Britney Out With Sean In Malibu Yesterday Looking Fierce!

Britney looks the best I’ve seen her look in a long time! This is a very chic bohemian, romantic look! That J.R. Rotem guy is still with her! He must have taken on the role of her new Svengali or something.

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Baby Sean is chewing some paper or something!

Britney Spears Pregnant



  1. lisa says

    i know she has to pay her ‘manny’ to be with much do you think she had to pay kevin to be with them both at the beach?? nothing he does is free… oh yeah there is, being a ‘FREE-LOADER’

  2. carleigh says

    Sandey your post had me chuckling. I don’t know if people realize but sometmes a woman can’t have a “natural” vaginal birth and what makes me chuckle the most is that the word “natural” is included with the term childbirth. The process of child birth may be referred to as natural but IMO having your netheregions stretched wide open and squeezing and pushing your guts out for hours on end…to me that’s sooooo not natural. I was lucky the first time I delivered I had a vaginal. However the second time my little bean wouldn’t descend into the brith canal and my labor STALLED completely. I ended up having 5-6 hours of HARD labor on a pit drip only to be rushed into an emergency c-section. I would honestly say that given the opportunity to CHOOSE I would have gladly went through another vaginal birth, but sometimes circumstances just don’t work out the way one would want. Anyway a woman can bring a child into this world is a miracle and neither way is what I personally would consider easy. I think the women (not mentioning names *wink wink*) on here who post the stupid comments about a c-section is lucking out because they don’t experience “real” labor are just misguided souls who may either not have kids or may just be trying to garner a strong reaction from others. I read Britney had an elective c-section and all I can say is from my experience I would never, ever, ever elect to be sliced-and-diced like that if I were given the choice, but that is just me. The c-section recovery was by far the MOST painful experience I have had to endure thus far in my life and I won’t be going through that again. My birthin’ days are OVER! LOL

  3. little whit says

    i am not a fan of brittany spears at all i just don’t like her or her music but i must admite her baby is cute!

  4. Sandey says

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I wanna see a photo of Anna too. Maybe of Jolly also, sounds like they have it all over every one else. I just wanna see their perfect bodies, respectful attire, perfect hair, make up to die for, I wanna hear how they breazed through child birth and came back in shape before leaving the hospital. Also wanna hear how much of a breeze “shudder” birthing was. And I wanna see and hear about what perfect mothers they are and how their husbands adore them and that they have never not ever made a mistake or error in judgement. Come on Anna, fill us in on perfection……We are holding our breath. Get to hitting those keyboard keys girl. Y’all get ready, Anna is going to tell us how it is done!!!!!

  5. Braydie says

    anna get off the vaginal birth thing, until i see a post noting you had a baby , you dont know what your talking about

  6. manda says

    Sean is so cute!!! Being a mother of 3 and 26yrs old, I understand how tough it is to raise kids and be young. I think she’s doing great and wish her the best of luck wit the new baby. If I can be a young ,fun,hot mama, she can too. The only advice for Brit is to ditch the hubby and live life to the fullest

  7. Jennifer says

    She is starting to look happy and radiant again!……finally. She seems to be around this guy a lot. Something is fishy

  8. says

    She should try natural birh this time. BRITNEY SPEARS HAS VAGINAL BIRTH ON BLA BLA BLA 2006. thats what would be posted.

  9. Farrah S. says

    I wish Britney the best, think that she is doing the best she,
    the media needs to leave her alone, I hope that she has a little girl, like that she can have the pair. Sean-P is adorable, he looks happy and healhy.

  10. Lisa says

    I am so hoping that Britney has a girl this time, though Sean is just the cutest thing. I have noticed no husband around(thankfully) but, she is still wearing her ring.

  11. Braydie says

    anyone else notice that her husband is no where in site in any of the pictures here or anywhere else on this site?

  12. Shenia-Lynn Weese says

    Well know that everyone has said how much she has messed up and fixed it all up…now how about his daddy when will he get a chance to show his true side of being a daddy… That is my thought on that matter.

  13. Felecia says

    Britney is so beautiful and baby Sean is so cute! I can’t wait to see if she has a boy or a girl next Good Luck Britney!

  14. Nikki says

    Sean reminds me sooo much of my own son – they look so similar (I wish I could post a pic.!) So of course I think he’s a cutie – I could eat him up! And he does look well taken care of, happy, and loved. Good job mama!

  15. Carleigh says

    Britney looks healthy and radiant and far better than I have seen her in a long, long time. Let’s hope that from the media speculation that she has taken back control of her life and finances from K-Fed is true and she has finally smartened up. With a man in his position the only thing he has to offer her is his undying fertility and w/o her he is basically just another bum on the street.

  16. Charlene says

    I think her baby is adorable and looks very well fed! She seems to be a doting mother even if at times she makes mistakes as we all do as first time mothers, hers is just first page news! Good luck with baby number 2 Brit

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