Britney's New Manny In Action As She Almost Drops Sean

That’s scary. Poor Britney. This must have shook her up pretty good. Keeping such a busy schedule, caring for a little baby and being pregnant…yikes! Her new manny really sprung into action! She was leaving a New York City hotel with a drink in one hand while holding Sean and was swarmed by a crowd of onlookers.

Britney says, “This is why I need a gun.” Uh oh! Better keep that gun away from crazy K-Fed!
Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant


Britney posted this heartfelt poem to her website after the incident and then removed it, but you can read it here..

Britney Spears Pregnant


  1. mershswife says

    OK, I am more than sick of hearing “baby or cup…which would you choose”. When you are in a situation like that the cup is the LAST thing on your mind so honestly excuse her for not setting the cup down on the sidewalk before trying to catch her balance because we all know regardless of how it happened you all have something to say about it. She is a human being…we are here to mess up, that is what we do, give the girl a break!

  2. kinny says

    that poem is so sad. I feel bad for her. she has made some moronic mistakes these past years. Now it seems she has seen them. I hope those kids will be safe.

  3. says

    I wouldn’t let him either, I was just saying instead of drinking and smoking maybe he should take the time to “see to things” he is the most useless person I have yet to read about!!! Your right though Nicki what a joke!! 🙂

  4. Nicki says

    Come on Anna would you let K-jerk put your baby in a car seat? He does have other kids, but I wouldn’t let him touch them,lol.

  5. says

    Mistakes I understand….parents make mistakes about choice in school for example..but not using or knowing how to use a carseat come on we are in 2006 not in the 1900’s. We are constantly educated about car safety especially for our kids. There is no excuse for that, I was 18 when I had our first daughter and come on, I took the car to the police station beforeI had her because I was unsure, and had then install and show me how to do it. You tell me somebody with her fame and “connections” can’t even get a carseat put in and learn how to use it properly?? Come on!!! There are always resources open to people especially celebs. Maybe Kevin should put down his beer and ciggies and put it in the car himself he does have other kids does he not??
    It makes me sick!!!! And ya know what nothing will ever happen to her. Must be nice to be famous, you can get away with everything.

  6. Nicki says

    Yeah, but if you had a glass in one had and your baby was about to fall on his head on cement, wouldn’t you have dropped the glass and used both hands for the baby?
    I don’t know any mother personally who wouldn’t die for thier child. I also don’t know any who wouldn’t have dropped the stupid gass and used both arms to protect him.
    I hope it is true that she is thinking of divorcing her dead beat husband. I think then she can think better and not be distracted and concentrate on her adorable baby.

  7. Tiffani says

    Look, everyone makes mistakes when it comes to being a parent. Why don’t all of yall worry about your own kids and your own lives and let her worry about hers. There are some very rude people on here. I am also a mother of two children very close in age, and believe me, mistakes happen. Just because she is a celebrity does not mean that everyone has to be all over her. I want one person to tell me that their child has never fallen before.

  8. Nicki says

    Makes you wonder if they “nanny” really did do the mistake with the highchair, or if it was just an excuse and she paid nanny off. If you look at the pictures, noone but “her people” are very close to her. I mean she is use to idiots taking her picture whenever she goes out.
    Just very sad the glass was held onto tightly and not the baby.
    I think Sean Preston is a very cute baby, I just hope she does take Parenting 101. Please.
    Anna did you see him the other day in the back seat of her convetiable car, front facing in,( give her some credit, for being in his car seat)
    but it was front facing, folded in half? ( meaning he fell asleep without his shoulder straps on?) She needs to kick her dead butt husband out the door and pay attention to her kid(kids, soon). JMO

  9. says

    That just made me GASP….. Omg these people need to back off a bit, and she should really take a PARENTINGCLASS OR TWO, you would think with all her money she would have somebody even her mother to teach her these things…Cup or Baby?? HELLO!!!!!!

  10. Nicki says

    Thank god she has that new bodygaurd. I don’t think he is a nanny, if he was a nanny he would have helped support his head and neck, not his leg and butt.
    On TMZ you can see the glass she was holding, and still holding when he almost was dropped, she still had it in her hand when he was upright. Most anyone would have dropped the stupid glass to protect the baby.
    I’m not sure about her. Maybe she should get the baby carrier Angelina used for Zahara, or even a cheap umbrella stroller.
    I know it is tough being a first time mom, but come on you usually catch on before the kid is 8 months old.

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