Angelina Jolie To Appear In Playboy To Celebrate Getting Figure Back?

Hugh Hefner wants Angelina Jolie to take it all off for Playboy once she has regained her figure.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

The 80-year-old tycoon is desperate to tempt the most lusted after actress in Hollywood into the studio at his magazine empire.

He says, “I’m hoping to bump into Angelina Jolie to get her to do Playboy after she’s had the baby.”

I can’t really picture her deciding to appear in Playboy, but Cindy Crawford did it a few times and it seemed classy when she did it. I guess she could always donate the proceeds to Africa.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

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  1. Linda (Kiss It) says

    Here’s a Hostility Comment for you jenniferd,,,,, KISS MY A$$ you skank………. PS: I did not misspell your name……jenniferd….

  2. Jennifer says

    Linda why the hostility?
    All I said was shame on the comments. It is not nice to form opinions of those you do not know. It was not an attack on you, it was simply a reply to the childlike comments about Angelina’s life and personality. As for looking at her own country, maybe she feels she can help other countries because the government regulates everything here and she could’nt do as much good. Besides her goal is to help children. Who cares what country they are in. All children deserve help, they are innocent.

  3. says

    I feel once you have children, things need to change in your life, you are responsiable for rasing productive members of society and your children also have to live with the choices you make, your life is not your own anymore. I hope she doesn’t do it, but she always tries to pull off this shock thing like Marilyn Manson does, so whatever girls she is the one who has to live with her choices, same as we do.

  4. braydie says

    jen get a new comment i think you’ve wrote that in at least 3 posts (Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be)
    and for heavens sake get something thats your thoughts not someone elses

  5. jen says

    and as for LINDA .

    ru you trying to be bitchy


    well If you are, for God’s sake learn to do it well

  6. jen says

    Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. ~

  7. jen says






  8. Linda says

    You got that right Anna, Angelina never had any morals or values to start off with. And if she is so sad about what is going on in other countrys she needs to look were she comes from.

  9. says

    I am sure she’ll do it…”for charity” oh please, ONCE A SKANKY PIG, ALWAYS A SKANKY PIG!!!! Then she can take the pics and hang them right on the wall next to her ideas on “How to raise your children with morals and values”!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kati says

    In all honesty I love Angelina Jolie. I named my cat after her because I’m too young to have a baby even though i know girls younger then me with children. I just have a better head on my shoulders. (I’ll be 20 July 6th)

    But the point is even if she does do playboy. I think its exceptable because, Playboy isan’t just some pervert male magazine. I and other woman as well as most of my guy friends say that they only look at it because they want to see the beauty and they would never stroke it to playboy they use movies for that and playboy is just reading material. If anything I think she should have done it when she was pregnant. Pregnancy is a very beautiful thing.

    But I think it’s still ok. My sister is an artist and my other sister poised for some pictures while she was pregnant. And then sold the painting and donated the money to a pre-me baby found. So I find it as a wonderful idea.

    I dont think GOD will frown upon her for letting them take nude pictures of her naked. See has she has done so much for so many unfortunate people and children.

    But she’s an adult let her decide for herself what she wants to do.

  11. Rose says

    I truely wish them the best that life has to offer. The critics
    are eating CROW!! They said it Jolie-Pitt wouldn’t last more than a month and that she Would Never Have a Natural Child. Wrong again!! Angelina & Brad have alot of Love in their hearts for two, three dozen children. This is the first time I have seen Brad really, really Happy!!

  12. Where did u get ur info says

    What do u mean “where r the pregnant pics?” Did u not watch the news w/her tummy hanging out while she walked through the airport with Brad and the kids? And in the news it says that Brad was in the delivery room. He even cut the umbilical cord. By the way the baby weighed 7lbs. You should watch/read the news before u decide to comment on anything.
    Anyways, I hope Angelina doesn’t pose for the perverted Hefner. She has more class than that and besides she has 3 kids now and should set a good example for them.

  13. Where did u get ur info says

    What do u mean “where r the pregnant pics?” Did u not watch the news w/her tummy hanging out while she walked through the airport with Brad and the kids? And in the news it says that Brad was in the delivery room. He even cut the umbelicol cord. By the way the baby weighed 7lbs. You should watch/read the news before u decide to comment on anything.

  14. Linda says

    If A. Jolie wants to pose naked, more power to her. She’d probably donate the money to a charity. IF I had her body, I’d parade around naked anywhere. LOLI had to laugh when I saw the picture of Hugh Hefner with all of those beautiful women. How many of them would even look at him if he were living in a trailer on Social Security? On his 80th birthday he said, “80 is the new 40!” Give me a break! If only saying it made it so!!!!!

  15. Something is not right says

    What figure, she was never pregnant so it shouldnt be that hard. Wheres the pregnant stomach photos that all expecting mothers take especially celeb moms. Then Africa, Brad not in delivery room, and how much did the baby weigh again?

  16. Jennifer says

    OK so is the new trend for playboy going to be hollywood moms. Listen when you have enough money to hire personal trainers and chefs you can get your body into shape and be able to pose for playboy but what ever happened to highlighting the real women of america. Hard working, child rearing, heavy or skinny, smart or not so smart. We all start out as nobodys so why does it take having to pose in playboy to show your assests. A body is just a host to who you really are as a person. I dont need to be naked to show the world I am a good mom or wife or friend. I hope that Angelina decides not to pose for playboy. Not because I think that it’s distasteful but because I feel she is bigger than that and would respect herself more for showing her children how to be real people and participate in things like the UN.

  17. daya says

    kay, i understand where youre coming from but it really doesnt have anything to do with angelina doing playboy lol

  18. daya says

    i really doubt that angelina would do it because i think it would look bad especially for her since shes in the UN and shes an embassador for it or something. Well either way i think it would look bad so yea i just dont see it happening at all or at least i dont see her doing it completely naked.

  19. kay says

    Elle, you make it sound as if all of the women in Playboy are victims. I think that by doing so you are falling prey to the “male-machine”. These women are using a capitalist society to make money using their assets. While I find men who view women as visual subjects not my kind of man at all, I hardly view the women as the victims in this situation. They are using their talents the same as a woman in coporate America is using hers. In short, I support women. Cindy Crawford, who was mentioned in this post is an excellent example of this. She’s used her talents, both intellectual and physical, to position herself as a force to be reckoned with.

  20. Elle says

    I am so glad that all went well with Angelina’s Delivery! I think that Hugh Hefner is the Scum of the Earth and so very Pathetic! That he could try to capitalize on a Beautiful Woman who just gave birth to a Daughter so that he and other Men could simply “Get Off”! Kim, be glad You are not in that photo! You sound far too bright and too nice to be as Shameless and truly Ignorant as the women standing in that photo with the King of Scum. One day he will learn that he never lived Life at all . . . He was too busy messing it up for so many People, with all the Pornography he brought to our society. He preys on Beautiful Women who happen to be the Daughters, the Sisters, the Wives, the Mothers of People who love them for the Person they are and not for their temporary great bodies. Hugh Hefner is Disgusting and I hope Angelina turns him down in a Big public way!

  21. kim says

    that is so damn scary 1 of the girls in the pic is a total image of me!! shame i didnt hav the great body 2 go with it! lol
    nd no i just couldnt c angelina goin in playboy!

  22. Angelina's Fan says

    I agree with you Nicki. Don’t see that happening. I’m sure her figure is back already. I just hope she’s taking it easy.

  23. Nicki says

    I don’t see it happening, unless all the money goes to charity. Plus some extra. I wish the whole family the best of happiest wishes for each of them.

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