Denise and Charlie's Children's Clothing Knockdown!

Denise Richards has launched another blow at estranged husband Charlie Sheen – by developing a kid’s clothing line one month after he debuted his own collection of kidswear. The couple, who are in the middle of a bitter divorce battle, are now taking their fight to US shopping malls where their clothing ranges will compete in the lucrative children’s market. Sheen launched Sheen Kidz last month, a range of clothing for girls, while Richards has announced she is launching her own Kidtoure line this summer. The range will feature novelty t-shirts with applique designs for girls up to the age of 10 and will be carried in posh US department stores such as Barney’s New York. The estranged couple have two daughters, Sam, two, and Lola, 11 months, who have already been seen wearing tie-dyed t-shirts from Richards’ collection.


Hmmmm… Denise developing and selling a line of children’s clothes makes some sense, but Charlie Sheen(lover of drugs, hookers and porn) making a line of children’s clothing for little girls? That is truly bizarre! I hope Denise’s line of clothing wins!

The weirdness never ends!

Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards



  1. Stacy says

    Denise thinks this is cute and it isn’t. It’s sickening, her and Charlie were a match made in heaven. Who would do that to their best friend? Heather has so much more class and I hate to say it, is much prettier.

  2. karen says

    well i have never liked either of them but if i had to choose a side….i wouldnt go with the one that spent more then i make a year on hookers and drugs

  3. Carleigh says

    I am sick of Denise Richards yes she is pretty whatever..but the girl needs to clean herself up and stop making such a public spectacle out of herself. I would NEVER for one date a friend’s ex, that’s just trashy and low and then to be photographed drinking, kissing and wrapped all over each other that’s just bad taste. Both Richie and Denise should have had some common sense as to how bad it would look to be photographed like that in that position of course it would be blown up and scandalous. She’s stupid and if she really thinks that Charlie is a bad role model then she needs to take a look in her own mirror because she’s not exactly a “model” mother either. Cavorting around with someone so soon after her marital break up is just bad taste and tacky, tacky, tacky..and if she’s willing to put herself out there as a spectacle for everyone to see..wonder how she is in PRIVATE? Stupid woman.

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