Thandie Newton & Daughter Nico

Thandie Newton is gorgeous and her daughter is a little blonde version of her! Cute!
When I look in the mirror, I see her,” Thandi Newton has said of 17-month-old Nico (in L.A. May 21). “I appreciate my features so much more than I used to.”

Thandie Newton



  1. Kinya Shakur says

    Some of us are blessed with the thin gene. She and her beautiful baby look great! My daughter is 16 months and I’m just now getting my stomach back with the help of a local gym.

  2. Nikki says

    The kid’s cute… Mama Skel-a-tor (aka Thandie) needs to eat a bucket of chicken though before that chubby little baby snaps her brittle bones! JMO…

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