TomKat: Parents At Play In The Park!

Tom and Katie were photographed out at a park in Malibu yesterday playing ball together. No Suri however! Where is one-month old baby Suri? Most new parents, even celebs like to bring their new babies out with them. It seems so mysterious.

Katie looks very cute though in her lace top!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. India says

    was’nt this the same couple that was willing to sell pictures of there baby to the highest biding magazine until they didnt get the money they were asking?now they need privacy?If they got there asking price their baby pics would be all over the place. i dont think that you need to take your newborn every single place as i mother myself we all need our own moments but does this child get check-ups a walk in the park a quick trip to starbucks i wish everyone well but dont go throwing every little incident about your life to the public and then scream we want privacy when attention is what you asked for all along

  2. cherisse says

    i think that Katie looks great and i am glad that she is not stuck on just “getting her figure back” like other hollywood stars. If you notice wheneve a hollywood star gives birth all they focus on is their figure back the way they were before they got pregant.

  3. dreamer says

    these 2 are just getting so boring and it’s all me me me me me me me me( rather 2 of them). they re fake smiles and even worse their sick kissing all for the paparazzi is so arranged and fake, some people will really do anything for money and increase their profile, its just REALLy and TRULY Boring, wast of time and space. she go along with it though for the money….and ul see in the near future all will end…with money….money….afterall that’s Showbusiness.!!

  4. Lettie says


  5. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    well this is about jen and ben’s baby: at least we saw pictures of them with stroller’s and walking. we haven’t seen any of that of suri!!! (If she exists) maybe she died at birth and they’re trying to get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jenna says

    tom cruise seems like a control freak and i feel bad for katie holmes because there’s no way this is going to end well.
    on the subject of no suri pictures… i think it’s okay to want to keep your baby away from the paprazzi, and i don’t know why they are doing it, but if it is to hold out for money, that’s pathetic. but we never see the baby, let alone her face. but, we are seeing pictures of tomkat in the park…
    i think that it’s sad that people are talking badly of nicole kidman on here. maybe the reason we don’t see pictures of her and her children is because no one cares enough. all the attention is on tomkat. you should feel sorry for connor and isabella! do you really think they are going to get as much attention as before now that daddy has a new baby AND that baby is biologically his? having a new baby around is hard enough, especially with a step parent, this i know from experience. i just feel bad for them because i think they’re going to be neglected.
    scientology sounds very scary. i hope that katie realizes sometime soon because she is getting sucked in so fast….

  7. Beth says

    I’m truly scared for Katie!!!!!
    I read that in scientology the mother is not allowed contact with the baby for the first 5 days of its life, and also that if a child is sick the only way a mother can provide comfort/ ease the pain is by putting their forefinger on their tummy…but anyway I wonder if perhaps poor Katie is suffering withdrawl symptoms from Suri…Tom’s pretty high up in the echelons of scientology, I can’t imagine him breaking any rules…

  8. stacy says

    Thanks for the info Carleigh. I hope nothing is physically wrong with Suri because she’s going to have major issues mentally unless Katie get a grip and gets them both away from Tom.

  9. carleigh says

    Stacy–I am a radiology tech and I can tell you about x-rays during pregnancy. First of all a dr will not order an x-ray during pregnancy unless it is specifically needed for diagnostic information or it is an emergency situation. We are advised to use the smallest amount or radiation neccessary to protect the mother and fetus from undo or overexposure. The lead apron is used because tissues and organs of the body absord radiation at different levels. Exposing a fetus to large amounts of radiation is eztremely dangerous and the direct effects are not known in detail since every fetus tolerates radiation differently. Also during pregnancy if it is neccessary for a woman to be x-rayed the dr. can order select medications to avoid harming the developing fetus. If a woman is pregnant and informs the attending or x-ray tech she is pregnant the chances are great that we will not conduct a CT or abdominal scan because a far greater amount of radiation is used during a CT scan. If a mother is receiving nuclear meds then it is totally advised that she avoid breastfeeding altogether because the baby will ingest the med’s through breastmilk.

    As far as using prenatal ultrasound in excess there have been no findings that this could cause irreprable harm to the developing fetus. This is because unlike x-rays and ct scans which use radiation to produce pictures of the body…ultrasound strictly uses high frequency sound waves which produces the pictures we get. This causes no undue harm or stress to the fetus. X-Rays and CT scans are considered to be medically necessary tests, however, an ultrasound is a non-medical test unless it is specifically being used as a diagnostic tool but even then it does not qualify as a medical “treatment”.

    Not trying to be a know it all, I just wanted to clear up any confusion..hope it helped.

    I am sure Suri is completely normal….unlike her father.

  10. stacy says

    #39 Ali – not sure if you ever had an x-ray and they asked if you were pregnant or gave you a shield anyway because of the radiation. Don’t judge me as a parent. Working in the medical field I know there is a reason for this and also a reason why you only have so many sonograms. I have a right to my opinion and I think there is something wrong with Suri. Tom and Katie are sick people and by the time they show their baby no one will care. God, 10 celebrities babies much have been born since and no is hiding them. Get a life Ali and quit critizing people’s opinions.

  11. Ali says

    #36 Stacy do you’ve any children? what awful thing to say! If you do have a child I don’t think things like that will leave your dirty mouth and if you do have a child then you must be a terrible example to them.

  12. braydie says

    Baby Suri is undergoing her first classes at the Scientology center …..She wont be seen til shes 25 years old
    who knows ….could be true:P

  13. stacy says

    How much did Brooke or the other celebrities get for “selling” their baby’s pictures? Probably nothing. What a sick world we live in when people hide their kids for money such as TomKat. Who is going to care about Suri’s pictures by the time they come “out”. What pahtetic people Cruise/Holmes are. Tom even hides Suri’s siblings. You would think Katie had more respect for herself and her baby than to hide. Katie and Angel both look like normal new mothers, it’s sad to see Katie so depressed. Angie and Brad are out in public. Katie and Tom are in a park. Could you imagine a day in the life of the USA with no kids being seen because their parents hold them for ransome?.

  14. stacy says

    Tom bragged about buying his ultrasound. Well during a normal pregnancy you only get so many chances to see your baby.. There is a medical reason for that. Obviously Suri is being hidden. He want’s a baby Einstein – give me a break. Something is wrong with this whole picture. My guess – RADIATION POISON. You got the $ you can buy it. Why are they hiding the kid ?.

  15. Jennifer says

    So yes Katie looks terrible in these pictures and yes it is because she is a new mom. I know most days I dont care about hair and makeup. Katie just looks so blank/vacant. The thing is she looked like this right after she got pregnant. Before she got pregnant she was just overly giddy. I hope this is all coincidence, but I am affraid she is under the control of Tom and his Scientology group. Jayne you pointed out some scary stuff.

  16. True love outlasts everything says

    Ben and Jennifer Garner never sold their baby’s picture to the media and we didn?t see Violet until she was 4 months old. So get over yourself people and concentrate on your lives!!!!

  17. True love outlasts everything says

    Ben and Jennifer Garner never sold their babies picture to the media and we didn’t see Violet until she was 4 months old. So get over yourself people and concentrate on your lives!!!!

  18. TomKat fan says

    I love them and I wish them all the best!!! some people here makes me sick why do you even go online looking on to comment on Tom and Katie if its not to wish them all the best? Good on Tom and Katie for not selling their baby pictures to the media and I hope they don’t release a picture of her until they are good and ready and maybe they should release a picture of her with their wedding pictures and not sell it. If they wanted to give the money to charity I’m sure Tom can afford to do that from his $600 million without using his child.

  19. chrissy says

    just a thing in one of the photos above they are looking at someone else could it be that its not just them in the park and the kids are there to? maybe katie looks so knackered is because she just had a baby!! and that she is doing night feeds which means she is getting very little sleep, and with the pressure of being tom cruise’s missus and mother of his child, she has never really had this sort of professional pressure before, i just hope she is able to work though it and come out the other side, as lack of sleep can led down the depression path, and the stress as well isn’t going to help, good luck katie

  20. chrissy says

    i hope that the family are ok, it does seem a little weird that no one has seen suri yet, considering how publisized it was, with photos you don’t know when they were taken but it does seem that they are still very much in the limelight and also it seems that kate has had no time to catch her breathe, i wonder if she does spend enough quality time with her daughter, are we being led to believe otherwise by tv and mags?

  21. stacy says

    Right Carleigh, I mixed up the red bracelet with Kabalah and Scientology. Didn’t do my research. Agree with Jayne, about scary cult stuff. Tia, my life if not so miserable and I was right about Brangelina pictures first. What is Tomkat trying to hide ?. Maybe there is something wrong with Suri. Normal, proud parents show off their kids. I just feel that Tomkat are weird and they are hiding something. Eventually the truth will come out. I sti lthink Tom Cruise is a control freak and trying to hide some – maybe his abusiveness (he was abused as a child). Hope Katie gets out with the baby while she can. The whole thing is just too abnormal.

  22. Jim Carrey said it all!!! says

    Angelic Carrey accepts honour

    Jim Carrey accepted the Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday flanked by an army of angels.

    Wearing all white, the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind actor was gracious onstage as he pointed out that only Tom Cruise had received the top lifetime achievement honour in the past.

    And he urged the Top Gun star’s critics to leave him alone: “I like Tom Cruise; there’s a lot of Cruise-bashing going on, but I’m not one of those guys. I think he’s pretty cool… leave him alone.”

  23. Tomkat forever! says

    Jayne, How come Nicole Kidman parents were involved in Tom’s and nicole’s marriage if that was the case. Even though Nicole Kidman never really converted to Scientology she was an active member and her parent adored Tom cruise. Tom and Nicole had a house in Australia which they went with their kids when they weren’t working. I don’t like Scientology myself but its not to say it doesn’t work for some and if it works for Tom then that is fine and please lets give these two a chance. And people wonder why we haven’t seen Suri’s pictures with all this negativity around them I’m sure they want to protect their daughter!

  24. jayne says

    For the “poor unfortunate masses” sarcasm anyone? who have not yet had their lives touched by Scientology and its total mindbending controls — as a former unwitting mother of two young children whose husband got involved with this destructive cult, let me tell you a little secret — in their minds – U are either with them or against them. IF you balk at any indoctrination / hell…..submergance beneath the scientology waterline you will pay dearly for it. IF you cannot be converted to Scientology, do not willingly pay every cent you have for “auditing” to get “up the bridge” to “CLEAR” — then you are of little to no use to these people and in fact they view you as a threat. A threat that they will take any measures to make “go away”. And unfortunately I hope Katie and her family realizes that no matter WHAT happens — her daughter will NEVER be with her if they split up. And to those that criticize Nicole Kidman ….. think WHY she is never around her kids??? She did NOT convert to Scientology, therefore she is almost in their minds an enemy to them as she is Not involved with Scientology AND to make matters worse, her father is a Psychiatrist, the most well documented enemy profession of Scientologists as proclaimed by the many, many, many ad nauseum writings of L.Ron Hubbard himself. Anyone speaking out against Scientology is labelled suppressive and active Scientologists will take EXTRA measures to keep you out of their presence and their lives if they cannot sway you. And this includes their kids. I know this from my own experience. Some will go so far as to kidnap their own kids from the non-scientology parent and even further…… read between the lines.

    Katie’s parents are placed far away on the food chain from Tom’s inner sanctum because they;
    a. aren’t scientologists like his own mother and sisters (who incidentally are living at his compound round the clock and involved in teaching his other two kids their Scientology home schooling)
    b. don’t think their daughter should have had to renounce her Catholicism to convert to his religion
    c. will be excluded more and more from her life as time goes on with Tom as they will NEVER cross over to join Scientology so they are literally of no use to Tom.
    d. and god help them if they try to reason with katie about what is going on. Then things will really escalate. Cruise has the money and the network of Scientology behind them.

    Funny no one has ever asked Tom to explain Scientology’s “Fair Game Policy” which was well touted a few years ago before Scientology realized they must be better at PR — ie spinning things better and NOT letting the bad things get out to media. Fair Game policy stated that anyone speaking out against Scientology or something to that effect could be deceived, lied to or destroyed by any means possible.

    now there’s a nice policy for a “religion” to have —-Questions anyone???

    Katie if your mom and dad ever read these things — pack your stuff, get thekid out of the house, go into a witness protection program for former scientologists before your brain turns to mush from being constantly bombarded with it by Tom, his entire family and the classes and auditing at the Celebrity Centre. Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, hire a really good deprogrammer who deals with cults and get your daughter and grandaughter the hell out of there NOW. I know of which I speak. Or you will ultimately lose them forever when she is forced to “disconnect” from her family completely as she has already started to do now; certainly has with her former non-Scientology friends.

    Before it gets any worse, ifyou love her, help your girl get out now and get her somewhere that their network can’t find her.

    Just a thought.

  25. Tia says

    MG Stacy I wonder how old you are? You must be so unhappy in your life to say such awful thing about a baby and people you don’t even know personally. You know a good attitude to life is vital in ones life so you should try to be positive and wish others well. I Actually have some respect for Tom and Katie for not selling Suri’s pictures yet if he had sold it he would look like he was using his baby for publicity. I don’t agree with celebrities selling their new born babies regardless if the money is going to charity or not, these actors example Angelina and Brad can afford to give to charities with out selling their baby’s pictures. It just looks like they doing it for a charities but its all for publicity. Also once they sell the pictures they can never complain about privacy which is really bad because the babies didn’t choose to be famous. I hope Tom Cruise and Katie don’t sell Suri’s or their wedding pictures but instead releases one photo when they are good and ready.

  26. Carleigh says

    Hey Stacy if you were up and up on your info you would realize that the RED BRACELET isn’t to represnt’s to ward of the evil eye and it’s roots are based on Kabalah. Your very hateful and venemous in your posts, lighten up geez.

  27. Anna says

    They look so happy and relaxed and I can’t wait to see pics of Suri when the release it on their term!!! Love TomKat.

  28. Robert B Wilson says

    it’s ashame Katie had to get with Tommy boy, she looks so old and exhausted. I hope she finds a way out of this unhealthy relationship, seems as if tom is around her twenty-four-seven no room to breathe

  29. stacy says

    Are TOMKAT hiding baby SURI ? Obviously proud parents don’t hide kids. Maybe has to do with all the radiation from sonogram machine. Could be due to cut off circulation. Suri is probably blue. By the time SURI is shown who will care ?. Public will see Brad’s kid first.

  30. stacy says

    Are they for real ? Where the hell are Suri and the 2 other kids. Yeah, hello, we’re adults – let’s go play in the park. Let’s roll up our jeans. What is Tom afraid to get some water on his pants?. Go to Katrina victims and help out .

    Dontate the millions of ransom dollars your holding for a SURI PHOTO. No one will even care or remember by the time you decide to show her face. Get a lesson from Brooke Shields Her baby was born the same place/date/tim. She battled PPD and survived.

    Suprised Tom isn’t jumping on the park benches. Suprised Katie still has legs with those tight jeans cutting off her circulation. The tight top is confining her breasts too. Looks like she can’t even breathe.

    I can just imagine what abuse is trying to be covered up by these freaks. How could Katie let herself go so low. If they were normal human beings Suri would have been sitting in a baby seat at the park, not holed up in the fixes of Scientology. Toms ADOPTED kids would of been there too. Those kids probably can’t wait until their games are over. Probably dread having to perform for Dad and the Katie. Now they new kid, those poor children.

    These “PEOPLE” are NOT NORMAL, THEY’RE PATHETIC. No child asked to be raised under any cirfcumstance, let alone TOMKAT CONTROL. They will get their millons when Suri is finally shown (if anyone cares by then). Don’t see Katie wearing any red bands around her wrist. What a HIPPOCRITt. Her baby’s father PREACHES SCIENTOLOGY.

  31. Carleigh says

    Does anybody seem to realize that these two people are in a public park and not standing all “dolled” up on the red carpet..? Maybe Katie is more hands on with the childcare than people realize maybe that’s a simple explanation as to why she looks vacant, tired and dishevled half the time, she is a NEW mother people. She might be a normal woman who wants to do things for herself like HAIR and MAKEUP and taking care of a little newborn baby. For those of you who have breatfed an infant (as I have twice) do you not remeber what it’s like to be awoke every few hours all night long??? It’s tiring and draining and if you look like death warmed over it’s because the first two months that is mostly what you feel like. Tom Cruise is probably the wierdo, control freak that some think he is..but then again maybe not. We as the general public only get to read bits and pieces of what their supposed life is like but nobody actually knows. Yes, the Scientology thing is a bit more than weird but if you think he is actually controlling Katie and brainwashing her I think that is grasping just a bit. I am sure in time there will be plenty of pictures of baby Suri (god I hate that name) because Tom Cruise is a braggart and a bigmouth and a showoff and he won’t be able to contain his “finest production” forever. As for Katie I hope she is enjoying her time with her little girl and if they get married hopefully he won’t be to much of a controlling weirdo and they might have a chance of making it work..ya know what they say “third times the charm”.

  32. Elle says

    Well said, brashgirl ! You are so right on! I was the first to comment on this segment and you said it better than I did! When I first saw these photos, I immediately wrote what was in my heart and I stand by what I said in my previous comment, 100%! However, I have compared many photos and videos of Katie and Tom together and the drastic change for the Worse in Katie since they have been together. You just don’t go downhill that fast if Everything is so Great! Even if there is a pregnancy involved, she is so sad looking even through the fake smile! Remember how big and beautiful and true her smile used to be? Before Tom and upon meeting Tom? He is certainly controlling. I have seen videos of them on TMZcom where Katie is just standing there and then Tom practically grabs her hand and she looks so timid and frightened of him. Believe it or not, I do have a Life and I don’t spend it watching and analyzing Katie and Tom. However, I do care, because I have been where she is now minus the super stardom and I could show you photos of myself deteriorating so terribly within one year and everyone who knew me wondered . . . Where is Elle? I write this because I truly care what happens to Katie. I used to be Katie. I think she is a great actress and is proving it to us now. Unfortunately, real life is starting to show on her. God help Katie!

  33. brashgirl says

    As happy as I’d like to be for Katie Holmes I feel that she is slowly deteriorating. She looks vacant and lost in most pictures. The baby is probably off with a nanny well cared for and hopefully insanely loved. But, as far as their relationship goes she seems to have reverted to following him around at his command…i’m sure grossly inaccurate, but if you look at pre-Tom pictures and interviews she is absolutely alive and glowing. Now, she looks sad, introverted and defeated. I hope she sees her slow transformation and seeks to make herself happier. His behaviour is becoming more erratic and off-beat, a little scary and odd. Good luck Katie…if i were you I’d take the baby and leave the clutches of scientology and Tom…

  34. Jennifer says

    So I have mixed feelings about these two. In one way I am happy for them and they look cute together but it seems as though Tom has changed a lot over the years. He seems strange to me. It appears that he is controlling Katies every move. It’s too bad the celebs dont want photos of their children, if I could have I would have shown the whole world pictures of my daughter when she was born. I think showing off your children is a sign of being proud. I do respect that they want privacy but eventually pictures will be out there so why not start from the beginning. It’s not like the baby will remember this all happening

  35. Marta says

    They look relaxed and seem to be getting on with their lives. I suggests we do the same and wish them all the best!!!

  36. Braydie says

    WELL no one has offered enough millions for him to actually have Suris picture shown, im sure when the offer reaches 20 mil.he’ll have to cave, yes he is a controlling ass…katie is like all those women that get beat on by thier husbands and stays with them, she likes it or she would leave

  37. stacy says

    Katie better get a grip quick. Look at her. What’s with Tom and the rolled up jeans ? A sonogram machine in her home ? Obviously no wedding, she’s better off. She’ll have more rights as a single mom. Look at Brooke Shields, out in public with her baby born the same day, she look very happy. Tom Cruise needs to get a life of his own. Obviously Tom is a control freak. Take a good look at Nicole, did she have a choice with her kids, probably not she married him. Personally I hope Katie wakes up real soon. Nice to get pregnant with your “dream boys baby” but Katie you need to get a grip. I feel sorry for Suri, having a dad like Tom, obviously he controls his kids every move, just like he does Katies. Just the fact that the’re are no public pictures yet. Who does Tom think he is ? I personally hope the next couch he jump all over (Oprah) he fall hard.

  38. Bluegirl1712 says

    I am happy for them. I was looking at the pictures and thought how old Katie looked. My best friend has a 2 years old and also gave birth the same day as Katie, and she looks amazing. Katie has aged about 5 years in a month.

  39. Braydie says

    I read that article that stating she did love him but she wasnt IN love with him there is a big diference

  40. Cass says

    Yeah good point Hana, i forgot that we did not see a pic of violet until she was four months old. I just find it really sad that people keep saying where is Suri and her mother should be with her-a mother needs a break and let’s not forget Katie is a massive part of Connor and Isabella’s life. I’m a TOMKAT fan and i think they are such a cute couple, clearly in love. They will soon get married, and hopefully then they will be left alone. There is no doubt in my mind that baby Suri is gorge-just look at her parents. And Ciara there is a thing called a breast pump so Katie can leave her babies side for a couple of hours to go and have fun. It’s all about the expressing nowadays-lol

  41. Happy for them!!! says

    OMG! she can go out for a couple of hours to relax what is the big deal? There is a thing called breast pump “Ciara” I know I’m a working mother myself. Katie look great and I think they will be happy together Tom looks like he is a very good dad and I’m sure he will be a great husband too even Nicole Kidman said she is still in love with him even though they divorced 5 years ago. The only reason the media is too involved is because they haven’t got married yet and when they do get married I hope they will get their privacy and a happy live together.

  42. ciara says

    It is weird though, especially if she is breastfeeding, never to have her baby with her in pictures. Yet, who knows, maybe they run out real quick without her and then cuddle with her all day. With my babies, I didn`t want to leave them when they were small, they instinctively need their mom too.

  43. Hana says

    I agree with CASS even with Ben and Jennifer Garner we didn’t see pics of their daughter Violet until she was 4 months old but no body said anything about that, please people leave them be and when they’re good and ready we’ll see pictures of Suri. The media should stop making up stories about them to sell magazine that is very sad… what a cynical world we live in now.

  44. Cass says

    They are happy as a family and Katie seems happy, and at the end of the day she is her own person and if she was not happy i am sure she would remove herself from the TOMKAT equation. And all these people saying where is Suri-When your hollywood stars you do not bring your one month old new born out to watch you play in the park, they would be absolutley pestered with paparazzi. Come on guys-be realistic. If they sold the picture-people who are not a fan of the relationship would make nasty comments about Suri and moan about celebrities selling pictures of their children. If they don’t-people say where is Suri, is she real. I think people need to let them be, and just be safe in the knowledge that they are happy and are a family know.

    People keep saying where is Suri, i ask where is nicole kidman because it seems to me that she spends no time whatsoever with connor and isabella. Thats the strangest thing to me. Finally to finish this essay (lol-soz) isn’t Katie meant to be in Ohio after a major fight with Tom. Just proves how much bull the media comes up with. Leave them be, and lets be happy for them and look foward to the wedding!!

  45. Shenia-Lynn Weese says

    I have no idea who they were , but from what i saw they looked happy I would say , but if someone is saying that , that was tom and his wife….well my my see God is showing the most out going people in the world …..YOU GET OLD

  46. Elle says

    Just wondering . . . Where is Katie? I can’t believe I am seeing such a rapid deterioration of a Human Being! How sad that she has lost Herself in this relationship . . . in this odd world of Tom Cruise. By the way, what exactly has Tom given to this relationship, other than the obvious (that which he wants us to believe, “himself”)? Has anyone noticed that Katie’s entire Life has changed and Tom has experienced a slight ripple of change in his Life. He gained what used to be a Beautiful young woman and though we have not seen her yet, I am certain, a Beautiful Baby Daughter. Katie has Lost EVERYTHING and gained Tom, if you can consider that “Gain”. Poor Katie! However, she has gained a Beautiful Baby Daughter in Suri . . . And while I truly “Pray” for Katie’s Well Being and Best Interest, I wish her the Peace and Joy and I wish her much Strength . . . To break the chains that hold her now. She has gone from a Princess to a Prisoner in less than One Year. God Help Katie! Let’s ALL Pray for Katie!

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