Geri Halliwell Loves Her C-Section Smile Scar!

“I don’t mind my Caesarean scar, because it looks like a smile.” – Geri Halliwell

Now, that is a positive attitude! I have had a regular delivery and a c-section and found the c-section to be incredibly easier! When I had my first child (in 2000) Cindy Crawford was going on about her all-natural hot tub birthing in all the magazines and I wanted to be all-natural too. My OB had highly recommended I get a c-section, but I was stubborn and suffered 4th degree tearing and even after reconstructive surgery still deal with the aftermath. Jumping jacks are not for me anymore! Then I had a c-section for my daughter’s birth in 2004 and it was actually wonderful! I felt very present for the whole delivery and the recovery was beyond easy. I got to stay in the hospital for a whole week and it felt like the Ritz! I definitely understand why so many women and celebs are getting c-sections now! And my scar is soooo small I can barely see it. I did have numbness for about a year all around the scar, but that it totally gone now. I know everyone’s experiences are different…that was mine though.

Geri Halliwell



  1. jeannieNY says

    Good for her ! I don’t know why anyone would talk badly about C Sections. Who on EARTH would CARE how someone gives birth to their child as long as the child is HEALTHY and arrives safely? Get a life…..there are much more important things to worry about in this world. I have delivered four children in both ways and I don’t think any one way is better than another !

  2. Sydney says

    When my mother had me she only dilated 4 cm and after 30 hours of labour had an emergency c section as I was in distress. Most pro-natural women would say this was ok morally, to save the lives of mother and daughter. 13 years later my mum was pregnant with my brother and thought about having an elective c section. She decided to give it a go “naturally” dilated 4cm and stopped, one more dangerous emergency caesarean. Fortunately both my mum and little brother were ok but this was far more distressing for both than had she had an elective caesarian. It turns out her body was not built for childbirth (very narrow hips). Physically I am very similar to my mother and I would seriously consider an elective caesarian if it meant it was less stressful for all involved. Too many women throw the word “risky” about when talking about c sections, but forget that a natural childbirth that goes wrong, which happens a lot more often than you would think, is far more “risky” than a stress-free elective caesarian. And as for the argument that women have been doing this since the dawn of time, things have changed now, if you were ill would you refuse medical help because at the dawn of time it wasn’t available for women?

  3. Jennifer says

    Ok so I have a 3 month old daughter that was a miracle baby. I can not have children and we were given the wonderful gift of egg donation and a surrogate carrier from friends and family. I feel so blessed our daughter is healthy and a very happy baby at that. So please ladies lets all stop arguing over what the best way to have a baby is. Just feel blessed that you can enjoy and experience pregnancy and delivery…no matter which way it is done. I could not experience that and as much as I love my daughter, I wish I had the late night bathroom runs, swollen ankles, cravings, morning sickness, and recovery after the birth, as having a baby is the whole experience not just the child

  4. Braydie says

    Andie , im glad everything went well after your ordeal and i agree wholeheartily with you. im glad my c section was planned, my doctor was very forthcoming with me (prob cuz i work with her everyday) and yes it is alot harder to recover …I had the worst cough and I swore it felt like my stomach was tearing apart everytime i coughed, as a nurse i never knew what women who had c sections felt and why they said it hurt so much and now I know and will never think , “omg it cant be that bad”, EVER sister had 4 vaginal births and was up and going the next day.

  5. Andie says

    I had a C-Section after 17.5 hours of solid labour and not being able to deliver my son naturally. I WISH my OBGYN had figured out weeks before my induced labour (I was induced as my son 3 1/2 weeks before I was due was already weighing in past the 90th percentile and my blood pressure was sky-rocketing)that I wasn’t going ot be able to deliver my son naturally . My labour was hard and tramic and very scary with an ending result of a c-section.
    I think a planned c-section when they know the vaginal deliver could be very stressful and things are already not looking is VERY fair and should not be judged.

    HAving a c-section with the false assumption that it is EASIER is an ignorant comment from anyone who hansnt’ had to deal with the recovery process of one. Some women after vaginal birth are up walking around a few hours after they deliver. I was on bedrest for 3 days with such pain after enduring labour and then having the section. Having just the section, my recovering, although would have been hard, might not have been AS hard as having to deal with labour first THEN a section.

    My point, my section should have been planned. and I dont fault anyone for having a planned c-section if it is the BEST option for the delivery of their child, period.

  6. Braydie says

    im not saying c sections are better however with only 20 percent turn rate with the possibility of going into labor early and needing a emergency c section anyways i opted not to try it , also my son was 10 lbs 1 once, im sure your mothers breech twin was alot smaller..i was actually more scared of having a c section then having my son vaginally…Im a labor and delievery nurse, i know that there are many reasons for first time mothers to have a c section i see it all the time..i also see death of a child or mother when vaginal births dont go right, or mental retardation in the child, or the mother going threw so much she cant ever have a child again. and i know doctors dont just say ok you want a c section you can have one …it is when it is in need …now many woman need them if there baby is too big, breech or is having a stalled labor plus many other reasonsTHERE are alot of good things about c sections. no one knows why any of these celebs have c sectionsunless you have a front row seat in their doctors office

  7. reality sandwinches says

    the fact is having a natural birth, if the baby isn’t in distress is much healthier for all those involved and being squeezed through the birth cannal jump starts the baby to breathe air – the fact is that in Canada the rate of C-section (& it sounds like the US) is the highest in the 1st world. This has nothing to do with need but more to do with the doctor’s convenience, and even the mother’s.

    My mom had twins first off, 1st was breach and 2nd had the cord round the neck – the birth was natural. Her last child was very overdue but the doctor didn’t induce because there was no need. she had to be flipped over head to toe and back to front – which is what often needs to be done and can be done. Having a mid-wife or dula or some such, i.e. someone who is there for the whole time and not just a portion of their shift allows calm and continuity.

    The fact is women are being scared or discouraged out of natural birth and there are real consequences. My sister, for example, was convinced before there was a need to have a c-section and since she was scared and somewhat out of shape whe went for it.

    However, if you need to have the C-section you must. The point it the rate of C-sections is not in line with the need, but more the convenience.

  8. Nikki says

    For the record, not once did I imply that I was “better than” anyone for any reason, I’m sorry if you interpreted it that way. I simply meant to share my thoughts about the subject. PERSONALLY I hope to never NEED a C-section because I PREFER to deliver vaginally and after having done so successfully I would feel like I missed out on an experience that I enjoyed the first time. To each their own – if YOU’RE happy with the way YOUR baby was delivered then that’s all that matters. Everyone’s situation is different.

  9. Braydie says

    well im not done, by you just saying what you said made you look dumb, and YES you did sink that low for stating and i quote that woman werent meant to give birth that way , also that a planned c section is offensive to you,and that woman that have c sections need a education in vaginal child birth…your the one thats ignorant and until you have actually had one maybe you shouldnt talk about it as though it was a sin of some sort.

  10. Braydie says

    well im not done, by you just saying what you said made you look dumb, and YES you did sink that low for stating and i quote that woman werent meant to give birth that way , also that a planned c section is offensive to you,and that woman that have c sections need a education in vaginal child birth…your the one thats ignorant and until you have actually had one maybe you shouldnt talk about it as though it was a sin of some sort

  11. Kat says

    OK, that was just insulting and ignorant. I NEVER implied I was better than ANYONE, and I wasn’t attacking anyone personally, just the fact that c-secs are way too common. I would never want anyone’s life in jeopardy, and I know there are times when the secs are necessary. I am sick of debating this; I wasn’t attacking you personally, and your comment was extrememly rude and insulting to me as an individual. I didn’t sink that low. Blah, blah, blah. I’m done.

  12. Braydie says

    i was offended by the way kat and nikki assumed just because they had a vaginal birth that they were better then people that have c sections, i had to have a c section beacuse my son was breech and the birth of my son c section was the most wonderful and fulfilling experience of my life as it would of been if it was vaginal. I wasnt scared to have a baby naturlaly nor by c section, vaginal delieveries can be just as risky , and of course we werent meant to have babies that way , there really was no need for that comment beacuase i think all women and most men know that…..however if i , myself , didnt have a c section i or my baby would probably be dead … maybe you, kat, would put your life or your child in jepordy but i opted for life

  13. kim says

    dont get me wrong natural deliveries hurt like hell can still remeber my daughters birth 13 months ago but would prefer to have natural than c-section

  14. ciara says

    Kat, I agree. I definitely think trying for natural vaginal delivery is the best idea. I hate the fact that stars make a section look like a piece of cake and never discuss the future implications. It can make your placenta do very scary things in future pregnancies, and that should be more well known. Even though I also had a wonderful section I`m honestly pondering VBAC because the idea of having major surgery over and over is a little scary.

  15. Kat says

    Hey, I’m all about turning a NEEDED C-section into a positive experience, but my point was only that so many women today are choosing the section without even considering the natrual, vaginal delivery. We weren’t meant to give birth that way, and to choose a risky surgery over a vaginal because you think it’s “easier” just seems wrong to me. But, that is just my opinion. Sorry to have offended so many people, but the idea of a planned C-section is offensive to me.

  16. ciara says

    The post was about being positive about having a section. I think that`s a great attitude too. Like the original post, I also had a 4th degree tear and a section & the difference between those two is HUGE, the section was much easier than dealing with a 4th degree. C sections aren`t natural & they`re risky, but if you have to have one I think its great to be positive about it. I do think its weird to schedule one for your first without a good reason, you could be setting yourself up for many problems in future pregnancies & so it should be reserved for women who need them. Believe me, if yoy`ve had a bad tear down there, you have every reason to have a section if you want.

  17. Braydie says

    i hope one day you dont need a c section kat i really hope you wont feel as though the baby is being ripped outta you, any kind of birth where the baby is born healthy is natural to me, im sad for you knowing thats the way to feel

  18. Carleigh says

    I had stalled labor with my second child and i had an emergency c-section. I had my first child vaginally and I can tell you BOTH methods are very different. The recovery is faster with a vaginal delivery and the c-section recovery was awful I couldn’t bend over, walk up stairs, lift heavy objects of a certain weight, cough or sneeze without feeling like I was going to blow my incision open. I just think that no matter how a child gets here or what a woman has to go through in the end it is more than worth it.

  19. Kat says

    Braydie, if a C-section was “natural,” we would have been build with a zippered hole in our abdomen for the baby to be pulled out.

  20. josh says

    i really dont think that your a miraculous person for having a baby, i had a baby c section and i feel like it was the most wonderful experience of MY life

  21. Braydie says

    i had a schedualed C-section for my son, i knew 5 weeks in advance that i was having it, my son turned breech…i dont think it matters if you have your baby natually with drugs, without drugs, or by c-section as long as the baby and mother is healthy …i dont think after having my c-sec that my doctors tore me open and ripped the baby from me i think of it as when i had my wonderfull, HEALTHY, baby, and it was a very wonderful for having a education and needing classes about having a child natually i feel very offended, maybe you both need a education in having a c-section. not us in having a “natural”childbirth. to me i had a natural childbirth

  22. Nikki says

    I completely agree with you Kat. I had my first child in March of ’05 and I had him vaginally and without any pain meds. and that was the greatest experience of my life as well as my greatest personal accomplishment. It is definitely possible and I too understand that there are certain situations that require a C-section but I thought that was supposed to be a last resort – apparently not. Too many ppl. are using it as an easy out and depriving themselves of an experience that they’ll never be able to recreate. And everyone acts like I’m some sort of miraculous person to have given birth that way…? Not so. Ppl. should give natural births more of a chance before jumping on the C-section bandwagon. Once again though, it’s JMO.

  23. Kat says

    I can’t believe what I am reading! This whole trend of WANTING a C-section blows my mind. If you are educated in childbirth, and know what to expect and how to deal with it, it is not a traumatic experience. Ladies, we need to be more educated! Take a birthing class (and I mean a real one, like Bradley, not the L-word), and learn what your body is about to go through. Women have been doing it since the begining of time, and not by having someone else do the work for you by cutting open your abdomen and taking the baby out for you! I understand there are circumstances where the C-section is needed, but only in about 2% of the time!! This C-section epidemic is getting out of control! Sorry to be so preachy, but come on, ladies. This is not how childbirth was meant to take place!!

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