David Copperfield To Impregnate A Woman Live Onstage!

This is trouble! David Copperfield has an oh-so-magical trick up his sleeve. He is going to impregnate a woman just by looking at her! Uh oh! I hope guys don’t learn how to perform this trick!

David Copperfield

Illusionist David Copperfield is planning to go one better than rival David Blaine by impregnating a woman live onstage. The magician will carry out the stunt in Germany, without – he insists – even touching the volunteer. Copperfield told PageSix.com, “There is a great deal of new territory to conquer. I’m going to make a girl pregnant. Naturally there will be no sex. Everybody will be happy about it, but I’m not telling you any more.”

Everyone will be happy about this!? Who would volunteer for this? What is going on?

I remember David Copperfield from all those primetime tv specials of his, during the eighties, where he would look really hot; and a harem of gorgeous woman would dance all around him in leotards! It was good family fun … I think I had a crush on him briefly.

He hails from New Jersey and was engaged to Claudia Schiffer for 6 years before they called it off and rumors were that they didn’t really have a relationship. Apparently, she was paid for being “engaged” to him and accompanying him to various events. Very weird!



  1. angel says

    i’ve seen it before – the guy asks someone how far pregnant she should be and whether it should be a boy or girl….! it was funny – obvious fraud – but funny!!! oh and something i wondered – what happens to the girl who becomes pregnant???? does she get an abortion? or child maintenance from mr.copperfield???

  2. braydie says

    what woman in her right mind would actually do this ?? what will she say when asked who the father is …ummm i dont know? this is the dumbest thing ive ever read

  3. chrissy says

    i have to see this because it is so outrageous how to try and steal the limelight from david blaine oh i can make you pregnant without touching you ummm yeah right

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