Matt Damon Chooses A Name For His Daughter and Helps Africa

Matt DamonMatt Damon and his wife, Luciana have chosen the name Isabella for their daughter who is due in two weeks. That is a beautiful and romantic name..and no, it is not the name of one of my children! I just think it sounds lovely!Little Isabella will be just six months younger than Ben and Jen’s baby Violet! Matt is hoping that the two will grow up to be best friends! He said: “They will definitely have playdates. All we have to do is end up living in the same city.” That is too cute! More importantly, Matt seems to be following in Angelina and Brad’s steps by focusing his attentions on Africa.

With the birth of Brad and Angelina’s baby Shiloh, even more concentrated attention has been generated towards the plight of Africa.

Now, friends of the new parents are taking up the cause and getting in on the act. Recently, Brad’s ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ co-star Matt Damon returned from a trip in Zambia, where he was able to see firsthand how American funding to fight AIDS and extreme poverty are making a difference for those living in Africa. On his trip, Matt visited numerous sites demonstrating both the symptoms of and solutions to extreme poverty and global disease.

“To see so much hope from people who have so little made this an inspiring and life-changing journey for me,” the Academy Award winning actor said upon his return. “The promises America and other rich countries have made to Africa must be more than words. Those promises need to put hopeful children in school; help parents put roofs over the heads of their children; and get life saving AIDS medicines to the patients who need them now.”

Matt’s listening and learning trip was organized by Africa advocacy group DATA (debt AIDS trade Africa) and ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History (

“Matt is a smart guy who knows his stuff,” said Jamie Drummond, executive director of DATA. “We’re thrilled [he] has joined with DATA and ONE to give a voice to the more than one billion people around the world living on less than one dollar a day.”



  1. Angelina's Fan says

    I like that Angelina’s positive influence RE Agfrica is helping spread continued awareness. Go Angie!

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