Reaction From Brad & Angelina's Families

“I’m so excited, this is wonderful,” Angelina’s proud dad, Jon Voight, tells Life & Style exclusively. Voight adds, “I am just so very, very happy for both of them. My love is always with them and I wish them all the happiness in the world. God bless them both.”

Reached via cell phone, Brad’s brother, Doug Pitt, was similarly elated, telling Life and Style he’s overjoyed.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

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I hope that Angelina and her father are able to reconcile…maybe now that Shiloh has been born they will try to get over whatever caused the rift in the first place. He sounds like he means well.


  1. braydie says

    adopted? um NO he hasnt adopted any child. just because he lent his name to them more or less does not mean he has adopted those 2 children, he has NO legal right to those kids…until you get your facts straight dont assume your know everything…also whos to say when him and angelina break up he wont just forget about those kids…since he has one of his OWN now…you cant tell the future and neither can i so dont go banishing him a saint for “adopting” because he HASNT…and since he abandoned his WIFE i dont put it past him to abandon kids that arent his

  2. M.R. in Maryland says

    1st to Braydie, I don’t understand why u laugh and think that Brad won’t be a good father. He’s been doing a good job so far. He has adopted these kids that were not his. There are so many men in this world that abandon kids (and don’t take care of their responsibilities).
    I am very happy for them and hope that everyone gives them the privacy that they deserve. But, at the same time I can’t wait to see their new baby, Shiloh. I’m sure she is very beautiful.

  3. Mary C says

    I’m happy for Angi, Brad and their new baby. Thank heavens it’s over and they can relax now. Let’s hope Brad’s mother gets over Aniston and moves on, and the same with wimpy Jennifer.

  4. ashley p says

    Hey brad and angie! congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter. with youtwo as her parents, she’ll be a very beautiful baby. congratulations, and all the best wishes in the world.

  5. Tiffany says

    I love angelina and brad pitt i wish the best for both the baby and them I think angelina and brad will be good parent and i hope they will be together for the baby and there self.

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  7. Adriana says

    enough already – can we really expect to be serious about calling this child the “new messiah”
    c’mon people let it go.
    Wonder what the real messiah thinks about “adultry” among other things…
    Anyway its nice and they are happy despite whoever it is they stepped all over (Aniston, paparazzi who were “beat to a pulp” trying to make a living) regardless of whatever anyone else may have thought or felt.
    Hmm– I recall Pitt calling Aniston his “soul-mate” not too long ago…
    Yeah – whatever

  8. Braydie says

    i wish the best for the baby but not for them i cant stand either of for brad being a good father,LOL, thats a funny one….

  9. jenny love says

    i really love angelina.she is my queen.i would like to see the picture of the adorable baby. Brad you are really a good father keep it up!

  10. cyndee says

    Congratulations,I am so proud to be an admirer of you and yours!
    Beautiful name and I can’t wait to see first photos.You go girl!

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