Britney & Sean Comforting Eachother

I know…not ANOTHER Britney post, but this picture just shows that little Sean loves his mommy and that she loves him. Through all the madness that is all that matters.

Britney Spears Pregnant



  1. daya says

    i think britneys a great mom yea shes made a few mistakes but i mean who hasnt no? i think the paparazzi need to relax like shes just out with her child leave her alone. yea her clothes lol she can wear what she wants but maybe she should stay away from those wedges. of course shes not gunna look glamourus everyday duh she doesnt exactly have time when sean is only like what 8 months?! c’mon people just leave her alone. i really hope the best for britney im happy for her but i think she should just leave kevin like there really isnt any point in being with him yea she said on her show they have great sex but thats not what a relationship should be based on….. we’ll see what happens

  2. maryann says

    OMG Britney you can dress anyway you want because you have an AWSOME body,
    Don’t feel so bad about everything that has gone on you’r an phinominal person.
    Love you tons
    Your fan :maryann anderson

  3. Alicia says

    She may be a first time mom, and yes we all make mistakes but, truth is is that in a couple of months she is going to be having another baby So she better smartin up! The whole car seat thing just makes me mad! It may not be a law in California but, in a lot of states it is! So odviously facing backwards is the safest place for a baby to be! I have an 8 month old and there is NO way that I would have put his like in danger like that! And second of all Sean needs to have those strapes tightend!! If she would have gotten in an accident she would have lost her son! She needs to be smart and think about things before she goes and does them!

  4. Sonya says

    Keep your head up Brit. You love your son and you’re doing your best. Ignore the media, they obviously don’t have kids! Love and light!

  5. Nicki says

    She might not have tripped if her pants weren’t too long. And the poor baby wouldn’t have almost falling head first onto the cement if she held him with both arms and didn’t have that stupid glass in her hand. She didn’t even drop that as he was going towards the ground.
    It’s not about hating her, its about her judgment or lack of.
    For example the get up she has on. It is a halter top, with no back, not a t-shirt, so why the stupid bra?
    Of course she loves her baby, you can see that.
    He might be over 20lbs, but you are still suppose to have the shoulder staps on in the car seat. So again it is not about hating Brit.

  6. kay says

    Must say that I think Britney is a good mom, because she always has her son with her…not hid away with some nanny somewhere. Love you, Britney–ignore the haters.

  7. Nikki P says

    I just feel bad for her. I have a 14 month old son and I know that you can try your hardest but accidents are gonna happen here and there, it’s a reality of raising kids. I couldn’t imagine having one that young, being preggo again, having the “husband” that she does, plus ppl. swarming you everytime you go out in public! I suppose you could just stay home but that’s not very healthy either. I think the paparazzi should be required to be ‘x’ amount of feet away from their subjects – who knows, she may not have tripped if she wasn’t rushing and had more space to get in her car and I can’t even imagine what little Sean Preston must think about all these strangers around him and the camera flashes…I could go on but I won’t.

  8. Felecia says

    Poor Britney. She really needs a break. She loves her son so much and will be a good mother to the new baby coming as well. All new moms make mistakes, and personally her tripping has nothing to do with her mothering capabilities. That could happen and has happened to lots of people! The only incident that is directly her fault was the driving with Sean in her lap. She has learned her lesson! Him falling from the high chair was the Nanny’s fault and she was out at the time. I sure she was as horrified as us all! As for him being forward facing in the car, there is no law against it and Sean is over 20 lbs. I hope the media will ease up on her. It’s hard enough being pregnant and having a young baby let alone papparazi stalking her wherever she goes!

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