Brad Says Birth of Baby Brangelina is Imminent!

Brad was unable to make it to the screening of his film Babel at the Cannes Film Festival. Brad, 42, sent his regards via email: “With the imminent arrival of the newest addition to our family, I am unable to join Alejandro, Cate, Gael and the rest of the cast and crew introducing the film. I am tremendously proud of Babel and want to congratulate everyone involved for this great achievement.” Oh boy! Looks like any day now! Love and blessings!
Is it just me, or does Brad look 28, not 42? He just looks so good for 42!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie



  1. Braydie says

    Im glad jen and brad broke up too bad it had to happen the way it did…i just seen the photos of jen and vince in entertainment magizine at the dentist today and DAMN he looks good, hes one hot man in those pics and she looks great and happy ….im so done being a hater with angelina and brad…even though i hate them but seein jen happy like that…….and with someone so much hotter then brad pitt, makes me soften a bit:P

  2. Patricia Spell says

    I am soo sory about my last comment i thought this was tom and katies web sit. yall baby will be pretty to dont worry yall are are beautifull.

  3. VICKI says

    I am so proud of Angelina and Brad. They chose to temporarily leave the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and bring awareness to these underdeveloped countries. Angelina will be appreciated in years to come for all she has done. I personally compare her to Princess Diana, and how she loved the poor. Angelina not only loves them, but chose to make them her family. I’m African American and I wish Americans would stop the negative comments and see the big picture, and that is how they are reaching out to children in other countries, and how beautiful they all are! The children are adorable, I wish her and her family the best.

  4. lisa says

    I see someone has beaten me to it, but it is outrageous that he is wearing a kid on a back pack, and on top of it, neither of them are wearing helmets!!
    the children’s aid should be on this recipe for disaster.

  5. Shenia-Lynn Weese says

    Who am I to say something of two people who take on children of other lives and to have one of thier own to just share that love they have ,that all can see is so strong..the children look happy and so do they, so I wish them and their children all the best and God Bless them all….And as for me to point the finger who am I to say anything about thier lives , before I look at my own… well from my family to theirs God Bless You All………..The Weese family.

  6. Melissa says

    Why don’t we see this picture all over the news with outrage? Brad is riding a bike with zahara in a backpack (not even a real bike baby carrier) with NO HELMET! If this were Brittney, the authorities would be at her door. So unfair.

  7. ciara says

    Actually, I think he looks worse and older every time I see him. Honestly, the one satisfaction Aniston has is he looked his best with her, he peaked during their marriage. Its all down hill from here!

  8. hana says

    Who do they think they are? I used to love angelina before not anymore though and I’m with you I’m not going to see any of their movies again that includes Mr & Mrs Smith.

  9. Josh says

    No matter what angelina thinks Kay, her baby will still be a american even if its born in africa…and your right neither of them care until they need to make money…im totally with you on that! and im boycoting there sorry ass’es also.

  10. kay says

    I also think that it’s annoying that the US isn’t private or sophisticated enough for them to have their child, but you better believe, the next time they want to make some money, they will be back in the US smiling for our dollars. I haven’t seen a movie of theirs since the adultery news broke and, I don’t care if it’s the best movie of all time, I will not see another, ever again.
    They make me sick.

  11. kay says

    I, for my part, think the whole thing is weird and sad. Maddox was in a pre-school in CA and they have just taken him away from kids his own age to spend months on end without socialization. I think it’s just plain weird and it doesn’t seem to me that they have their children’s best interest at heart. It’s one thing to want to protect your family from the glaring lens and another to turn them into hermits.

  12. Nicki says

    Wow! Your right, he does look incredible, and sooooo happy. (If he wasn’t happy being a daddy he wouldn’t be out bike riding with his kids or doing any of the rest of daddy things he does.) That is just the cutest family picture.
    I can’t hardly wait until the newest baby arrives. Such a loving and happy family, every child should be so lucky.
    Maddox with his training wheels and helmet on, and little Zahara strapped into her child saftey papouse. Look at the metal bars on the sides, in case of a (side)fall, and the extra padding in the back for any other mishaps.
    My best freind in Arizona had one of those for her precious baby boy and she said it was the best thing and felt safe and secure having him right against him.
    All the best to this family and the newest one coming very soon, very, very soon. Love is so beautiful when it comes from the heart. Best wishes to all of them.

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