Charlie Sheen Being A Good Dad While Denise Away

Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen bonds with daughters Sam, 2, and Lola (not pictured), who turns 1 on Thursday, during a visit in Malibu on Sunday. Soon-to-be ex-wife Denise Richards recently wrapped up an Italian getaway with new beau Richie Sambora.

Wow, I think I’ve lost all respect for Denise Richards. She left her babies with Charlie Sheen to go galavanting around with a washed-up rocker? This is the man she accused of being a violent drug addict obsessed with pornography? Yeah…perfect babysitter! This whole situation just leaves me confused! I think Charlie looks like a good dad here….he may not be perfect and have a shady history but I think Denise made up and exaggerated things to get more money from Charlie and I think that is truly despicable. If he was as terrible as she accused him of being in her public court document, why would she entrust her two precious children to him? Either she’s a liar or a lunatic!


  1. JoeMama says

    He is looking pale and strung out, and isn’t that baby/ child holding her own diaper, what’s up with that?

  2. summer says

    things don’t look good 4 Denise since she accused charlie of so much horrible things and now she’s gone and left the kids with charlie.
    can’t believe what she said about him now.

  3. Lesha says

    Denise is stupid anyway you look at it. Going from Charlie Sheen whom she has nothing but bad things to say about to Richie Sambora whom cheated on his wife?? I mean once a cheater always a cheater right……oh yea this is Hollywood anyways noone is out to find true love and be married to one person for the rest of their life, what was I thinking?

  4. Carleigh says

    Denise is the one who needs to have SUPERVISED visits with her kids. She has went from being a strong role model for single women raising kids to a pathetic little groupie chasing around and old washed up rocker…maybe she will end up changing richie’s diapers before it’s all over. Who knows but if things were as terrorizing with Charlie Sheen as she makes them out to be then she’s an F’ing big idiot or the worlds biggest lying b#tch. She now appears to be cavorting her affair and has turned into a money grubbing bitter ex-wife and I no longer have any use or respect for her and don’t believe all the terrible things she has said about Charlie Sheen. What kind of mother would go trotting off after a piece of dick while her kids are in such danger from their own father that they need a restraining order and supervised visits. I hate Denise Richards I think she is a useless, nasty hooker whose kids should be taken away from her.

  5. Farrah S. says

    Charlie i wish the best and hope that everything works out for the best, keep your head up high, i hope that you are happy always.

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