Tom Cruise Denies That Katie Is Depressed

Here Tom and Katie were photographed at yet another of Connor’s baseball games yesterday in CA. Where is Suri? It seems a little strange that Katie is willing to spend so much time apart from her newborn baby…and just to go to a little league game. Why can’t Tom just go by himself. Any break from baby care and nursing should be Katie’s time to nap or go to the spa!

Tom, meanwhile is denying that Katie is depressed. Rumor has it that she has been very teary and down. Who knows, but that would be the ultimate irony if Tom was forced to deal with the very real reality of postpartum depression. I guess he’ll just give her vitamins and make her pray to whoever the Thetan god of scientology is.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. cherisse says

    Dreamer that was the meanest thing i read on this comment blog. How could you say that about someone you don’t know you don’t even really know about TomKat how would you feel if you found someone that you really liked had their child and everyone is denying you, making mean and desribing comment(hurtful), having no support at all even from the people you trust the most people on things about you, and people talking about you behind your back and not having the gusts to say it to your face and put a fake smile and pretend to be yiour friend? i suggest that you think about that and then you see how it feels to be Tom and Katie.

  2. dreamer says

    it was all a contract and the agreement was for her to carry his child if indeed this was concieved naturally….after wot nicole said he did have problems….but somehow the $$$ must have been a good amount to carry his child and have tons of spending money and taken care of, for life, good deal by any standard, but the stress and tension is begining to show, sooner or later all good things come to an end!!>>>>>>>>>>

  3. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    i also feel bad for katie cuz she’s always wearing flat shoes becuase of her dwarf husband!!!!!!!
    well i also think she’s stupid for marrying him in the beggining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elle says

    FYI . . . This Photo is part of a video on and if you ever wondered how controlling Tom really is . . . Watch the video clip. He went into the public restroom with Katie, you know nothing but a sink and toilet bathroom! This photo was taking a few minutes later upon their coming out of the bathroom. Granted, it is pretty bad that they cannot even go to the bathroom without being followed or photographed . . . However, Poor Katie! She cannot even go to the bathroom without Tom watching! Now that’s controlling! Was he afraid there was a window in there and she would escape? Just watch the video, I couldn’t believe it! What is she, 4 years old? To be so Controlling, he is so Out of Control. There is no longer “TomKat”, it’s just “TomTom” now!

  5. tanya says


  6. stacy says

    I think Tom needs to get a grip on being a father. Don’t you think his kids are embarassed at having TomKat at every game. Bad enough he’s obnoxious as he is, but to have their father’s depressed girlfriend dragged along too must really bother those kids. What is he trying to proove. I’m sure his kids respect Nicole a lot more than their father. If you ask me he’s trying to hide his abusiveness. What’s the big deal if he and the press has to be at every game alone, is he that insecure. Give Katie a chance to bond wth Suri alone, without his control. That poor baby.

  7. Jodi says

    I think Katie should get out now. Tom was so wrong in taking over her life, Katie you are a young girl and you should stand up for what you belive in. Good luck!

  8. Braydie says

    maybe tom thinks if he drags her out away from her newborn she wont get PPD, or maybe if he pumps her so full of “vitamins” she wont even notice she had a baby

  9. Kelley says

    I can’t leave them alone. They are every where! That said, we see them at his kids games all the time, but where the hell is their mother? He goes to “meet” them at the games, and you never see Nicole in any of these pictures which leaves me to believe these children are being raised by nannies. I am a mother of a 6 month old and I hardly ever leave him. I do not feel smothered or depressed. I think that Tom must feel that he has to get Katie out of the house, but the poor girl never got to recoop for crying out loud.

  10. Nikki says

    I’ve always gotten the impression that Tom ‘drags’ her around to these freak’n games; now, that may just be the way it’s portrayed. And, nothing against anyone as everyone’s different, when my son was that young I hardly ever left him – I simply didn’t want to. Tom’s antics/statements in the past year or so have just really left a bad taste in my mouth and since they’ve been a couple it seems that Katie is sad and submissive and he seems controlling. Obviously I don’t know them and this is JMO.

  11. Tia says

    OMG why don’t you give these two a break? I’m a new mother myself and I think its great Katie is out and about that just proves she doesn’t have PPD. when I had my first child four years a go I had PPD and I did not go out at all for 3 months, I hated my body all I wore was my husband’s clothes, I looked miserable all the time, I didn’t smile and I was hiding myself in my room most of the time. I think with all the gossip surrounding these two it will just make their love strong.

  12. hellen says

    I saw pics of them taken at the game at and they look very happy and it looks like Katie had bonded with Tom’s kids. There is one pic of her when she is giving Tom’s daughter a hug its very sweet.

  13. Hana says

    Tom never said there is no PPD. He said there is a better way dealing with it than drugs and GOD forbid if Katie has it they will deal with it their way and not Brook’s way so what is the big deal.
    P.S its nice to see them out and about.

  14. Holly says

    Please people leave them alone!!! They look happy and give them a chance, let them prove us right or wrong. Its very funny how when Tom goes out by himself the media starts going on how he left her at home by herself, when he does take her out they say why is she out and When we don’t see them the media makes up stories how Katie left Tom to go to Ohio so the guy can’t win. I hope they go all private from now on for the sake of there relationship. I heard Katie is looking for parts to play so they will be back to business after their wedding. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  15. kim says

    i agree; although i would never wish it on any woman; it would serve tom right if he had to deal with post pardum depression; after all he seems to think hes the man who has the answers for EVERYTHING…

  16. Carleigh says

    It would be a funny twist of fate if Katie actually did have PPD and Tom had NO other choice but to accept it and the proper scientific methods of treatment. I hope she doesn’t though because I have had it before with the birth of my eldest daughter and it was HELL on earth and took me 4 months of intensive therapy and treatment with antidepressants to overcome it. Oh well at least Katie has still has the option to use RETAIL THERAPY…LMAO

  17. Cass says

    Katie has always gone to both the baseball and football games that tom’s kids are team members of, even when she was heavily pregnant. It’s nice to see them out and about, they are such a cute family. It is not like they are going on holiday without little Suri. The game only lasts a couple of hours, so how can you say that she keeps leaving the baby behind. At least she hasn’t got a manny like Britney Spears who takes Sean Preston everywhere and nearly drops him!! It just shows you that not only is katie such a good mum to Suri but also a great and supportive step mum to Connor and Isabella. Leave them alone guys, and let them be happy rather than criticising all the time!!

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