Angelina Jolie Celebrates Mother's Day in Namibia!

Angelina enjoyed a day out in Swakopmund with Brad and Maddox, sans little Zahara.  Brad did some Mother’s Day shopping at The African Art Jewelers Store. Angelina certainly looks like she could be due any day now.
And reportedly Brad and Angelina had Namibia’s first lady, Penehupifo Pohamba over for tea at The Burning Shore Beach Lodge. They were reportedly talking about baby names. Mrs. Pohamba has stated that, “We’d be honored if she gave her child a Namibian name.” Obviously, I don’t know, but I think that Brad and Angelina will pick a Namibian name for their baby, because that would probably feel very meaningful to them considering all the time that they are spending there together.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. says

    I know you are totally not fighting with me, NO WORRIES, I like that you ask me questions and vice versa makes for good conversation. Have an awsome time this week and we will talk when you get back. Ciao Ciao.

  2. Josh says

    and if you didnt have a god complex then why do you also speak in the 3rd person?? no nicki doesnt have a god complex …wtf ……

  3. Josh says

    ok if you dont have a god complex then why is anna making good progess , like your the one thats always right? or if anna , karen and YOURSELF only have a right to make opinions on here?, ok…um…sorry to interrrupt…and believe me i dont think this site would miss you if you were gone, maybe to the site its a relief your gone ? wierd , its not at the top of your “to do” list? MY GOD what are we to do then ?????? heres to your adult conversation….F.U and have a great day

  4. Nicki says

    First off, Josh, no Nicki does not have a God complex. I thought we, not you, but Anna and Karen, were having a rational discussion (sorry sp) in an adult manner. But maybe I was wrong. I wiil have to go back and reread everything.
    Anna, I’m not trying to fight with you. I hope you know that. I just am trying to understand your point. That is why I ask all my questions, only way to get it. I always enjoy discussing things with you, and thank you for the less vile words, they are truly apprieciated. You have made a GREAT improvement, and I do enjoy our “talks”.
    Only thing is I will be away for the rest of the week at a graduation for a girl that means the world to me. Not related to me or my husband, but we have known her since she was 1 yr old. I might be able to check in here and there, but please understand it will not be on the top of my to do list.
    Anna if you are around Monday, today is Tuesday, so I guess I should say next Monday, I will be here to pick up any conversation you wish to have with me.
    I do enjoy exchanging views with you. Take care.

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    I apologize too, it was a misunderstanding. I do enjoy our little conversations as well!Just with all the fighting I must have read it in the wrong tone!! So sorry Nicki too. Anyway what shall we discuss now?
    Talk to you soon Nicki
    I wouldn’t have it any other way

  6. Nicki says

    I didn’t talk about you when you weren’t here. READ the posts. All I said is for Karen to send you back. I do enjoy exchanging opinions with you. You must have misread something.
    It doesn’t matter if the time is 9 hours difference, it is still always around the same, that was just an observation. Just as it was an observation that when you weren’t here, Karen was. Now she is away and you are back. Welcome back.
    I thought it was all in good humor also. Sorry, but I didn’t mention your name to Karen until she said she was leaving, so asked her to send you back. That is all Anna. Please read all the posts you will see. Sorry for any confusion.

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    I NEED HELP….The way you talk Nicki, you make it sound like this site has IM and you can tell who is online here, if thats the case pass that info along so I can scan too for potiential Team Aniston Members!!!
    If you can’t tell who is online here, THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? The clock beside my name is like 9 hours ahead of my actual time so fill me in!!!!

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    Don’t talk about me when I am not here and don’t bring me into your mess of crap Nicki.
    You made your bed with Karen now lay in it.
    Whats the matter can’t handle yourself?? Have to involve others?? Cut your Miss Perfect act too and get over it, Deal with it on your own, I have not said anything in a while!!!! And when I have it has been in good humor with you…I thought we were getting along and agreeing to disagree???? I am so not starting this with you.
    Karen- Good one about the whole Ocean 13 thing, I said it before can Brad not make 1 movie without having to sleep with his co-star!!! HE IS SUCH AN BUTTHEAD!!!


  9. Nicki says

    Ok Karen while your gone send Anna back. Maybe you can check in once in awhile and team up with her, you both seem to show up around the same times at night. I believe both of you were even on here the same night, just at different times. LMFAO.

  10. Nicki says

    You didn’t hit a nerve, people like you I find amusing.
    My stories are straight, you just respond to only what you want, and then twist it. I find it amusing.
    (I guess I forgot to say Jen dropped your trophy off the other day, did you miss her?)
    If you mean by “counterdict” the word CONTRADICT, then I have to disagree with you.
    Please explain again to me, was it 7 years as you claim here or 8 years as you stated in another thread. My stories are straight, you seem to have a problem keeping yours true.
    No the hooked on phonics thing was funny. I am just using it backatcha because you haven’t seemed to finish the course. If you had you wouldn’t have used the word “counterdict”.
    Again please feel free to pick and choose whatever you feel like responding to, because you silence on some things just seems to make them true.
    For example #22 was a simple one to answer.( You brought up the just wasn’t ready thing.) JMO.

  11. karen says

    Hit a nerve nope…funny thing is you responded..anyway im not a queen of anything however I will be, had to re read what i wrote my bad i dont like putting in periods in so put a period after i say “your opinion isnt what matters.” yeah who knows if ill get a divorce ….i waited 7 years to have my first ..he wanted them right away ….see thats a man, waited til I was ready…..
    YOU said my trophy was down some street somewhere i was just wondering where….you never said i was sitting on it …next time be more clarifying
    anyway get your stories straight , you counterdict yourself with almost every post you write on here…..your still pissed about that hooked on phonics qoute huh lol get over it was like so many post ago

  12. Nicki says

    Thats pretty funny Karen, so a couple months after she files for divorce, she tells everyone she is ready for kids now? Come on even you have to think that sounds pretty lame. If she wasn’t ready she wasn’t ready. Oh but she changed her mind, just like Angelina did.

  13. Nicki says

    LMAO-If you can’t figure out #15, then try Hooked on Phonics.
    OK my opinion doesn’t matter but YOURS does. Why because YOU say so, OK. I think you have on I am a Princess p.j.’s.
    Let me correct a little of your vivid description of me.
    !) I don’t wear p.j.s
    2) I have a laptop, so it never misses me
    3)I don’t eat meat and only drink Diet Pepsi
    4)not sure WTF a short bus is, but I walked to school
    Yes I’m sure everyone is as stupid as you to believe eveything you write. Did I spew something that touched a nerve?
    Karen you are the Queen of this site, I would never try to take that from you.
    You are sitting on your trophy!

  14. karen says

    Oh and maybe Jennifer wasnt ready to have kids and if my husband said what he said to billions of people and i wasnt ready damn right i wouldnt let his actions push me to have a child just because , but hey brad got what he wanted right a ready made family and a slut to have one , even though she has said many times SHE does not want to have kids of her own , cuz there are too many kids that already need good homes blah blah blah…but hey maybe she seen what jen went though with his ass and though better have one before i lose him to someone on the oceans 13 set?

  15. karen says

    lol nicki again you talk and shit comes out WTF were you talking about in 15 ??? again your opinion isnt what matters what i think is funny is how your ALWAYS on here the min i write something you have a comment ….lets see i have my own opinion about you….
    1) you wear im a princess PJ’s
    2) you worry when you go to bed that your comp will miss you
    3) you got 10 double cheeseburgers in front of you sipping a small diet coke
    4) Wonder why you had to ride the short bus as a child cuz your the QUEEN of whatever site this is
    well now everytime someone reads this …they will think of you excactly the way i described everytime the spew you call words are written in a post….oh yeah wheres my freakin trophy

  16. Nicki says

    Except for the fact that Vince was on Oprah earlier this week and said he and Jen have not even talked about babies.
    I do wish her well, and I hope she will have the babies she wants, but Vince said they haven’t even talked about it.
    I do like them together, I love all, well almost all, of Vinces movie and I do believe The Break Up will do great, it looks funny to me.
    One of the best, not comedic ones, of Vince was, Long Dry Season…….oh sorry, not sure if that was the name, but it’s close to that. .(maybe Cool Dry Season)… It was good. He played a single Dad who falls in love with(real name) Joey……..sorry forget right now, but Monica Potter played his ex, and she shows back up after like 4 or 5 years. He was really good in that, without haven’t to be funny.
    My husband even liked it and cried in it, but he usually goes for the stupid funny comedies like Old School, Dodgeball, etc.
    ANd JEN, # 17, you are right!! Look to the future, the past is gone, can’t be changed, it is done. The future is always brighter!! Best wishes to all !!!

  17. JEN says

    don’t say sorry for jenifer. she going to have a baby next year with vince. leave her alone. she now with vince .forget her past. look foward her future. i hate to go back the past.

  18. Nicki says

    Oops, Karen looks like hooked on phonics didn’t work for me. So sorry, I meant there, not thier, I will go back to class now.

  19. Nicki says

    This was cute, something I read on D-Listed site. Let me share with you-
    “I think we will know when (Baby) Jolie-Pitt hits the world. The Earth will shake, doves will cry, angels will soar, and Jennifer Aniston will spontaneously combust.”
    (*) I put the word Baby in their, they had Jesus, didn’t feel right writing that.

  20. Nicki says

    sorry spelling was bad.
    what do you get……….. ANGELINA!!!!!!!

  21. Nicki says

    AN………….add………… GELI…………AN. It so cute that your name with “but two vowel,give me am “E”, and give me an”I”, with 2 regular letters throw in you have ANGELINA.
    And all you had to do was split the your name in half.
    You are so lucky, and it’s very cute that it happens that way.

  22. Nicki says

    You could spell ANGELINA with a few letters like G E L I
    inserted right after the An and before the na in your name.
    Wow how cool is that ! I think that is so cute.

  23. laci says

    Love the white on Angelina. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was so different. (Not mentioning she’s nine monthes preganant!)

  24. mary says

    really guys, veins expand from working out, to allow your blood better access to the muscles that need it.
    try not to be so catty

  25. Nicki says

    Over 10 years ago Anna. You really need help.
    Is that all you can bring up? Try getting into the real world of NOW!

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