Jennifer Lopez Confirms Pregnancy!

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed her pregnancy!

Great quote from someone in the blogosphere:

“I hope she realizes her ass is going to grow to gargantuan proportions. My discreet little white girls ass turned into a delectable booTAY, so I can only imagine what hers will do. Enjoy!”

Jennifer Lopez Pregnant




    Jennifer,we love you very much.and we love Mark too.You have good hart Thats why God help you so much.He all ways take you from glory toglory to glory.Mark you are good too. WE love you Julia

  2. Trailor park hater says

    Too all the people leaving negative comments about her ass u’re obviously envious or it wouldnt bother you. Pancake asses are not attractive to everyone either. Big asses are just as nice ass big breasts but since a nicejuicy ass is not natural to you, you choose to degrade them. Don’t hate because you are not blessed with that asset I’m sure there is something nice about you.

  3. Lynn says

    With all of the MEN Jennifer Lopez has had sex with – boyfriends, fiancees, husbands – why can’t this woman get pregnant!?! She is constantly bragging about her body being the greatest one in the world – so why aren’t her overies performing? What kind of health problems does this woman have? I would rather have a healthy body than one that looks like hers anyday!

  4. Cassie says

    Jennifer congrats i have loved you ever since you were in the movie Selena you were great I wish you and marc anthony the best o yea my mom loves you and thinks marc anthony is drop dead gorgous so your man is wanted but you’ve got him so be happy and I would love to meet you and sing for you since that is what I want to be a singer just like you and marc and most likel;y your baby lots of love wish you the best forever .

  5. GG says

    I can not believe how petty you people can be!!!! Honestly, we have our soilders in a wartorn country fighting for our freedom and families struggling with the loss of their loved ones and your addressing the fact that Lopaz could actually have a fat ass! Honestly, get a life, leave hers alone.

  6. says

    Check it out.I’ ve been following lopez since her in living color days.She’s no angel believe me.Jumping from man,to man,to man,to man,to man,to man,andman to man.It messed her body up,and plus she loved the money those guys,or some of those guys were dishing out.She was’nt ready for no babies.I wish her luck.Hopfully her body can hold a baby knowing what it’s been through.

  7. cathy says

    omg!! why the hell is everyone being so damn negative? Honestly what did Jennifer Lopez ever do to you? She’s just trying to be happy and have what just about every girl wants, “a family” . If she’s pregnant that’s great for her, if not then she will keep trying! And of course she loves marc anthony! Marrying him to her, was like marrying your high school sweet heart!! They go way back!! If you don’t like Jennifer Lopez then don’t click on her name!! duh! I hope you get everything you want Jennifer!! : )

  8. KARLii says

    i hate ho weverybody on this site is so harsh…!!!… like seriously do yooh guys have no lives that yooh’d actually diss Jenn.Lopez???WOW yooh guys must not have any lives…seriously get one….

  9. tia says

    omg i didnt believe it and im not going to believe it until she comes out and says it but she shouled keep it to herself .if the rumors are true. if they are congrats j-lo

  10. Shayla Rae says

    all the food she eats for the baby will probably go to her ass and the baby will starve and die. its sad but true lol

  11. Evangelina says

    Jennifer Lopez is a serial dater. She was engaged to Ben, then he leaves her for Jennifer Gardner. She bounces back to Marc Anthony like a week after the world finds out about the Bennifer split. She can’t handle being alone, it’s too much. She’s used to having guys run after her for a date, and she would immediately deem them her boyfriend. Now that Hollywoods’ spotlight is on Brangelina and the forever provoking ‘Where’s Suri?’ mystery, she needs to get back into the spotlight. The marrige was a publicity stunt and the pregnancy is too, anything to get her name in the tabloids.
    But what a time to become pregnant when the Hollywood baby boom has just ended. Unless you had a baby in the Hollywood baby boom era, your pregnancy is flying under the radar. Or in other words, nobody cares or if someone does care, it’s either family or fans of hers. I mean, I care, just not enough to buy a magizine on it. She has been out of the spotlight for too long, people have forgotten about her and with Ben in Virgina with Jennifer Gardner and Violet, her social status has gone down.
    Because when some people see Ben, they think, “Oh, Bennifer what an illfated marrige.” then they think of Jennifer Lopez. Now when people see Ben, they think, “Where’s Violet? “, “How’s Violet” or “Where is Jennifer?” Yada-yada-ya. I mean Jennifer Lopez has to do something big to get back on top and she always wanted kids.
    (Maybe not with Marc, but reguardless, she wanted kids. Now that Ben has a daughter, she has to challenge that. Like Jennifer Aniston will do eventually to Brad. She has to challenge him make it seem like she has the better life and right now, Brangelina and Bennifer2 are winning. The sad, sad politics of Hollywood.)

  12. Braydie says

    she isnt pregnant. they went to this parade thing and i seen in a tv interview she said she wasnt yet, it was on a spanish channal.

  13. carleigh says

    I haven’t heard any more info about this situation..has anyone else heard it confirmed? I heard it denied by her publicist but ya all know what that means in Hollywood…no comment means nothing.

  14. youdon'tneedtoknow says

    i cant believe jen wants to have a baby with that UGLY GOAT! i bet she doesn’t even love him, he’s just the rebound guy cuz she got dumped by ben affleck!!!! but i like her! i just hate her ugly “husband”.

  15. Lisa says

    Having a baby on the way is an old habit for Marc Anthony. Didn’t he leave his wife for J Lo???

  16. Kati says

    Too the comment about her ass getting massive my sister has an ass like jlos and it didnt get that big

  17. Bird says

    You seem to really hate her and this is the second rude comment I have read about her body type on this site. Think about all of the folks who read your site who have big butts, and who feel hurt at your mean words.

  18. ROXIE says



  19. Jo-Anne Baker says

    I wish tou and your hubby all the happiness in the world when your bundle of joy arrives. you both will be in awe that you created this new life.


  20. Amanda says

    I didn’t even know that there was a pregnancy rumor going around. I bet she’s super excited, they’ve been talking about her and Anthony having babies for ever.

  21. Nicki says

    Congratulations to her. She has wanted to have a baby for like ever. I’m happy for her! Don’t worry about those roots girl, most of us have them. Just have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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