Angelina's Dad Misses Her & Wishes Her The Best

Jon Voight has sent his well wishes to estranged daughter and mother-to-be Angelina Jolie. Jon has no idea how his daughter is going with the pregnancy but sent his love and hopes the baby will be fit and healthy. He said: “I’m saying a prayer that the baby is healthy like a good dad.” And Angelina? He said: “I saw her on TV and she seemed so happy and I’m so grateful about that.” Angelina and her father fell out years ago and became involved in a very public war of words. Jon disapproved of his daughter’s choice of husband when she married bad boy actor Billy Bob Thornton. Jon accused Ange of having serious emotional problems and the actress retaliated by saying she wasn’t interested in having a relationship with her father.The actor was speaking to reporters about his daughter’s expected child at the premiere of Poseidon in LA.

Angelina and Jon Voight before their fallout.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. braydie says

    I said what i was thinking… No one knows what any doctors told her unless your her doctor? So i guess just anyone can ASSUME they know everything , unless you know the truth i would watch what you believe as the truth, NO ONE knows what goes on in these people lives…and if you do think that you do nicki , you should go see a shrink and i didnt make a “double standard” Maybe you got me confused with someone else, i just said if i was married to him i would see one too, which i believe i have a right to my own thought sand opinions and you fly off the handle at me? maybe you need a break from this site

  2. Nicki says

    So it was a good thing Jen filed for divorce in Jan 2005 then? Although Braydie, what is her excuse for seeing one for 6 years before she was with Brad. Nothing wrong with it, but everyone slams Angelina for checking into hospital, but was told within 72 hours to go home you don’t need to be here.
    I’m just wondering what the double standard is and bascially WHY the double standard. Ignored for one but one of the major “hating”(for lack of better word) point for the other. What gives?????

  3. Nicki says

    Maybe you should cut out a little meat and you could concentrate on responding to #8 post. What no response?
    Why is it that Jen can see a psychiatrist for years, and thats not mentioned, only that everyone knows Angie is crazy? I’m confused about the double standards used here. Please enlighten me.

  4. karen says

    WHEW wasnt sure if you’d SEE that post Nic but sure you did …you really need some meat in your diet if you want your eyes to stay focused:)

  5. Nicki says

    Yeah a parent who left when she was 1yr old.
    He said it about her marring Billy Bob. I think most people questioned that one.

  6. Nicki says

    Yeah, like he was around her soooo much while growing up. Didn’t he split when she 1. So unless for a weekend visit here and there, if there were those, he must know EVEYTHING!
    Her mother is her parent also, who has NEVER said anything like that to the press. Boy what a great guy!
    (He was talking about her marriage to Billy Bob Thorton, I think everyone was shocked by that one.) And I know she was in a psych ward. She checked herself in, was only there for 72 hours. They told her to go home, she didn’t need to be there. Wow imagine that. So crazy, huh.

  7. shirley says

    Angie is an extremely selfish person. I do think that she has severe emotional problems. She should get off her soap box and start being a mother.
    Her children need stability in their lives.
    As for Brad, when will he see the light.

  8. Nicki says

    What father who is really concerned about thier childs emotional or mental health whould announce it on TV.
    NONE. They would discuss in in private. Sounds to me like a cry for publicity for an older actor, who has limited roles to choose from. Not saying he isn’t a good actor, he is…but rememer choice roles dry up as the numbers drop from the box office. Just seriously think about it.
    And boy doesn’t she look very happy in that picture. Oh yeah thats right she is an actress, but so is he.

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