Britney & Sean On May 16th: Too Adorable!

Britney and Sean were spotted out on May 16th and they both look so sweet. She looks lovely and Sean is just too cute of a bundle! Britney was also snapped out and about on her own that same day.

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant



  1. mershswife says

    OMG Karen, get over yourself honestly…it’s people like you who call DFS just because your neighbors kids bedroom light is on past 8:00 pm on a school night.

  2. Lulu says

    Um…should she not be putting a hat on his beautiful head?? Makes you wonder if he’s got sunscreen on?? To Karen, When I was a new mother, my poor son kept hitting himself everywhere, but it was my fault because I wasn’t used to babies…I hadn’t even held a baby before I had mine. So I can understand a few mishaps. But my god, everything happens to her when cameras are around. They catch all the bad stuff. Poor Brit.

  3. Nicki says

    I think she is a little careless too. I believe she loves her baby.
    I just think some of her distracion is that loser of a husband. I wish she would kick him to the curb and concentrate on her children. He has done nothing but brought her misery.

  4. karen says

    Ok shes 2 , not 8 months old big difference…and i dont believe they have cats just dogs..i have a 8 month old and i can tell ya there are no marks on my child nor have i had any “accidents”..maybe it was a accident who knows …but i think she is careless.and god help her when she has this other one

  5. Nicki says

    To be fair Karen, I do remember my best friends little girl over my house one day, she was 2 and we had, still have , cats. They had toys and she wanted to play with one, I said ok. She said no I have to ask Moobie, the cat, if I can play with it. So I went into the room with her while she did the polite thing to do. I was between her and the cat, no problem, lol. She danced the toy, remember she is 2, in front of Moobie and asked ever so polietly if it would be alright if she could play with her toy for a minute because she, the cat, wasn’t playing with it them.
    Well in that 10 seconds she ended up with 2 claw scratches right down her cheek. She didn’t cry, she just said “I guess Moobie says NO”. I was so impressed, still am and that kid is now graduating High School next week and is the smartest and most understanding kid I know.

  6. karen says

    see the mark on his leg? hes 8 months old……………….. how does a 8 month old get hurt so much?

  7. Nicki says

    The baby is so cute.
    I hope she didn’t try to let him ride that bike in the last picture and thats why it fell, lol. (Just a joke folks.)

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