Denise Richards & Richie Sambora's Italian Getaway Coming To A Close

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora wind down their Italian vacation in Ravello, strolling and browsing through ceramic stores before popping into the Hotel Palazzo Sasso, a five-star resort with panoramic views of the Mediterranean. This weekend Richie will continue his tour with Bon Jovi in Germany.

Denise Richards



  1. carleigh says

    and somebody needs a good pair of glasses and a BIG dose of reality…jealous of what? I wouldn’t say my life is anywhere near perfect and I am not nearly as beautiful as Denise Richards but you know something I have one thing that she doesn’t self respect and that my friends is PRICELESS!

  2. Sharon says

    Maybe she’s a hoe and maybe she’s not. “If” she did betray her friend, then I’ll think less of her. Perhaps you ladies are jealous. Denise is probably one of the most absolutely beautiful women in this world.

  3. Carleigh says

    I am the single mother of two little girls and I can fully understand the whole “need a break” concept. My points are these about Denise Richards:

    One I have read in several mag’s that she is the one who encouraged Heather Locklear to dump Richie Sambora, which she did. Then to turn around and start showing up in public with him is tacky, tasteless and makes her a woman with no or low morals and she is NOT a good friend. Am I the only one who believes in the golden rule of “friendship”? You never ever go after an ex-husband, ex-bf, or whatever the ex may be of one of your friends..there’s plenty of men out there so WHY I have to ask did Denise chose to sink her claws into Richie?

    Yes I know the whole “it takes two to tango” bs and I understand that some of you will say that but Denise did betray her friend and that’s just hitting below the belt. No matter what anyone says to try and defend her she’s trashy and a ho. You just don’t do that to a friend and I don’t care how good looking or how attracted you are to the man in question it a big HELL NO..OFF LIMITS.

    Secondly every picture I have seen her in lately she’s had a nanny right there along side of her and the kids so it’s not like she is experiencing raising two little one’s under the age of 2 on her own. She has the help she needs to be able to get “a break”.

    Thirdly and most importantly I am not against the whole taking a break thing. What I am against and will never agree with is the fact that she has made Charlie Sheen out to be a monster. She has a restraining order against him and he can’t be with his own children unsupervised or overnight. IF things with him and Denise are so tenuous and strained then why in the hell would she fly half way around the world and leave her two little girls alone????? If Charlie is dangerous and has the capacity to harm his kids then if I were Denise the last thing on my mind would be leaving those little girls and trapsing off to chase dick. If my kids were in danger the last thing I would ever do is leave them alone and vulnerable.

    Yes I know that there were nannies and security guards and all that crap. But what about MOM? When your little one gets hurt and cries who do they want? They want MOM..well when Mom’s out acting like a groupie hooker on the other side of the world she can’t exactly be there to protect and nurture her little girls now can she.

    You don’t leave your kids to chase a man when your ex is so dangerous you can’t be within 100 yrds. of him. That makes her look like a liar. Her chasing Richie around makes her look just plain DESPERATE!

  4. Jennifer says

    Melissa I agree that mothers deserve a break but remember that most celeb moms have a nanny that help take care of their children. In the real world there are people like me who run a business out of my home caring for other children, take care of my daughter who is 4 months old and my husband works full time with overtime every day and also has his own lawn mowin business. I dont have help. I dont have a nanny, and I would not trade that for the world. I love that I can be here for my daughter. If I go on vacation I would want my daughter there with me unless it was a second honeymoon. I would never think I was perfect, nobody is……..we are all human. As for the fact that she is with her best friends man, it is our business since she is flaunting it and doesnt seem to mind that fact. If she wanted to date him and not be judged she should have been a little more discrete. Imaging what her children will think when they are older and might see these pictures.

  5. Melissa says

    Regardless of what she does in her personal life. Mothers do deserve breaks too. Going on a vacation does not make a person a “bad mother”. Everyone needs a lil down time. As for her stealing her best friend’s husband, that’s something between the two of them that they will have to work out on their own. I don’t think we have a right to judge anyone…remember the old biblical saying “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”? If your perfect, kudos to you, but if not…shhhhh.

  6. Farrah S. says

    I thought that Charlie was a jerk, but now Denise is the jerk and a goldiging whore, i mean she wants all his money so she can spend it on her new toy, i think that she stupid, i am not a big Heather fan but i wish her the best. Denise to me seems think that she will come out looking good, i mean what kind of friends goes after another friends husband, i hope people don’t hire anymore. well expect from 007 movie she has done nothing worth mentioning, she is a c-list celeb and now know lets hope she bocomes Z-list nobody.

  7. Jennifer says

    Leaving your child and being a hoe are two different things. Leaving your child behind is just ignorant, stupid, and self centered. Being a hoe is well………just plain trampy………….especially with your best friends man. I certainly do not give Katie kudos for leaving her baby. Both these women have more money than I will ever see in a lifetime………they can afford to hire their nanny to go out with them for activities. Shame on some of the women in hollywood who feel they are above others to take care of their own children. Kudos should go to women like Cindy Crawford, Debra Messing, and Reese Witherspoon!!!!!!

  8. Lisa says

    I couldn’t agree more. Who does she think she’s fooling? She is nothing but a self-centered tramp. And Sambora is such a fool because she will do to him what she has done to others. I feel sorry for their children. Sad excuses for parents-both of them.

  9. Maite says

    I have one word for Denise: KARMA. I’m sure her little girls will grow up and understand what a jerk their mom is. I pity her, going around the world embarresing herself…

  10. DD says

    I agree with Carleigh. She’s a poor excuse for a friend and needs to get home and take care of her children. And for Richie, you are a poor excuse of a man. You had it all going for you with your beautiful wife and daughter. One of these days you both will wake up and find out what a big mistake you have made. I use to think that Charlie was the big jerk but I’ve since changed my mind, it’s you Denise. For you Richie I think you are SCUM.

  11. Carleigh says

    She’s just going through her second teenhood…she’s like a little groupie chasing her “fave” band. She’s pathetic and any sympathy I once had for her and thought she really was a victim…not anymore. I can’t stand this woman and i think she is the WORST role model for mothers and she doesn’t know the meaning of the word friendship because she obviously has NO morals. Clean up your act Denise and get your ass back home to your kids where it belongs.

  12. Braydie says

    So she just leaves her girls to have a vacation with this ugly ass man … she really needs to tell him that mullets are out

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