The following very exciting news is being reported by InTouch.
Angelina Jolie is scheduled to give birth by Caesarean section today, Saturday, May 27!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Although she had really wanted to have a natural birth, Angelina’s doctors are urging her to have the procedure due to a minor complication. “There’s nothing seriously wrong,” an insider says. “They are expecting it all to be routine.”

Angelina, 30, is scheduled to have the C-section at a Namibian hospital, according to the insider. The father of the child, Brad Pitt, 42, is expected to be by her side.

Angelina had been planning to give birth at the Burning Shore Beach Lodge in Swakopmund — the African resort where she, Brad and her two adopted children, Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 16 months, have been staying for the past two months. But the doctors have advised her she will be safer in a hospital.

The baby, a girl, will be delivered by her American ob-gyn, assisted by local doctors, the insider adds. “Everyone is very excited, Maddox in particular,” says an insider in Africa. “He knows he is getting a new baby sister, now they are telling him how soon it will be.”

The long-awaited birth is a week before Angelina’s June 3 due date.

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  1. COLE says

    HELLO didnt you see the pictures when brad left jen to go to that movie scrip with angelina they were flirting and cheating behind jens back i like angelina she’s my idol i would love to be like her but have seen the pics and it looks to me that they were sneaking behind jens back. Also congrads on new arrival but dont like the idea that she got what she wanted by cheating but if brads to blame put it this way if brad was a good husband to jen he would have stayed faithful to her so in actual fact its brads fault he wanted his cake and to eat it too but life goes on and gods not real to all the writers who think it was gods will!!!

  2. kaylee says

    dude, i am sooo clueless. i still cant figure out when shiloh was born. was she a may baby? i cant remember. she’s sooo cute though. she looks kind of like my sister did.

  3. tylee says

    dude, i am sooo clueless. i still cant figure out when shiloh was born. was she a may baby? i cant remember

  4. Jen says

    I don’t know a whole lot about Angelina, I do think brad and Jen were SO cute together, but we really can’t blame Angelina for them not being together, It’s not her fault! Brad and Jennifer decided for themselves, no one forced them.

  5. melissa says

    A question that always comes to mind is where are all the pic”s with Angie and shiloh, it’s always about the other ones. The only pic’s that i have EVER seen are that of brad and baby. What’s with this????

  6. Jessica Henry says

    I think if two people that hot can not have sex after making a movie like Mr. and Ms. Smith then there is definitly somethng wrong with the both of them.

  7. audry says

    I believe Brad and Angie are soulmate that finally met in
    a peculiar way. As you can see, they both had relationship in the past that did not workout. Nobody knows what happened between Jen and Brad, my speculation was the relationship was already rocky before their wedding. they somehow have not resolve one issue among many and that is having a family. Jen as you know was still on top of her career, she wants to get into the movie after “Friends” ended. My observation of Jen is that she appears to be nice because of the character she plays in that famous TV show.
    In reality, she has not grown mature enough to
    know what life is all about. Brad was looking for some
    meaning in his existence in this planet and guess
    what….. He found it with Angie who by any means was
    not looking for a mate. Angie was very focus in her
    commitment as UN ambassador to poor countries.
    Cupid has a peculiar way of making people meet, isn’t
    it? I love this couple and may they both fulfill their
    purpose in life be it as a successfull husband abd wife
    and a humanitarian.

  8. Candice says

    angie is a LOSER!!!! i just love how she tries to make herself out to be so wondeful!! ohhhh i about adopting all the kids that have no families here. she’s so fake. she’s a slut. one day she’s bi then she not, kisses her brother. SMART MOVE there brad. you should have kept jenn she was beautiful, smart, and CLASSY unlike your current whore.

  9. Renee R. Russo says


    I have read many emails sent to you from various fans around the world, and it must feel good to be loved by so many adoring fans. I know you love your fans, but I’m sure you need your alone time too. I think you are a very strong and independant women. I mean, come on, that goes without saying.

    I am an amatuer actress that performs in small, local theaters. I am currently taking acting lessons. I love to watch your movies. I feel, that you have nurtured the craft and have settled quite comfortably in your own skin. You have generally shed that skin that has led you on a bit of the wild side for a long time and have settled into the role of being a great humanitarian and advocate for children of lesser means. You have proven to the public that you have versatility in the roles you have chosen. You seem like the type of person that would like to have a little more range in the work you do. However, I still think one of your greatest films is of course, Gia. I thought that that role was more you than any other role you have ever taken on. You were great in that movie considering that was probably one of your first films.

    You send a good message to young children especially children of color and ethnic backgrounds to be yourself. I feel that you can accomplish anything. You are very driven and you never stop moving. I just hope you never run away from who you truly are. I feel you should be with someone that you have true joy and happiness with. I wish you the very best in love. Mabye or mabye not that things with Brad might work out. I don’t think he is the one for you.That is my honest opinion. You guys are really so different in many ways. But I wish you all the best. Keep making great movies. The general public loves you.

    I can see you being fullfillled with someone that has a little more in common with you and can truly see the world as you see it or from your eyes. That is when you know you have found your soul mate. And who knows, mabye getting Brad was a good challenge for you. It was unfortunate for Jen Aniston that her 4 year marriage to Brad met its demise. But I guess as the old adage goes, that’s how it goes sometimes. Personally, from my point of you, Brad and Jen reminded me too much of Barbie and Ken. Those were two people that were alike in many ways.

    You had to see that to and I think you felt you should do something about it. I guess anything to break up the boredom was a good challenge for you. You wanted to see if you could do it and you have. Well I wish you all the best. Keep it real Angelina. Don’t change for anyone. I know I don’t.

    I am going to watch your movie Beyond Borders tonight. Take some pointers from a wonderful person and a talented actress. You are a bueatifull person inside and out. You have a good soul.

    Peace, Love and Happiness.


  10. beauty says

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston would have made the most beautiful baby, and were the perfect couple! Angelina Jolies freakish looks is a sad thing to pass down onto a child. Why do we only see pictures of them with adopted children and not their own child? That hiddeous? Thats what happens …… Brad should have stayed in his marriage to Jenn…she was a decent and good person…beautiful inside and out! What a shame! I would love to see their baby!! Brad and Jenns!

  11. Lolitha says

    THIS Jen never wanted a baby adopted or biological so she got served.Sometimes i dont think she has a brain this Aniston woman.i dont think she knows what she wants Angelina is a go getter and very fierce

  12. Yaelskadie777 says

    A family consists of a married mother and father or divorced but nowhere do I find two adulterers and fornicators nor their bastard offspring called a family. Ms. Jolie thinks she can make all her selfishness go away by her charitable contributions and that we will all forget the pain and anguish she caused Brad’s wife and his family when abandoning his marriage vows to have unholy relations with Ms. Jolie. Surely she must have been in fear of him seeing through her seduction when she deliberately quit taking birth control hoping to get pregnant by Brad to cement their relationship if you can even call it that. Hopefully he will be smart enough to have legal papers drawn that demands him having physical custody in case of or when the break up whether married by then or not happens, which it most surely will. Ms. Jolie isn’t fooling anyone but has Brad p-whipped for lack of a cleaner way to say it. That doesn’t last forever but Brad’s love for Shiloh will. That is HIS daughter. I would hope he finds another decent woman like Jennifer Aniston who is willing to take on the two adopted children also, leaving Ms. Jolie abandoned and in despair which is what she deserves. What comes around WILL DEFINITELY GO AROUND, ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. She is still so jealous of Brad going back to Jennifer she is angry at his parents for having Jen’s pictures still up in his family’s home. Who does this adultering, fornicating, slut think she is? We know the homewrecker, the bastard birther (and I do love Shiloh but look how little she cared for her daughter to bring her into life like she has!). Then she tramps all over the world, dragging these little children around, risking her preganancy just to keep them all away from everyone who loves Brad and the children. Even her father still loves her and her mother is dying and she is running the globe. This woman is in severe need of in depth psychiatric and I for one hope she gets it before she does anymore permanent damage to those sweet children she should never have been able to adopt. Vials of blood, tatoos everywhere on her body in plain view of beautiful designer gowns. A knew affair with every movie. Look out Matt Damon she is got a tongue coated with honey and words and a body even sneakier. God bless Brad, Shiloh, Zahara, and Maddox and may he find a woman who will accept all he’s done and one that will be a good mother to his adopted and biological children. I don’t think Jennifer would give him another chance but one never knows for sure when it comes to things of the heart.

  13. D'Anna says

    Having a breech baby is not a complication to cause a c-section if you do not want it to. Mine was breech and you can either do an internal version where the doctor turns the baby manually or what I did and have a procedure called moxibustion. I had already had a vaginal birth and did NOT want to have a c-sectiion. I am very thankful for a nurse at my doctor’s office suggesting using moxibustion, online it has higher success rates than internal version and is way less intrusive.

    If people are “too posh to push”, then I guess they like major surgeries and laying around–but they also have the luxury of doing so.

  14. KTG says

    I believe that Angelina and Brad are a perfect couple with many interests in common. No offense to Jennifer Aniston, but her carreer always came first.
    Both Angelina and Brad have more in common and a great love for one another. They have their adopted family, in which I admire her for that. Now, both Brad and Angie have a beautiful biological daughter, Shiloh. Family is a blessing, and I pray for the best for their family always.

  15. lynn says

    i think there both great people however,i think they havent thought much about how flaunting there life would mean to jennifer.

  16. Nicki says

    Thanks for answering my question Braydie.
    No I missed that interview. Apparently we have a different defination of what bashing is. Thanks for your reply.

  17. braydie says

    Nicki i guess you havent seen the diane sawyer (spelled wrong prob) interview where he said i quote….”jen was my true love but since chilren werent in her sight at the moment we had to part”… and “Jen and I both agreed not to talk about it ” and there he is TALKING about it….if thats not bashing i dont know what is…jen hasnt said one bad thing about either of them (brad or angelina) and she hasnt done any interviews about the situation…but here he goes taking interviews about it….dont get me wrong i hate all three of them…im not for no team…but he was in the wrong for doin that

  18. Nicki says

    Braydie, How did Brad bash Jen just to make himself look better? I have never heard him utter a bad word against Jen.

  19. Braydie says

    what i dont get is all you women blaming jennifer anisten for her and brads problems…brad was ready , brad wanted children so badly, brad this brad that, what about jen ??/ maybe she wasnt ready, maybe she knew he was a cheater , who knows maybe he cheated before he did with angelina …everyone should put the blame where it belongs ON BRAD..not angelina or jen…HE was in the marriage… HE took vows…HE promised things he never took serious..and HE was the one that bashed jen before she could do anything just to make HIMSELF look better…but HE finally got what HE wanted a READY made family and now jen wants kids ….what a surprise …maybe she didnt want them with a cheater …just wait you guys , he and angelina wont be together long…these kinds of people never are

  20. nichole says

    I think it’s amazing how everyone can pass judgement on an individual they have never met or spoken to. In this case, if they have a baby and are willing to raise that baby with all the love and support so many children wish for then great for them! Also, is it so easy to forget, when throwing harsh words out about Angelina, that this woman has done AMAZING work with charity and lobbying congress and the UN on many important issues? Or that she has given a full and plentiful life to two orphans who otherwise wouldn’t have had anything of the such! The next time people want to pass judgement they should try to look in the mirror and ask if you have done half the stuff for children that this woman has done.

  21. To all the ignorant haters says

    In my opinion, if Jen and Brad were REALLY happy together they would have made it work. Jen seems to be more into her career/work while Brad seems to be a family man. A lot of times celebrity couples have diff. goals/dreams which lead them in separate directions. That is why I don’t blame Angie for Brad and Jen’s divorce. It was obvious that they were on diff. levels. I think that Angie has changed a lot since she adopted Maddox. She is doing a great job in helping other countries. A lot of us take things for granted. We don’t appreciate our lives or what we have. All we do is complain. I think some of you should read Angie’s Journal “Notes from My Travels”, maybe this will help u to better understand her. It really changed me and even made me cry!
    Congrats to the Jolie-Pitts! May God bless your beautiful family!

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

  22. Donna says

    Congratulations Brad and Angelina, I am sure their baby is beautiful just like them. I am so happy for them. Everyone should just be nice, quit hating and be happy for them. I can’t wait to see a picture. I really like the Mr & Mrs. Smith movie they did together. Anyways my prays go out to them.

  23. julia says

    i think brad and angelino are great 4 each other and they get along great and i think people need to get offf them saying they don’t think they should be 2gether and plus their about to have another baby!!!!

  24. julia says

    i think brad and angelino are great 4 each other and they get along great and i think people need to get offf them saying they don’t think they should be 2gether and plus their about to have another baby!!!!
    congrats to all brad-jolies

  25. Brenda says

    If Brad and Jennifer were so perfect—no one would have been able to break them up. Brad is not stupid or capable of being “hypnotized” out of his marriage by Angelina no matter how beautiful. He made a choice and so did Jen. They both admitted that they did not nurture their marriage and it crumbled.

    In truth—none of us really no anyone in hollywood. People are not their characters or even real to they press. They are just projections of what we think they are or what they want us to see. Angelina could really be very nice or a b…tch. So could Jen. We don’t know because we don’t know them at all.

    Let’s just be glad all parties are trying again and it may just work this time.

  26. Shari says

    On the remote chance anyone reads my comment(s), forgive my typo. I have a fractured elbow and am typing with one hand hunt – n – peck w/pain and dificulty. I saw my comment (above) and didn’t realize what a mess it was. I hope if anyone wanted to read it, they understoodit, typos and all. That said …

    I just want to say that I don’t understand women who agree to, or even promote a divorce, and then, they complain and cry when their former husband moves on, or another woman moves in. Real life and the mysterious, often almost magical way it works, doesn’t recognize the formalities of pieces of paper in a court of law – only it does recognize when someone and another have parted ways …once such a choice is made, who would deign to say what is the right, or wrong time for Life doing what it does? It seems as if Jennifer Aniston (who alwyys struck me as very sweet and real – before) would have o problem saying with regard to her life post – Brad …”When one door closes, another door opens.” Or maybe just think that, to cope. But if this is so and I believe it is and I think she says she feels much the same, then why couldn’t she accept that the same woud be true for Brad – for Angelina and for anyone else who akes the choice to leave a marriage or relationship of any sort? The most disturbing thing I’ve noticed though is …

    This race to see who is first to have a baby – who is firt to become married again and so on – these are games that children play – yes? But adults? I don’t think so! I’ve loved and lost in my life and I’ve also tossed aside something good at antoehr time with someone wonderful becasue I was in my mode of still aspiring and acquiring. I did live to see that significant other come to fulfill what he thought I would provide (because in essence, during courtship, my half of every conversation was “me too!” It appears Jenifer Aniston did that as well and many, many people do when hoping to win over who they think is the love of their life ….and sometimes they mean those things but Life delivers up some unforeseen changes …that’s how it was also in part for me – a few “me toos” and a few unforeseens ….but whe I saw this person later on with someone who walked like they talked and came to make him happy in ways that I had only kept promising, I could only be grateful that he had come to find his TRUE soul mate – the one who meant every “me too!” they undoubtedly excanged during courtship …Seems that’s what’s happened here and so I have trouble grasping what Jennifer’s mind is going through and doing to her, so that she now is acting as if she is recreating herself from the ground up. If she believes in herself so much , then why the ned to do all of this escapism and re-defining herself? I don’t get it. I am now with the love of my life – my soul mate quite really and life is wonderful …but I am the same person I was, when I let the other person go – no need to change who I am …It’s pretty obviousthat Jennifer Aniston is torn between wanting a home life and secure love and all the family goodies, but at the same time wants to expand her business, and notoreity as an actress and it’s hard to do both fr some people. So maybe she had simply offered to Brad, somethiing she couldn’t in reality deliver up on a timetable that was going to work for him, or was promised by her for him – I don’t know what went on behind closed doors of their lives, anymore than I make that my business of anyone else’s life unless I’m invited to now for some reason. Still – I don’t understand evicting someone from your life and then making remarks like: “It should have been MY baby.” If so, then why wasn’t it? It wasn’t, plain and simple becasue that wasn’t the reality she manifested with him! Nothing complicated about it at all and I think it’s built into all of us to seek what and who we truly resonate with in this life.

    If Brad gives Angelina pwer over their relationship, it’s probably because she inspires him and emulating someone as he has done, is the highest form of flattery ….Besdes, who’s to say who should be the leader of the two people? Best situation is to walk side by side, neither one in front, leaving one to take up the rear …but, if that is at the foundation of two people, then it’s a strong base and after that, it seems that nature rules and the individual in the realtionshipw ho tends to be more imaginative, the visionary so to say, the one whose head tends to sizzle with ideas, also tends to lead if the other one is more – oh – sort of like with a terrific spirit that is all dressed up but no where to go, or all dressed up but doesn’t know where they want to go – they just are bursting with feelings they cannot make sense of – big energy – then that special soeone comes along and turns out to not only be their lover and partner/wife, but often times, even a special sort of Guide in life …that’s what I see in Brad and Angelina and given that Jennifer Aniston wanted this divorce, I think it would be best for her to make friends with her authentic self and trust that just as she is whoever is meant for her to share her life with – will come along ….but if I was in her shoes, I wouldn’t harbor bitterness …not when I decided to divorce someone, only to discover later, that someone else rose to the occasion of that person’s life …Don’t we let peopple go becasue we think they will do better with someone else? (I eaning barring the more bizarre and targic domestic causes) ….If my husband became grievous with me and vice versa, and I let him go, I can’t see as how I would have any right to say that a child he had with someone else, “should have been my baby” and a good many other remarks like this …I thought she was a bright woman – now I am baffled ….In closing …

    Let me say that observing these sorts of things and maybe learning from what we see is one thing – to generate unfounded and negative gossip for no reason other than to feel that one is part of some celebrity’s life, is quite another ..They are merely people just like you – just like me – I know – I was raised ina home with an Emmy award winning screenwriter father and show business people all aroundmeall of my life …trust me ….when it comes to the basics of hearts and souls and rights and wrongs and what makes sense and is fair versus what does not and is not – it is the same for everybody …celebrity, or otherwise ….

    I guess that’s all I can say – my 2 cents for whatever it’s worth ….And once again …Blessings galore to all involved – May everyone in this drama as it has been, emerge through and out the other side of their own tunnel, coming out and into Light in their lives filled with Love.


  27. Shari says

    Congratulations to the Jolie – Pitt family. I think that Angelina Jolie – Pitt is really a beautiful and authenticallly, original person. I admire anyone who follows the dictates of their own unique soul, and that is what I see her doing. That she has the love of a good man to stand by her, wit her perhaps the one who leads the way, I don’tthink is the awful thing people and headlines have made it out to be. Who’s to say what’s right for whom? Who’s to say what works for whom? In many NON celebirty relationships, the woman plays the role of the leader in that some women are just the more inventive, and inspiriring of the the two whoa re together. That’s the case in my marriage – My husband l ooks to me to (and I quote): “Shed your light on the parts of me and life that would otherwise be idle and ignored …Never chnage that way – It’s what I love best about you and what I believe you’re in my life to do for me.” But nobody finds us weird or off base …However, if I was an Aneglina Jolie, perhaps they would of course ….I guess in the big picture, we are all free to say what we will and they will do just fine ….All the media stuff is good PR for them each and both and all after all ….andif they really didn’t want to be critiqued, they are both inteeligent enough to know how to keep low profiles ….They aer high profile people becasue they want it that way – I imagine their reasons are good ones though …They are progressive thinkers, trying in their way(s) to manifest something healing for the workd, by adopting and I admire that no matter who takes that on themselves – Love is the answer – always …What beautiful people and how nice to see their Love shine!

  28. Sophia says

    Special????That’s a joke- he’s an idiot and she is a freak—Anyone been tested for AIDS? Remember the little black baby came from an AIDS mother. Wouldn’t that be a mess??????

  29. stacy says

    Good for Brangelina and the new addition to their family. Jennifer Aniston needs to get on with her life. If she wanted to keep Brad she should have gotten over herself a long time ago. Obviously Jen is wrapped around herself. Just wait, next month Vince will have had enough too. Who cares when Brad and Jen got divorced, obviously she wasn’t the “perfect wife”. How can anyone judge the Jolie-Pitt family. They’re special.

  30. Jaime says

    I agree with you, s #24……what “goes around comes around”……so watch out: Because you’re not God and cannot judge anyone else or what is in their heart. You know no more about their situation than any other person out there and yet you are making horrible accusations against Angelina and spreading rumors—-those are sins.
    Congratulations to Angelina and Brad and their beautiful family!

  31. Jaime says

    All these negative haters who leave hurtful messages on here must be really misinformed. Brad and ex-wife Jen called it quits last March…..Elvis had as much to do with that breakup as Angelina did! Jen was shacked up with Vince before there was ever any Brangelina. Neither party can be accused of adultery…..try accusing the parties of fornication…’s a more-informed word-choice! Or call Jen a deceptive, selfish liar (it fits) or baby Shiloh a bastard (if you’re really out-of-date). There are very appropriate words for some of you haters too!
    CONGRATULATIONS ANGELINA & BRAD!!! I love you and know many, many others who do too!!

  32. Braydie says

    this is to E….NO ONE chooses a c section….sometimes it just happens, most times its a emergency c section because women ACTUALLY try to have their child vaginally but sometimes things go wrong also. and when things go wrong babies can actually die, ive SEEN it , i guess you think having a dead baby is worth it AS LONG as its born vaginally…I WISH THE PEOPLE THAT HATE C SECTIONS SO MUCH I WISH WOULD GET A EDUCATION ABOUT THEM BEFORE ASSUMING THINGS THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT.

  33. E says


  34. s says

    you never take another person’s happiness and make it your own. life is fair, there will be a day where angelina will shed tears as well.

  35. Nicki says

    Congratulations to a wonderful family. Always thinking of others while enjoying thier life. They are blessed. Best wishes, health and happiness to each of them.

  36. Braydie says

    Ani, i wrote it the way i wanted to write the post, now if you want to you can go ahead and rewrite everyones post’s to you the way you like em if you want , but i got my point accross , now if you have anything else to say then being a spell checker nazi, i would like to hear it

  37. claude obrien says

    No one can judge those two people except God Going so far to have the baby born is quite exsesive. My husband was an obgyan and would have refuse such extravagenza for the mother’s welfare in the future.

  38. Angelina's Fan says

    Why turn something positive like a birth into something negative? Jealous is right Susee, I totally agree. I wish Brad and Angelina all the happiness in the world, and the same to Jennifer.

  39. SUSEE says


  40. Cass says

    I agree with u totally kay-a baby was concieved when one was married and i’m sorry but it is adultary plain and simple. Why don’t you all think about how Jen is feeling with the news that she has had the baby coz i would be distraught if my husband was having a baby with someone else whilst we had not even divorced!!

  41. kay says

    Money doesn’t protect you from diseases. It also doesn’t make you smart or happy. And, just because you are beautiful shouldn’t mean that you get to act however you please. Just because you can buy your kids lavish things, doesn’t mean that the child was not conceived in a retched way…while causing someone else pain. I agree that babies should be about love. And not about pain. But, this baby was conceived while Brad Pitt was married to someone else and you will never get me to swallow the pill that it’s all okay because he is beautiful. And, I’d compare my education to anyone’s any day. Ivy League, two post-grad degrees…I know what smart is and it’s not cheating on your wife.

  42. Ani says

    they are rich *

    their kids*

    You really shouldn’t go calling others dumb if you are unable to write, Braydie.

  43. Braydie says

    Terese you for real think that they have alot more to offer then the rest of us??? your kids maybe but my children are well taken care of. and just because there rich doesnt mean there kids will be smarter either…well maybe compared to your kids..since you seem so dumb Terese ….

  44. MCouch says

    I am sorry but I love her, and I love him. I think that they are great together.. and every has to remember she never wanted to have kids of her own.. so don’t blame her. She wanted to adopt kids. So I think that it was all an accident. I don’t blame her. I don’t blame her at all.. and if you are going to blame someone.. you need to remember that it takes two to tango.. So it is not all her..

    I wish them the best of luck. They are going to be great parents. Heck they are. I am happy for them. I would love to meet her and tell her congrats. She is great.

  45. Terese says

    I agree Love is the only true emotion….Hate only causes ‘
    premature aging and death.
    So be kind while you can. Life
    is short

  46. Terese says

    all the haters out there need to get a life. this is someones elses life, not yours
    let happiness prevail….long live the beautiful people and may they have many more babies….the kids will be smart beautiful and rich…they have a lot mote to offer kids than most of you. Let Love Happen….

  47. kay says

    I agree. I think Angelina Jolie is disgusting. Really, with all those tatoos and the blood necklace past, etc…she screams disease to me. And, adultery is adultery…I don’t care where the marriage was headed. Sometimes, without interlopers, people work things out.

  48. Annie-Rae says

    I am so happy for them!!!!! I wish them all the happiness in the world!!

    and to the first commenter,
    She is not a homewrecker, Brad and Jen we’re already on there way out long before Angelina came into the picture.

  49. Carleigh says

    LOS ANGELES – In what was arguably the most anticipated delivery in the world, Angelina Jolie gave birth to Brad Pitt’s daughter Saturday in Africa, Pitt’s publicist announced.


    “The night of May 27, 2006 in Namibia, Africa, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed their daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. No further information is being given,” publicist Cindy Guagenti said in a statement.

    I am happy for their family and their new baby girl will be a knockout! Best wishes to all.

  50. tami says

    i think they are a beautful couple angelina and brad so everyone should back offf they are having a baby be kind !!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats to all the jolie-pitts

  51. Cass says

    I’m sorry but i do not like Angelina!! Jen and Brad were the perfect couple and she split them up. I call it pure insensitivity that she fell pregnant before jen and brad were even divorced-didn’t waste much time did she. Mind you, what she wants she always gets!!

    She is a marriage wrecker

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