Kate Hudson Shows Off Top Form At 2006 MTV Movie Awards

Kate Hudson, 27, looked happy to step out and show off her top form yesterday at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. Son, Ryder is now 2.
Kate Hudson

I love the gorgeous turquoise gown and birkenstocks! Cute!

Kate Hudson

And glorious coffee fun!

Kate Hudson

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  1. Lisa says

    Think back real hard, are you sure you are not exaggerating- 18 months both of them. I am so sure. By three is the standard Dr. Spock…

  2. Kati says

    1. If their past three get rid of the pacifier
    2.If their past four get rid of the diaper
    3.He’s a boy you can tell he’s a boy little boys look cuter then ever with long hair
    and 4.
    Just because she is skinny doesnt mean you have to worry.
    1 Because she has always been skinny
    2 She may be pregnant and lost weight like my mother did with all 3 of my siblings and I
    and 3 She’s an adult I’m sure she’s past all that vanity who’s skinnier bull shit.

  3. Leona says

    Is it just me or does Kate look worryingly thin? Her arms and legs are like sticks and she just seems emaciated to me…

  4. Carleigh says

    I do agree with the kid needing to get rid of the binky or pacifier. However as the mother of a 2 1/2 yr. old little girl we are just now getting interested in working on potty training so I can at least understand the diaper part. The kid is way to old for a pacifier and needs a haircut badly he’s not a little girl.

  5. Wendy Lou-Who says

    Wow, I must be a bad mother then by your standards. My son is 3 1/2, STILL wears diapers and uses his “pluggie” to sleep at night.

    You do realize all kids are different, right? Give Kate a break.

  6. kim says

    Her kid is 2 in still has a dummy & a nappy on?!
    my 2 kids were out of them at the latest 18 months!

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