Britney Struts Her Bump With Manny In Malibu

Britney was snapped leaving Starbucks in Malibu yesterday. She is 21 weeks along in her pregnancy. She looks very youthful and definitely won’t be accused of being a frumpy pregnant woman! The shoes look a bit precariously high, so hopefully her manny is ready to catch her if she loses her balance. I wish I had had the guts to dress like Britney when I was pregnant! My look was decidedly frumpier!

UPDATE: The man seen here is not Britney’s manny. He is actually a music producer named Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem. He works with folks like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and 50 Cent. He is the son of Israeli immigrants and was born in South Africa. Interesting.
Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant



  1. braydie says

    Im not going to say any names but no i dont have to make myself look better i do have awsome tits for having a baby. jealous??? 🙂

  2. carleigh says

    I’ve seen her look better and I’ve seen her look worse. She can’t win either way so who cares. We still bash her when she looks good she looks like a “hooker” and when she trots around wearing sloppy hats, oversized t-shirts and baggy pants she get’s criticized for looking “fat, trashy,” etc., etc.

    FYI I am noticing that she is dressing up more and at least trying to make herself feel better. You know the old saying about forcing yourself to smile and you will feel better inside. Maybe she’s just trying to make herself feel better about her life and herself by snazzing herself up a bit.

    The shoes are a bit much for a preggo though, I look at them and I see “ankle sprain” written all over them. But she has that cute little manny guy behind her and he looks quite capable of “catching” her if she takes a nose dive again!

    Also lastly to the women (no names either) who seem to enjoy making themselves sound better than what they are…we don’t believe you anyway so get a clue and a life. Peace.

  3. cj says

    first of all shes dressed fine the shoes are a bit much being that she preggo and all but as for looking like a hooker no. i think she looks great. have you seen some of the stuff she used to wear thats very pretty. strutt your stuff girl

  4. Sandey says

    Don’t look sagging to me. You wish your looked that good, I wish mine looked that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sandey says

    Sooooooooooooooooooo, she is a grown woman who has a mind of her own, just like each of you who feels the right to bad mouth her. Why do you care so much????? Are you so resentful because you have no life and want to live hers? Grow up and give her-her American freedom rights Dubya is so busy preaching about freedom and sending Amnericans to their death for freedom?????. For gods sake american’s are dieing to protect your freedoms, and even Britney’s. Get a life and free her to be her, go step on your own scale and look in your mirror I’ll bet big $$$$ you see worse than your complaining about.

  6. daya says

    the dress yea it looks sloppy but shes got great legs and those shoes look amazing on her and we’re gunna have to keep an eye on that Mr Jonathan Rotem

  7. lulu says

    First of all she needs to get a bra on cause they sagg’n and look’n NASTY! she keeps pullin on the top in the pics & that dress is way to short for those THUNDERTHIGHS!!!! the shoes are cute though but not for her clumbsy butt last week she couldnt even hold her son and walk with flip flops on DUH

  8. victoria says


  9. Jennifer says

    Ok so the shoes are a little much but if I could look that good in a dress ever…let alone pregnant than I say wear it! So what if it is a little hookerish, that is just brit! So when will she dump Kevin for this guy she is with ……………hellooooooo so much cuter and do you see him checkin her out?

  10. Kinya Shakur says

    Why can’t we all just get along?! Being pregant is very trying on the body and mind. If she feels good, then that’s all that really matters – not just for her sake but for the baby’s. A stressed out depressed mom who doesn’t feel good about herself and her pregnancy weight is never a good thing, and she looks like she’s enjoying it. I say let her be.

  11. Nicole says

    FIRST she isn’t lookng good enough, now she is looking to good, she is pregnant , I bet all of you ugly women looked like HOGS when you were prego.

  12. says

    I think she might be going through that stage in pregancy where you feel fat and ugly, so maybe she is just trying to lift her spirit like only Britt can….

  13. brashgirl says

    seeing her wear those shoes makes me so nervous…and that dress looks uncomfortably sloppy on her…but if she feels good then that’s all that matters. hopefully kevin is home with the baby….oh nevermind, he’s probably out spending her money.

  14. TOpher HOrn says

    she looks great
    let her be
    u know shes hot too
    i got a hat i made for her off my clothing line
    im gonna get it to her

  15. TOpher HOrn says

    britney looks so hot!! dont know what all u jealous people are talking about…
    ive got the hottest hat that i made her personally!!

    im gonna get it to her!!

  16. dzt66 says

    Huh? Who is “her manny.” I have seen several comments on this thread about a manny but I don’t understand it. Please someone enlighten me!

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