she should not forget that.

    Carleigh has every right to her opinion. At the time I also felt that Anna and everyone else had the right to theirs. I am really unhappy that the discussion in this board has gotten to this low point. I hope that everyone can say lets all chill.

    Have a great day all. (this is a true wish, not put here for any dramatic value)

  12. Holy Drama says

    All I have to say is ‘WOW’… I imagine that both Carliegh and Anna are trailer trash who have nothing better to do than sit at their computers all day long ‘internet fighting’ with people that they dont even know. You both think you are pretty sly making all these comments, but really everyone is just laughing at the both of you, not laughing with you. You both need to grow up…. The baby is adorable, and who gives a sh*t about what is going on (or what has happened) in the parents lives, its not like we actually know them!!! VERY CUTE BABY THOUGH!!!

  13. carliegh says

    Please read the post again…stop trying to make it sound like it was directed towards you Braydie. See above, thank you.

  14. braydie says

    and carleigh there would be in no way that you could ever attempt to ….skewer , me ….as you say. I actually think before i act.

  15. braydie says

    Jennifer, i wasnt debating you on anything just stating a fact…if you didnt want in the discussion you shouldnt of said anything …maybe its you thats wants a debate?
    and to
    carliegh, i never asked where you where from …i really dont care ….i told you to that beacuase you and anna are alot alike with all the things you say …just your on one side ..and shes on the other. also how could i not butt in this place isnt for personal issues no one wants to hear your rants and cursing in every post. like youve managed to do in this one…and most of the others also. You say anna doesnt get to you but you and her go on and on and on…get over it already. and to
    Anna, i dont agree with what you wrote about carliegh…YOU say just about the same things she does, if not worse ..your just more open about it….i enjoy reading posts even if theres a aguement goin on just not 100 posts of cursing.
    Sorry to be preaching not my intention….just sick of reading all your stupid posts about yourselves….
    we all get it ..carliegh loves em….anna hates em… NOW theres “nuff” said…GET OVER IT and move on

  16. carliegh says

    CJ what are you talking about? I never made any disparraging remarks about anyone but Anna and that was only because of how hateful and slanderous she was being. I think that I lost focus for a bit and made this little row with Anna way more personal than I really should have and I won’t be responding to anymore of her or Braydie’s mindless drivel. Period.

  17. Mare says

    I don’t think it’s fair to bash anyone, the baby is beautiful and as for the parents they’re happy.
    As for jennifer I wish her the best ,she’s not evil or anything else , I think she is a great actress and she’ll get over this, she most likely has already.
    Best wishes to all

  18. cj says

    oh and have you seen his little pecker no wonder jen left him. veianna sausage anyone lol
    lighten up and be happy

  19. cj says

    first of all congrats to the family. she is a lovley baby and she will be stunning when shes older(you have to envey those lips) second i was agreeing with carliegh at first but then the bickering just got boring. this site was put here so everyone could share the joy of the new baby and like the drama queens most women are(anna not everything needs to revolve around you) you turned this into a hate site. ladies theres chat rooms msn..a ton of other places to do this. i wasnt big on angelina at the begining i loved jen and still do but when your not inlove the why stay together? oh i suppose to keep others happy? Doubt it. angelina is a wonderful giving person who deserves all the joy in the world. she has done more for the world then all of us put together. she has a big heart and unlike you guys she doesnt let it go to waste. you two should be ashamed of yourselves and as for the remark bastard child who cares its 2006 90% of kids these days have parents that arent married. at least hes sticking around. my lord reading this people would think you were talking about brittany and k-fed. really cant we just be happy for them instead of putting them down because you will never amount(or even come close) to her.

  20. cj says

    first of all congrats to the family. she is a lovley baby and she will be stunning when shes older(you have to envey those lips) second i was agreeing with carliegh at first but then the bickering just got boring. this site was put here so everyone could share the joy of the new baby and like the drama queens most women are(anna not everything needs to revolve around you) you turned this into a hate site. ladies theres chat rooms msn..a ton of other places to do this. i wasnt big on angelina at the begining i loved jen and still do but when your not inlove the why stay together? oh i suppose to keep others happy? Doubt it. angelina is a wonderful giving person who deserves all the joy in the world. she has done more for the world then all of us put together. she has a big heart and unlike you guys she doesnt let it go to waste. you two should be ashamed of yourselves and as for the remark bastard child who cares its 2006 90% of kids these days have parents that arent married. at least hes sticking around. my lord reading this people would think you were talking about brittany and k-fed. really cant we just be happy for them instead of putting them down because you will never amount(or even come close) to her.

  21. carliegh says

    Anna you were the one who made light about my nationality you stupid, nasty, lazy, ignorant, trashspouting LOUDMOUTH B*TCH! I see you still have internet access from your rusty, broke-down, shit box trailer, hey?

  22. carliegh says

    Beings that I am from America Braydie I don’t have to leave and I don’t have to LIKE what people say but if you check ALL of my posts I have only singled out Anna. I had nothing to say to you until you butted into to things, nuff said.

  23. carliegh says

    I don’t have a problem with anyone stating their opinions Braydie. I just detest the way Anna posts NEGATIVE things about everyone..that’s what i don’t like. I could give a sh*t less what you have to say, as I stated above it’s not you that I am out to skewer. It’s Anna and nobody else. She’s hateful.

  24. braydie says

    carliegh im not anna …still assuming things huh, you could be and are wrong. you sit there as shout to the would that people shouldnt say such nasty things about these people but yet its ok for YOU to sing your praises for them ? Anna doesnt seem jealous just hateful and she says she hates them, and doesnt suger coat it, i wish she wouldnt curse so much cuz i know of alot of lil girls that come to this site….your the one that actually seems jealous by defending them so much, so much where you get all defensive and you scream and yell and curse everyone out that states their opinions on matters that are posted. I can care less about brad, angelina or jen A. i come on here to state my opinions and not to have some person i dont know try to tell not only me but everyone that writes post on here that its not ok to do so…I will write what i feel is my right to say and if you have a problem with that …Leave.

  25. carliegh says

    Braydie and you and Anna the same person???? Could be. As for cussing at you I’ve got better things to do. I’ve only got time to skewer Anna’s big fat donkey ass! Anna as for me saying bad things about others, hello hipocrite! That was my whole point and the main reason I have posted scathing things about you because your the ONE who is jealous and it’s obvious from all your posts you don’t have one nice thing to say about anyone. No, I’ve never heard the saying you were rambing about above, but I have heard one that should be vrey applicable to your situation, i.e. glass houses, jealous of what you can’t get or don’t have, having nothing nice to say about anyone then don’t say anything at all. As for the homelss shelter line Anna, no sorry to disappoint I actually have a nice little condo on a lake. Oh my god-that was sooooooooo scathing, whatever! It’s obvious to me that you STILL haven’t denied living in a trailer so there must be some truth to that guesstimation I made earlier. Trash begats trash Anna, so I would think about the before I start doing all the trash talking if I were you. As for your three kids-I pity them having a dirtball like you as a parent and the example you set. I am sure your raising a pack of narrowminded, biggoted, shallow, little hate mongers just like you–you have lots to be proud of!!!!!!!! Your such a great person!

    As I said before I am glad Brad and ANGELINA have one another and such a pretty little baby! I am glad they are happy and healthy and hope they defy the naysayers out there and prove all the gossipers and trashtalkers wrong!

  26. Jennifer says

    Shame on you! This is not a Jerry Springer Site this is about a baby. As I have stated before people should not respond to the negative comments as it only encourages the behavior.

  27. says

    I feel you are the greasy pig Carleigh, shut in a homeless shelter, the saying goes – people who accuse others of things do so because they are that way themselves, and feel if they say things about others they can hide the truth from themselves. I am sorry you have such bad self esteem, even though you are overweight I am sure there are good things about yourself, you should focus on the good things about yourself…like your lovely personality…LMFAO

  28. braydie says

    Angelina’s Fan ….maybe your the one thats ignorant and naive?
    OH NO there i go being a hipocrite again…ok no one read that post im tryin to hide it…..

  29. Angelina's Fan says

    They are the most beautiful couple and I wish the whole family all the best.

    And please disregard the ignorant & naive posters.

    Angelina looks her usual radiant self. Brad is a fortunate man.

  30. braydie says

    I dont post anything that anna or anyone else doesnt walk into…as for you telling me to shut it …hmm lets see does this site even have any more space in it after your rants and rampages?? maybe you need to chill and have a nice lil rest from the internet carliegh…maybe take a zoloft or something? ok im ready for all the swearing !!!!! where is it C’mon you can do it!!!!!GO carliegh…Go carliegh its your birthday….

  31. carliegh says

    I hope Braydie realizes that she/he is a hipocrite! You go on another blog and post sh*t about Anna too, so why don’t you just shut it too! As for you Anna you think to much of yourself. And your 5’9 and 140 lbs. and wear a size 10? Yeah I believe that too! I think the reason that you always post such nasty things is because your an overweight, embarrassed, shut-in and your pissed because Angelina attracted Brad and all you attract is FLIES!

  32. says

    I agree, enough already cuz nobody cares especially me I read the first word and thats it I am not even reading the stuff you write about your personal crap, this site is about celebs, its not called Carleighrazzi!!!! Although you might like to think so. So enough I don’t care anymore, it is to leave comments about celebs and good or bad I am entitled to mine;
    Angelina and Brad suck but they will get theirs; what goes around comes around. I also agree with an earlier comment, she will kick Brads butt to the curb when she is tired of palying house, I will be watching to laugh my butt off at him. JMO
    Jennifer Aniston is number 1, Jen is the picture of PERFECTION. JMO.

  33. braydie says

    as i said before get a room you two…your not even talking about anything but your own issues now ….it doesnt belong here …unless either of you have anything good OR bad to say about these people get off your own personnal issues and say them instead

  34. Carleigh says

    Anna go F*CK yourself-DID YOU SEE THAT??? You obviously do read my posts because you know the words I use because you have now adopted them into your posts. Your a wanna be and not very good at it at that! Pathetic, truly pathetic! You post crap all the time and you make stupid comments about things you obviously have NO knowledge of so get a clue! Find someplace else to post your mindless, ignorant, uselss drivel! This is a place to post comments NOT opinions or personal issues and you have many from where I sit! I wish you peace and resolution in your wayward, pitiful existence.

  35. says

    Oh Ya, carleigh I don’t even read what you write at all, so WHATEVER!!!! YOU ARE JUST WASTING SPACE HERE WRITING YOUR HATRED AND SPEWING YOUR VENOM, WITH YOUR MEAN AND EVIL THOUGHTS, Do you kiss your mother with that mouth???

  36. says

    After you…Be my guest!
    And by the way is that the best you can come up with????
    LMFAO, yes dear at you!!!!
    Braydie is right, this is for leaving our thoughts I said one thing and it wans’t even mean regarding Skankalina and you countinually jump down my throat, I don’t like her, SO THERE who cares, There is no law saying I have to like her, YOU MADE THIS ABOUT YOURSELF, Piss off and shut up already!!!!
    Oh ya by the way…
    ~* TEAN ANISTON *~

  37. braydie says

    hey anna and Carleigh : get a room and duke it out…..your both acting like two children…she said ..she said…you really think it matters what either of you say?…as for people leaving nasty comments about brad and angelina , anyone has the RIGHT to come to a site and say what they wish even if its bad….even if its good….thats what these sites are here for and if it was just a bunch of OMG there so cute together posts ,who would come here and say anything….these sites are made for disagreeing but not for ranting and raving about your own personal issues…so give each other your email addresses and bitch it out there

  38. Carleigh says

    I don’t teach my kids hate and I don’t spread around hate. However, when there is hatred spread around like you have done so maliciously it’s high time someone calls you on your behavior. I am trying to instill the point in you Anna that is you do NOT like it when I attack you verbally and name call and do the SAME exact things to you-you fall apart and attack me back. Which you are entitled to do because in AMERICA we have freedom of speech. But since your making light of the fact that I am an American-you can’t play that “freedom of speech” card on me because your obviously thinking that wherever it is your from is far superior to America. That’s your right but it’s also my right to defend myself against having to read your caustic, mindless drivel time after time. This board is about commenting about babies and you turn it into the ANNA HATES ANGELINA BOARD. Simply if you don’t like Angelina then find somewhere else to post your poison and get the F*CK out of here. Check other posters here they can’t stand your dumb sh*t either. It’s childish and pointless to ask you to leave because your OCD and immaturity won’t allow you to do it. So as long as you continue to post here Anna I will be up your ass reminding you that your nastiness is unacceptable and intolerable. Your simple minded enough are you familiar with this adage:
    “If you have nothing nice to say then say NOTHING at all”
    Are you woman enough to do that or will you continue your slanderous ravings-you f*cking lunatic!

  39. Carleigh says

    What does what country I am from have to do with the fact that ANNA is a jealous, hate spouting, venemous B*TCH???? I don’t care where in the world you are from Anna the fact is this..your just a cruel, lonely, bitter and confused little troll! You seem to enjoy insighting sh*t because of the careless and nasty things you spout out of your mouth. I wish someone would shut it for you! Where are you from Anna? Just an FYI for Hope- I was NOT an American booing the Canadian National Anthem at a stupid hockey game-I don’t like hockey it’s not my thing. Anna people like you just give human beings in general a bad name and set a bad example. Your bitter, jaded and just a downright miserable excuse of a person because your just so hateful. How do you through day after day having so much hatred and animosity in your heart? You know that you really should work on those issues and maybe learn to LET IT GO somehow. But, I digress because it is heartily apparent that you wherever you are NOW think that because I am an American and your of another nationality that YOUR better than me? Give me a break, that’s weak, sad and grasping. Can you find nothing to insult me about other than the pathetic attempts you have made thus far. All you can do is sit there and pick on GOOD & DECENT people because your miserable and lonely and have nothing better to do. Oh and what is INTER BRED???? That’s a new one to me. Sounds like if you are going to insult me as an AMERICAN and being INTER BRED- then you need to do some studying up on the HICK CULTURE..FYI you stupid B*TCH it’s INBRED..but what do you know your just a nasty, illtempered, hateful B*TCH! Like I said before you cantankerous sea hag you need to get a life because you obviously are so envious of people who are happy that just makes me SAD for you. Maybe you should invest in some classes for spelling and grammer because your sorely lacking you illiterate, drivel spewing, foul mouthed, low life w*tch. Just do some things to improve yourself and maybe you might just learn to LIKE yourself instead of being hateful, malignant, vile, spiteful, catty, contemptable, caustic, repugnant,repulsive, vindictive B*TCH!

  40. says

    Oh my gosh ya, did you see how they booed the Canadian National Athem at the hockey game in the USA, that was mean I feel.
    But why are we talking about this? Oh well.

  41. says

    I apoligze Carleigh, its not your fault your the way you are, I expect this exact “I can do it but you can’t” from an AMERICAN!!!!!! So sit there on your FAT Greasy Ass and just do what you guys are know to do best…ACT LIKE A BUNCH ON NON-EDUCATED INTER BRED HICKS!!!!!
    You guys just keep going lower and lower!!!!
    Have a good night, I FEEL SORRY FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!! Take care really!

  42. Carleigh says

    Lisa a Hoochie is a woman’s netheregion i.e. privates. LOL…sorry didn’t want to be to graphic here though. If you go back and read ALL of Anna’s posts she has been bashing Angelina from day one and I am sick of her bitter, twisted, backwoods, libelous drivel. I am glad I pissed her off now maybe she won’t blog here anymore, I know wishful thinking right? Either way it’s pretty pathetic when she sits there with her finger inserted in her nostril and makes so many hateful remarks about a good person and two people who are obviously good and loving parents. It’s ANNA and narrowminded, trailer dwelling dolts like her that spread around hatred and viciousness in the world. By God she can dish it out but she can’t stand it when it’s directed at her. And BTW Anna dear, do you really think I give two hoots or a rat’s ass what you say about me over the computer? As for living off the system and using a computer or internet from a public location?? OK if you say so I guess I am living in the most posh cardboard box your little simplistic mind can conjur up. If it makes you happy to think that way then by all means who am I to ruin your twisted little fantasies. Do you know me personally? No you don’t but if you feel better thinking of me with the sick little picture you have dreamt up in your little pea brain then fine, you go for it. Who am I to ruin your fantasies after all isn’t that what schizophrenic people live within a fantasy world? Maybe you need to go back to your Doctor and get some Zanax or maybe some Prozac might help you get into check with reality. If anything you probably just need to have them up your med’s so you don’t have another physcotic breakdrown. You know to many of those breakdowns can be hazardous to your health.

    Oh and BTW Anna I wasn’t raised “behind” a barn I was raised in it…don’t you just love that mental picture you schizo b*tch. Why haven’t you denied living in the finest trailer park in it because I am right? LMFAO. Oh, wait you might wanna answer your phone I think “SPRINGER” is calling.

    As for me being trash well I don’t think those of us NAMED ANNA should be throwing those stones because of the whole “glass house” theory. I, on the other hand don’t really give two sh*ts about what YOU ANNA have to say about me because you never have anything nice to say about anyone. If you did on the off chance say something nice I think you would melt yourself-you know like the WITCH in Wizard of Oz. Your really a sad, sad, dejected, smallminded, trashy little excuse of a person. Are you mad because you don’t have a man and because your family has turned it’s back on you? Well if your attitude here is indicative of how you conduct yourself in your “real” life then you don’t have to wonder to hard why that is. Your just the epitome of evil and bitterness and I really hope you learn to keep your trashy, uneducated, foul, jealous comments to YOURSELF.

    Who really cares if you hate Angelina–like it matters so much to her what someone like you has to say…your the one who needs an L-I-F-E. Give your kid back that Twinkie your ass is already big enough..have a wonderful day and remember ANGELINA RULES!!!!!!! LMFAO

  43. says

    Calm blue waters, calm blue waters, breathe in, now exhale…we all good now? Good.
    Step back girls its all good, we are alive, everyone is entitled to their opinion, true right. We need to stop bashing eachother and take our frustrations out where it belongs..on men!! Just kidding can’t live with them or without..just trying to lighten the situation.

  44. says

    ~* TEAM ANISTON *~

  45. Lisa says

    To the person who used the antiquated, old-fashioned ignorant term of bastard child- shut the F@%* up! How old are you and from what time period are you that you would pass judgement on a poor defenseless innocent beautiful baby?! Yeah maybe Brad and Jen should of had a baby so then they could drag it through a divorce and raise it in a broken family, right… The fact is this baby has two loving, involved parents who adore her and eachother.

  46. Sheaut says

    You know what feels so good . . .
    taking a big shit! Come on who can disagree?
    I know, I’m bound to get comments on how this is so rude and know one really wants to know, but please, let’s just appreciate this simple thing that we take for granted. I mean I’ve heard of children being born with problems where they cannot release feces. And we all know of the various diseases people have in relation to bowel movements. So, for a moment lets just be grateful for all that we do have. Such as allowing a much needed piece of feces to work its way through the bowel and out of the anus . . . oooooo ahhhh. Doesn’t that feel so good. Breathe in. Smell the aroma of your own poo.

  47. Nanc says

    This is some funny stuff.
    Whatever. They’re people like all the rest of us. No better, and perhaps no worse, but who knows

  48. Carleigh says

    And you can be the POT because your are probably already built like one! Or maybe the kettle would be fine because you like to b*tch so much and you get so steamed! ANGELINA RULES!!!!!! SHE’S BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, WONDERFUL AND ANNA SUCKS ASS! LOL NOW THAT IS IMMATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I MEANT TO BE THAT WAY!!!!!! TO YOU IT COMES NATURALLY! STUPID B*TCH!

  49. Carleigh says

    AWWWWWWW Anna..did I hit a nerve or two or maybe three???? WAAAAAAAAHHH B-O-O H-O-O! Yes you are very jealous and probably spend all your time trolling websites while gobbling down ho-ho’s, m & m’s and bon bon’s. Your pathetic and it shows in your posts..didn’t you get enough attention as a child? Angelina is a beautiful, giving person and she is a wonderful mother and great role model for anyone. She gives her time, devotion, care and concern to those people in the world who have no voice. What do you do? Put people down because your JEALOUS, JEALOUS, JEALOUS! Even if Angelina does have these so called diseases you think she does she would look at you and go “Uh I’d rather have a scortching case of herpes then to be as pathetic as ANNA”…because that is just what you are pathetic and a L-O-S-E-R! You appear to be very jealous, pathetic, narrowminded and ill educated because you can’t even think of appropriate come backs. Please if you call that little rant and rave session above the best tongue lashing the best you’ve got then I would say your about as efficient as someone bringing a knife to a gun fight. You spew venom and hatred towards people that you don’t even know and say nasty, vile, libelous things about two people who wouldn’t even look at your ass much less spit in your direction. I am glad that Brad seems to be happier than he has ever been and be it with Angelina or Jennifer Anniston who cares, the man has the family he has longed for and he is a wonderful father. You on the other hand are probably sitting in your shit box trailer somewhere in the heart of redneck, hoosierville picking your nose and raising a pack of foul mouthed, hate mongers just like you. I am sure you hail from either the finest gutter or trailer money can buy and your the expert on all things trashy and trite. Your bitter and jealous and all you can do is be ignorant and spread around hate. It get’s old–as old as the crust in your stinking HOOCHIE….there I can get infantile too! See you wanna sling it you better study up and come back a bit more prepared because up to this point all your measly attempts at banter have been for nothing because you seem to be very stupid and can’t match me. Go back to your insult book and try again! Curses BATMAN FOILED AGAIN! Pathetic B*TCH! Probably sitting there wearing a worn out Tweety Bird T-shirt and some spandex leggings with your orange Ms. Clairol Hair showing about 6 inches of roots in bad, bad need of a touch up!! Your roots and by that I mean your “trailer park” upbringing just shines through like a beacon. PATHETIC is all YOU ARE! Why be such a hater? Is your life really that bad? Must be!

  50. says

    KUDOS TO JENNIFER ANISTON FOR KICKING BRADS CHEATING ASS TO THE CURB, AFTER ALL SHE KNEW WHEN TO GET THE HELL OUT BEFORE SHE CAUGHT SOMETHING, GOD KNOWS ANGELINA HAS IT ALL, THERE ARE SOME THINGS FOR HER THAT MEDICINE WON’T CURE, THATS WHY SHE PROBABLY HAD TO HAVE THAT C-SECTION KID COULDN’T COME OUT THROUGH THAT GOOEY MESS OF INFECTION AND DISEASE!!! You know what I’m talking about eh Carleigh, right up your alley!!!! LMFAO at you, you idiot. Grow up and knock off your Miss Perfect and Miss Know it all attitude, you are low, really low, YOU ARE DOING THE EXCAT SAME THING SO SHUT THE HELL UP. I will call you the POT and I’ll be the KETTLE…YOU F#!*&^! HYPOCRYTE. Its okay for you to do it eh? From this moment on you are not worth my time anymore so don’t waste your breathe, you probably need to save it to climb the stairs anyway….HA HA HA HA.

  51. says

    F#@! you Carleigh, there ya go again, name calling and putting people down, and no I am not jealous of some digusting whore homewrecking pig, she is the ONLY woman on earth I can’t stand. THE ONLY, everyone else is wonderful and beautiful and perfect. She has no morals, no ethics she dosen’t even know her ass from a hole in the ground, so I can see why YOU defend her so much, YOU TWO MUST HAVE A LOT IN COMMON!!!!! LOSERS AREN’T YA NOW. So now shut the hell up and DON’T TALK TO ME ANYMORE, or about me!!! YOU ARE USELESS, and pathetic. GO AWAY……

  52. Carleigh says

    Oh and BTW maybe it’s time Anna found a new place to play if she can’t play nice with others. Anna, I think it’s you who needs a REAL BIG TME out babycakes and stop being such a little troublemaker. Put the bon bons down hon and go weigh yourself again because your right ass cheek probably weighs more in total right now than Angelina does on her “fat” days. Your jealousy is very evident in every single post-what’s so wrong with being who YOU are? Are you really that miserable about yourself that your just hateful by nature? And I am the one with issues? Gimme me an F’ing break here…loser.

  53. Carleigh says

    Oh Anna, Anna, Anna..there I used your name again. You need to get over yourself and GROW UP! Your always bitching about Angelina and saying what you think of her and then you go off and just get evil in your postings and it’s getting pretty old. How did you like it when I said those things about you? You sound like a very immature, disgruntled and disenchanted person to be going on this blog every day and spewing your hate and venom. Your pathetic and you tell me to shut my mouth? It’s my way or the highway? Whatever? I am not the one attacking not only other bloggers but you just basically spew hate and jealousy towards just about anyone and everyone. I am sure I am not the only one who is sick of it..check your history and just see how many people can’t stand listening to your stupid rants. Your obviously a very uneducated, misinformed, backwards person who does not know how to articulate very well. I am not going to nor will I again, respond to your immaturity and negativism. What goes around comes around and you better hope Karma skips you over or your going to be screwed lady! Your very pathetic and that’s all I am going to say. BOO HOO! POOR STUPID ANNA! JEALOUS OF EVERYONE!


  54. says

    What she was saying was a personal attack, she puts people down for saying what they feel, then she can go ahead and name call anyone she wants, the second anyones else says anything we are “bad people” doesn’t wprk that way. My question is: does she want to be the pot or the kettle today??? Not that it matters cuz their both black!!!!!

  55. kim says

    hey ne1 who isnt married wen the baby is born…..
    u kno how it goes, u may not like 2 think it bout urself but every1 else is.

  56. Rebecca says

    Amanda how F**** dare you call this child a bastard? Thats probobly the most ignorant thing I have heard in a long time…who gives a s*** if they are married or not not everyone believes in that…I’m pregnant and I’m not even with the father anymore so I suppose my baby is a bastard and doesnt deserve to be born right? Seriously people get a life and stop being such ignorant bitches…..

  57. says


  58. Eyesofpearls says

    Girls, this baby is as beautiful as YOUR CHILDREN, as MY CHILDREN, as ANY OTHER CHILD in the world!!! What’s the fuss all about? Two parents and a baby, go through your albums and I’m sure you will an equally nice photo when you brought home your bundle of joy. :-)))

  59. jen says

    Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. ~

  60. Gloria says

    The baby is cute, but too bad her parents lack morals. Hope she doesn’t turn into a wierdo like her mommy. Since neither have a good track record, the question is, who will dump who first? Both are shallow, disgusting, egotystical, pieces of shiit. I bet Gwen Paltrow is realizing how smart she really was to dump that dumb hick from missouri. Oh well, 2 wierdos deserve each other, but the baby is cute.

  61. Carleigh says

    And lastly my post to you was because you seem to be defending Anna about her comments about Angelina not going through “real labor”…BIG DEAL. Anna is a bitter, nasty, jealous person and her bitterness is evident in ALL of her postings so why would you want to even try and defend someone like her????

  62. Carleigh says

    I was responding to you in the first post when I said that whether or not you go through labor or have an emergency or scheduled c-section..abdominal surgery is NOT easy. My second post starts out ..” and to you Kaye” so maybe you need to get some glasses and see what I said in each individual post . Thank you and pissing match is OVER. LABOR AND DELIVERY SUCK no matter which way you cut it. End of discussion.

  63. stacy says

    Wow, blows my mind at what comments are being made over a new healthy baby. Can’t wait to read the comments when the TomKat/Suri is shown. By that time Tom won’t have to worry about money, no one will care.

  64. jen says

    It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself. ~Joyce Maynard

  65. jen says

    Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body

  66. jen says

    You don’t really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around – and why his parents will always wave back. ~William D. Tammeus

  67. Bobbie Shepherd says

    Shiloh is a mixture of her mom and dad. She has Angelina’s beautiful lips and Brad’s noble nose. She looks more like her mommy though.

  68. Bobbie Shepherd says

    I am soooo happy for them. Angelina and Brad really do deserve happiness. I have followed her career from day 1. I am a huge fan and I think Brad is gorgeous and a great actor. Kudos to them and Shiloh, Maddox and Zhara. I wish them all the luck and all the happiness in the world. So when will there be a TOMB RAIDER 3!!!!!!!

  69. tonya says

    I don’t like Brad or Angelina. I think they are fake. That being said, I am very happy that they had a beautiful and healthy baby. Although, I do have to get my two cents in on this whole c-section debate. In Angie’s case, it was probably good that she had a scheduled c because of the breech positioning but other celebrities who have had them, it has been completely uncalled for. Just because they are “scared” of vaginal delivery. C sections should only be done if there is danger for mother and child.

  70. chrissy says

    um guys your supposed to be happy for the new parents and cooing over the baby not fighting, people think what they think wether it be bad or good, if you don’t like brad and ange why are you posting on here and looking at the pics? chill out

  71. Kelley says

    Carleigh dear: I usually would not respond to a rant but since I am being called ignorant I feel the need to answer you. First of all, at no point in my post did I say birth was easy. So you need to get YOUR facts straight before you open your ignorant mouth. My post FYI read: “Word is she never went in to labor, the baby had settled in to her pelvis in the breach position and they scheduled the c section. I had a scheduled c section and have had a natural birth. C section are far far less traumatic IF you never have to go through the labor. So chill out!” C sections are far less traumatic is what I actually said you infinatile child! And for your information I did not have any “drugs” for my completely natural first labor. 20 hours later I gave birth to my daughter and had unreparable damage to my cervix which is why I was a candidate for a c section with my second child. You are the one who started this little pissing match and i sincerly hope that this will finish it. Stop putting words in peoples mouths and grow up.

  72. Jennifer says

    Ok so how did a section about a photo of a new baby turn into a debate of wether this should have been Brad and Jen or wether Angelina should have had a natural birth. That is a shame that even though the photo was not to be shown, that we all got the opprotunity to see it and all everyone can do is complain. I do want to add to the women who thing they are invincible about giving birth the “natrual” way. I hope that nothing bad ever happens to you or children. May you be blessed with perfection and happiness thtougout your life because apparently you live in a fantasy world where noting goes wrong. And by the way her scheduled C-section was because the baby was breech. If you knew that when you deliver breech the feet come out first with the umbilical cord then the head which if it gets stuck could compress the umbilical cord and KILL that baby. So if you think it is wrong to have a C-section to reduce the chance of killing your baby than you are a selfish person thinking that your recovery time is more important than the baby. When you are a “REAL” mother you would do ANYTHING to protect your child even if it means invasive surgery for YOURSELF. With all that said, at first I was not happy about Brad and Angelina but now I see they are happy and if all they get out of this is a beautiful family (married or not) than I wish them luck and happiness.

  73. Abi says

    I have just sat and read all these really nasty comments that people have been making about Angelina and Brad and I just dont think you are looking at the big picture! I mean, you are putting Angelina basically in the same category of people such as child killers and perverts. What has she done that is sooooo wrong?? My husband left me for someone else while I was pregnant but I dont go on and on and on about it! In my eyes they havent done anything wrong apart from fall in love. And if you havent noticed, I dont see Jennifer Aniston sat at home, crying all the time! She is out there, living her life again and getting over it. Surely if she can get over what has happened then the people on here who make nasty remarks can!!!! Open your eyes!

  74. kim says

    but im gonna add – as much as i severly hate angelina with a passion i dont think ne1 can judge, they might end up the same 1 day scheduled or emergency

  75. kim says

    I dont really understand the real point in scheduled c-secs, (unless the mother has a serious health problem) i hav 2 kids nd i would hav felt that id wimped out havin 1, as anna.. my kids were born natural with no pain relief but y hav the extra bother of healing, the extra pain nd longer 2 get bak 2 the gym? plus a scar small or not!

  76. says

    I have three kids all were done vaginally and with no drugs, so I know what real labor is, I was not talking about you Carliegh and I was not speaking in reference to Emerg. C- sections, but as stated it was a scheduled one, and I find that funny, because her of all people I AM SURE THE BABY WOULD HAVE JUST FELL OUT.

  77. says

    I have three kids all were done vaginally and with no drugs, so I know what real labor is, I was not talking about you Carliegh and I was not speaking in reference to Emerg. C- sections, but as stated it was a scheduled one, and I find that funny, because her of all people I AM SURE THE BABY WOULD HAVE JUST FELL OUT.

  78. Carleigh says

    Same to you you have kids??? You must have been one of the lucky ones who never experienced “REAL LABOR” since you and kelley seem to know so damn much why don’t you enlighten me as to what drugs you had or how you avoided “real labor” IF you even have kids! Your both pissing me OFF!

  79. Carleigh says

    Hey Kelley FYI….labor or no labor the whole process of birth from start to finish is NOT easy but I myself found the recovery from my vaginal delivery a whole helluva lot less painful. Ten days after my vaginal delivery I was up, out and took me three to four weeks before I even felt human again after being cut. Birthing is NOT an easy process but in the end whatever gets the baby here makes it worth whatever pain one goes through. I am SOOOOOOO glad you had a scheduled C-Section as compared to an emergency one, but in the end it’s major abdominal surgery and it’s a hard, long and painful road to recovery so please shut YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH NOW!!

  80. Lisa says

    Oh yeah, having major surgery which requires local anesthesiais less traumatic then giving birth naturally…Are you nuts…

  81. Lisa says

    Boy there are a lot of bitter resentful women in the world to refer to an innocent beautiful newborn as a bastard child. I never thought Brad and Jen were that great together anyways.

  82. chrissy says

    did anybody put the thought together that it is all about being in the limelight? brad and ange got together on mr and mrs smith but brads on screen work partner was vince who is now dating jen, so maybe they just did a swap, and everything that has been going out about both couples is good for there careers?? just an idea

  83. Shanna says

    What is wrong with you people? For just once, could you please put aside your hateful comments about the parents and focus on what a beautiful daughter they have? Thank God she appears perfectly normal. I happened to have liked Brad & Jen, but they’re over, so JUST GET OVER IT! Brad is with Angelina and they appear very happy. Geez, enough of the negative comments already. Unless any of you give millions of dollars to charity helping the less fortunate, you really don’t have a right to say anything bad about them at all. Enough said! PEACE!

  84. chrissy says

    just seen on the news that supposedly the photo has been leaked and they are threating legal action to anyone using it, unsure which photo they are on about maybe this one but no doubt we will so find out

  85. Amanda says

    I never liked Angelina and I was super upset that she stole Brad from Jen and had a bastard child, but the kid is cute no doubt about that hopefully she wont learn what a homewrecking slut her mum was.

  86. kay says

    I agree with Kelley. What is more, we do not even know the whole story. Sure, it’s rumored that the baby was presenting breach, but as far as I’m aware, no one has confirmed that. Plus, that’s a catch all…Angelina could have had a herpes flare up for all we know. A caring doctor would tell the world that the baby presented breach in that situation too.
    Basically, we know nothing other than what we see in the pictures and that’s exactly how it should be.
    Angelina does look tired, but with three kids, who can blame her. Three kids and all the help money can buy…

  87. Kelley says

    First of all, sorry but those look like teeth. Of course eveyone is coming out saying these are the real pics now and lawyers are threatening webs sites. I just had a son and his gums did not look like teeth in any pictures. Also, do you really think that they would release a pic that looks like their baby had teeth? As for jumping down annas throat about her comment, I would just like to add that Angie had a sceduled C-section. Word is she never went in to labor, the baby had settled in to her pelvis in the breach position and they scheduled the c section. I had a scheduled c section and have had a natural birth. C section are far far less traumatic IF you never have to go through the labor. So chill out!

  88. KellyMay says

    Beautiful, Shiloh is a blessed little girl! I’m so glad we get to see these and so soon! Now’s where’s Suri? There was speculation that as soon as these pics were released Tom would get his spotlight back LOL

  89. Leona says

    Awwww she’s the cutest baby ever! She’s got his nose and forehead and little ears and her mother’s lips. And she’s dressed in the same colours that Angelina likes to wear!

  90. chrissy says

    ahh she is a beautiful little girl, and congrats to brad and ange, they sold the photos and gave the money away to charity, if you were going to be hounded for photos the minute you step outside you would sell the photos to, to try and take some of the heat off and they gave it to CHARITY!!, and having a baby is the hardest thing you can do, i know i have three and how i felt after every one was different, so don’t judge until you have been though it, a c-section can be worse than vaginal as it takes longer to recover as they cut through your stomach muscles!!!! big love to the new family

  91. Heather says

    Well done to Brad and Angelina for getting so much money for the photos. Just think how many other children will benefit from that money. I think its fanastic.

  92. missy says

    by the way they didn’t decide to share the pic with the world they sold it for 4.1 mill…thats not what i would call proud parents…i am happy to show pics of my kids because i want everyone to see them io don’t hide them away like they are some sort of monster….

  93. Fillah says

    Awww the baby looks so beautiful! I’m so happy for the Brangelina family! Oh and please ANNA… I bet your a woman that men doesn’t want to touch so don’t hate Angelina cuz she’s gorgeous.. go back to your corner and maybe you can get pregnant by an oger 🙂 Anyways.. I can’t wait to see more pics of the baby!

  94. kay says

    I think the pic is adorable im glad its angie and brad and not jennifer congrats to you both GOOD LUCK

  95. Elijah says

    she looks more like her mommy thank god!! Hopefully its stays that way 😀

    Angelina looks soooo hot auuuwww baby! Luck brad!

  96. CJkemp says

    I think they look like very adoring parents and, considering the stress put upon them, I find myself feeling grateful that they decided to share this beautiful child with the world.

  97. Braydie says

    WOW anna do you just hate all women in general or just angelina?? since you believe women that have c sections dont go though “real” labor…. let me enlightin your dumb ass…i had real labor pains 3 to 5 times every hour for 3 weeks…then had a c section…i want to see what you say if you ever have to go threw labor and childbirth ,no matter if its c section or vaginal…i KNOW you would change your tune after that….i hate angelina and brad but when it comes to people thinking they know everything when they dont i gotta say something, especially when angelinas baby was frank breech like mine was… so WOW yourself for making yourself look retarded

  98. kinny says

    if it was jen, the baby never would have been concieved – jen is too “all bout me” and vien.
    I think the pic is precious. Good for them!

  99. Carleigh says

    Anna-WTF do you know about not having to go through “real labor” have you got kids? If so I guess the process you went through was like jumping rope or hopscotch right? Just too easy.

  100. Carleigh says

    Hey Anna let me tell you something right now…I usually don’t respond to other peoples posts but you pissed me off here. I have had one child the natural way and one C-section and I am very taken aback and aghast that you would even make the comment about Angelina not going through “real labor”…WTF do you know. I had 5 hours of grueling labor before having an emergency C-section and I can tell you this I would much rather have endured and amount of “real labor” possible to avoid going through the slice-me-dice-me C-section. But the main thing is that no matter what method you have your child…..labor or no labor….neither route is what I would call EASY by any means. So please SHUT UP NOW!!

  101. says

    Man Angelina looks like she was run over by a truck, and all she had was a c-section, not like she went through “real labor” or anything. WOW!

  102. Shayla says

    Are most week old baies that filled out? Just look at those chubby little arms..How precious.

  103. alycia says

    sorry, I don’t know what the fuss is about, 4.1 mill to see her? You people are nuts!! It’s just a baby!

  104. kt says

    those are not teeth–that’s the normal gum that goes over the teeth of a newborn–it just looks a lot like teeth, maybe because of the angle/glare from camera:)

  105. Nicki says

    Shiloh looks very cute sleeping and her parents lovingly watching over her. I can’t wait to see the other 5 photos. She looks like a beautiful baby.

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