Geri Halliwell(AKA Ginger Spice) Has Baby Daughter(AKA Baby Spice)

Oh my…this all got very confusing to me. My memory of the Spice Girls has gotten fuzzy. I thought Geri Halliwell was Baby Spice…but no, Emma Bunton was Baby Spice. Was it Spicy Spice? No, that wouldn’t make sense. Oh yeah, she was Sexy Spice. (UPDATE: I have been informed that she was Ginger Spice actually…oops! Thank you for the info!) Well, now that that is all cleared up, Geri Halliwell had a baby daughter on Mother’s Day! That is very cool! Geri, 33, had a caesarean at London’s exclusive Portland Hospital. The baby’s name has not been released yet.
Geri described her pregnancy as “my happy accident”. Geri feared that she would never get pregnant due to years of suffering from eating disorders that could have affected her fertility. Geri has said that her baby “will make my world complete”.

First time mom Geri welcomed her new bundle of joy into the world at 9pm on Sunday night. Her mother Anna Maria was at her bedside to give support in the absence of the baby’s father. The father of Geri’s baby is Sacha Gervasi, a 40-year old British screenwriter who lives in LA. He is currently writing the script for a big-screen version of Dallas.


Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell



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