The 10 Coolest Baby Names For Boys & Girls!

Baby Names

This fun list was released by! It certainly differs from the actual top 10 names given to babies born in 2005!


• 1. Amelie: Origin: French. Meaning: Industrious, striving. Why it’s cool: The 2002 movie staring big-eyed beauty Audrey Tautou is still très chic.

• 2. Dahlia: Origin: Norse. Meaning: From the valley. Why it’s cool: It sounds old and new at the same time, and as flower names go, it’s fresher than Iris, Rose and Daisy.

• 3. Fiona: Origin: Irish, Gaelic. Meaning: Fair. Why it’s cool: Delicate for a girl, mysterious for a woman.

• 4. Gianna: Origin: Italian. Meaning: God is gracious. Why it’s cool: No girl could be plain with this striking Italian version of Jane.

• 5. Jozy: Origin: English. Meaning: May God give increase. Why it’s cool: Unique without being too out there, Jozy is easy to remember and spell with its jaunty “z.”

• 6. June: Origin: Latin. Meaning: Young. Why it’s cool: Reese Witherspoon’s tough and talented June Carter Cash might just inspire a few moms to bring this one back.

• 7. Maarit: Origin: Finnish. Meaning: Pearl. Why it’s cool: Call it the IKEA effect, but suddenly Scandinavian names are sounding bright and modern to us.

• 8. Mae: Origin: English. Meaning: The fifth month, named after Maia, the Roman Earth Goddess. Why it’s cool: Short, sweet and simple – a classic.

• 9. Shanti: Origin: Hindi. Meaning: Peaceful. Why it’s cool: There’s something very 2006 about giving “peace” a chance, and yoga-practicing moms may recognize the word from class.

• 10. Talise: Origin: American Indian. Meaning: Beautiful water. Why it’s cool: Exotic and musical, soprano Talise Trevigne shares this lovely name, as does the language of the Solomon Islands.


• 1. Emerson: Origin: English. Meaning: Surname; son of Emery. Why it’s cool: Ralph Waldo Emerson, the transcendentalist philosopher and author, brings beauty and strength to this name.

• 2. Gabriel: Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: God is my strength. Why it’s cool: Distinct and sophisticated, Gabriel is a strong, traditional name with roots in the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths.

• 3. Heath: Origin: English. Meaning: An open area of land covered by heather or the heather itself. Why it’s cool: Actor Heath Ledger had a breakout role in Brokeback Mountain. Admiring moms might be drawn to his English name.

• 4. Henry: Origin: German. Meaning: Rules his household. Why it’s cool: A classic name, it’s hot but not overused. Though a handsome formal name, Henry brings fun nicknames for little leaguers such as Harry and Hank.

• 5. Ian: Origin: Scottish. Meaning: God has been gracious. Why it’s cool: A bold variant of the traditional John, Ian is charming and strong. With only three letters, Ian may be a smart choice for a little guy with a long last name.

• 6. Leander: Origin: Greek. Meaning: Lion-Man. Why it’s cool: The mythological tale of Hero and Leander is one of the most spellbinding and romantic stories in all of literature.

• 7. Malcolm: Origin: Scottish, Gaelic. Meaning: Servant of Saint Columba; a royal name in Scotland. Why it’s cool: Now that best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell’s found his way onto everyone’s bookshelves and TV series Malcolm in the Middle completes its seven-season run, we’re betting little Malcolms may soon wind up in many cribs.

• 8. Olivier: Origin: French. Meaning: Peaceful or the olive tree, which symbolizes fruitfulness, beauty and dignity. Why it’s cool: This French twist on a classic gives baby some European charm.

• 9. Preston: Origin: English. Meaning: From the priest’s estate. Why it’s cool: This traditional name is strong and brings Pres, a fantastic nickname to boot. Evidence it’s cool? Witness the collected demeanor of the intriguing Dr. Preston Burke on TV’s Grey’s Anatomy.

• 10. Stefan: Origin: German. Meaning: Crowned in victory. Why it’s cool: Classic but cool, Stefan is a modern-sounding variant of the traditional Stephen.


  1. Abbie says

    Has anyone ever heard of Eston? Eston Michael…Ethan Scott? What do you think? Kendall for a girl…need input.

  2. Jewel says

    I have to say, I do like some of the names but I love the name Maisey for a girl and Corbin for a boy.

  3. Tina says

    I definitely don’t think they are ALL ugly, we chose Ian for my soon-to-be-born 3rd son. Beautiful, strong name.

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