1. sarah says

    omg all of the babies are really cute! they should have a pic of tom cruise and katie holmes daughter her names suri cruise shes super cuteee as well!!!! i could never pick between these babies <3

  2. Jewel says

    I can’t just pick one, I have to vote for all the babies in the world. They are all so adorable. I just love seeing little babies, and totally adore them all. As well as my own!

  3. Jennifer says

    Dr.BeeMD, you are right, they are All beautiful even though I favor baby violet. But I have to say all babies have a special quality that attracts people of all ages to them

  4. kelly says

    so far reece witherspoon kids are beautiful im not lesbian or any thing but they definately take after there mother lol x x x

  5. Jennifer says

    I have to say that Violet wins! We were thinking of that name for our daughter but you guessed it we named her Angelina……… Ironic.

  6. Amy & Natalie says

    all of them are too cute for words.Violet is a true beauty! geri and bluebell are beautiful too.all the mums look fabulous like they always have done! only thing is britney needs to take more care of little Sean preston!

  7. Kinya Shakur says

    I agree with you Linda. They are all winners! Babies are pure/innocent and from the inside is where true beauty lies. How can any of them be anything but beautiful in their own way.

  8. Linda says

    Sean. You can’t get cuter than that. Apple’s getting prettier every time I see her pic. And Brooke,s girls are going to be magnificent. I think they are all winners.

  9. jay says

    does anyone seen any pic’s of tomkitten’s baby suri yet.. I can hardly wait to see her. any web site sneak peaks anywhere.

    just curious:)

  10. elissa says

    i think baby sean is cutest and then vilote in a close second. but whats up with the pics of tom an katies baby??? moses aint the cutest nor is apple… but kate is beautyful and i think her kids will be too when they get older!!

  11. Aneliese says

    I’ve gotta say little Sean is gorgeous… he looks just like my little boy 🙂 (hes just 2 weeks younger than my boy)

  12. Kyrsten says

    your right elaine , brittany has been given a hard time and i think that sean totally wins!! although, braydie made a good point!! uh oh, now i am confused!!!!!!

  13. Elaine says

    Britney spears baby is just gorgeous. She may have done a few silly things in her time but she’s young and was so upset after that incident where she tripped. She has been given a very hard time. Sean is just beautiful and I wish her the very best of luck with her pregnancy too. Her husband I could take or leave but once she has the love of her family and she loves her children, she’ll do ok. Ben & Jen look wondorful though, he’s a fabulous looking girl, child just so cute.

  14. tonya says

    Violet is the cutest thing! And her parents loved her enough to give her a nice sensible normal name.

  15. Braydie says

    your right anna …violet is gonna be as pretty as her mother when she grows up, I hope jen and ben keep it together for her

  16. says

    Jen, Ben & Violet HANDS DOWN!!!!
    They are the cutest family and they come with NO DRAMA just happy to be together, I wish them all the best!!!


  1. reece’s…

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

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