Tom To Give Katie a Lavish Mother's Day!

Tom has ordered a $900 pink peony bouquet in a Limoges vase for Katie for Mother’s Day from a very upscale florist in West Hollywood called Lily Lodge. The florist features organic, pesticide free flowers. Wow! “He had the card signed, ‘Dear Mommy, Happy first Mother’s Day. Lots of Love, Suri and Daddy.” I’m sure she’ll also be lavished in every way imaginable…diamonds, presents galore, etc! Tom seems beyond grateful to Katie for giving him Suri. As crazy as Tom is, that is cute. All men should be like that!
Cruise has reportedly offered up a $41 million pre-nuptial agreement with Katie. The deal also includes a $10 million trust fund for Katie and Suri regardless of whether or not the two marry. I think they’ll get married.

Here Tom and Katie are at a special screening of the underperforming MI3 in Aberdeen, Washington on May 9th.
Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. says

    i think tom and katie r the best couple i have ever seen i was in love with hime seen mission impossible3.i wanna see tom in his marraige suit.i wish them the best

  2. Angelfish says

    I teared when I read what Mr. Cruise wrote in the Mother’s day card to Miss Holmes. Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing baby.

  3. Hana says

    Tom and Katie are my favorite couple at the moment and when are we going to see Suri’s pictures? Probably they going to wait like Jennifer and Ben Affleck did 4 months before we see her…she must be so adorable!!!

  4. Helen says

    Tom and Katie look so happy and I’ve been a big fan of Tom Cruise since the day of Top Gun I’m happy for him. I wish them all the best and can’t wait for them to get married!!! Love Helen

  5. Robyn says

    Tom and Katie look so happy and so much in love.
    Best of luck to you both with your new sweetheart Suri.

  6. says

    I wish tom and’ Kate’ as he calls her now all the very best wishes on their forthcoming wedding.They both look absolutely gorgeous and baby suri just add to their absolute happiness.
    A devoted and loyal fan
    jinny,from the U.K.

  7. Louise says

    Im sorry but i have to comment on the paasage you wrote on Kate moss and her daughter Lila Grace. I agree they look gorgeous together but i found your comment about Kate’s drug habits a bit worrying. You said how could anyone so stylish have a durg problem and i find that a bit to naive; many beautifull women in the fashion industry and indeed the media are battling drug problems and it’s a serious problem. Just because Kate manages to maintain a lavish and beautifull apperance does not make her excempt from the pains of drugs problems.

  8. Sahu says

    Awwwww arent they the cutiest couple ever??
    i think they are
    I wish them all the best in the world

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