Brad Pitt's Mom Feeling Left Out

WARNING! If you are die-hard Angelina Jolie fan who thinks Angie can do no wrong, DO NOT READ!

While Brad Pitt is in Africa waiting for Angelina Jolie to give birth to their first natural child, Jane Pitt – Brad’s mom is in Southern Missouri in the US. Brad’s mom, being so far away and unable to communicate with her son and his girlfriend, is now reportedly very concerned that she will be left out of the birth of her grandbaby. She also wonders how involved she will be in her grandchild’s life. In Touch Weekly is reporting that Brad used to talk to his parents on the phone several times a week. But now it is nearly impossible to reach him at all. The problem is that Angelina is so focused on her humanitarian work that nothing can get in her way, not even Brad’s traditional and down-to-earth family. “He may be saving the world, but he’s neglecting his family,” an insider tells the magazine. “He’s choosing her over them.” That has caused Jane to worry, especially with Brad reportedly house hunting again overseas, if she will play any significant role in her grandchild’s life at all. Her biggest fear is that she will be a stranger to her grandchild.

I can understand why Brad’s mom is feeling sad. Considering how easily Angelina is able to cut her own father, Jon Voigt, out of her life and her children’s lives I think there is reason for concern. Here Angelina is on the cover of the latest Royalty Monthly magazine.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt


And Brad missing life back home.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. Lettie says

    Brad’s mom upset so She need understand and accpet let Brad moved on his happy family bec He waited for having children so now He have 3 children this time. She need accpet what Brad do.. To Me, I once visited or calls to my mom like 2 times a months most time. I have 4 children and hubby. I kindly busy with my family most time and few time see my mom too.. Same thing to Brad do that. He kindly busy his children and Angelina too. I bet He enjoys around happy and busy family. Me too BiBle says Son or Daughter must stay their own family come first. Mom and Dad need own their couple time… So I love Brad and Angelina so much. They enjoy children more than another things. I happy for Brad and Angelina anyway….. HEY BRAD’S MOM NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR SON. YOUR SON ALWAYS BE FINE SO HE IS HAPPY ENJOY WITH HIS OWN CHILDREN PERIOD… BRAD WILL COME SEE YOU MOM ONCE….OR YOU NEED JOIN WITH THEM FOR GOOD TIME. IF ANGLE BITCH TO YOU BUT JUST COOL STILL JOIN WITH THEM ANYWAY… I AM BITCH TO MY HUBBY’S MOM OR HIS FAMILY TOO…. ANYWAY…. GOD BLESS THEM….

  2. Sandy says

    Ya’ll are all hilarious! You are more fun than Brad and Angelina. Most of you didn’t learn to spell in school. Obviously, quite a few of you have no problem with changing partners in marriage. Jennifer is no saint, but neither are the other two. At least none of them is Britney Spears. What can we expect from Hollywood but to be entertained. They only get boring when they get involved in politics.

  3. Ruddox says

    I am so happy for Ange to have M & Z as her family. It shows that she has a purpose in life and God has given her Brad, now it’s Shiloh. Keep the wonderful spirit. I pray that you guys stay together. Keep up the good work in the world and hopefully one day the rest of the world will understand what your heart is made of. Brad, you too are fab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nicki says

    They don’t want your tear, keep it. Just be happy you can hug your baby and type your own responses. (these are thier words not mine.)
    Maybe you could send Anna in your absence to put up with me. You two have incredibly similar views.
    Again have a safe trip.

  5. Nicki says

    So Karen, LMAF=lauging my ass off? I didn’t know the F stood for Off. I thought it was LMAO. Please don’t feel offended if I still use LMAO. I never said I thought I was always right, you seem to think you are.
    My friends will get a life as soon as thier physical therapy is complete. And I’m sure they will not be full of hate like you seem to be.
    Your lucky, your husband sounds like a great guy, or maybe just whipped like you all seem to think Brad is now.

  6. karen says

    wow touching story nicki …i might of shed a tear LMAF is laughing my ass off….have your friends go somewhere else if they dont like bradgelina haters …im not the only one and no matter how right you think you always are …you really are not believe me …why you here why is anyone one this site?? is it just for you? Dont think so. get a life ..tell your friends to get a life..tell them to go out and make the most of there lives, not sitting at a computer trying to…well was gonna say something real mean but i wont… thankas fo the congrats on my baby ….wow my husband lasted til i was ready to have kids beacuse my career is too much of my life and needed to get off my feet which i have …sound familar?? oh yeah except the part where the husband stays

  7. Nicki says

    What is LMAF?
    This is my life. If you must know I help people who can’t otherwise use thier limbs. Two of the guys LOVE Angelina, and they will be here for as long as they want, with me typing for them. They check out other sites too and enjoy seeing her pictures and don’t like people slamming on her with false info.
    Karen why are you here?

  8. Nicki says

    Congratulations on your baby!
    They are from interviews with thier own words, not magazine stories.
    What you can be on here, but because I am I have no life???? Thats funny.

  9. karen says

    WHOS tha freak LMAF , your the one that freakishly knows all these magizines story verbatum ….GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN

  10. karen says

    OH and nicki my husband and i talked every year for 8 years about having a child and only had one this year on valentines day…maybe jen was sick of everyone asking her when …ever think of that….also we KNOW what brad desires…

  11. karen says

    well lets see muneca …….IF she wanted to keep the basterd so bad SHE wouldnt of filed for the divorce,,,,Im glad her and brad are not together anymore she deserves someone so much better asfor her still thinking she is on the friends set??? thats just so dumb i cant even respond …
    and NICKI, if jen wanted kids so bad she would of had one, she dont care if vince wants them or not and id rather see her in a movie then angelina jolie or brad pitt actually …she’s hilarious and smart

  12. Nicki says

    You sound like the freak karen, just move on and accept it.
    They are happy and are raising a family, oh yeah and expecting a new baby. How wonderful. Something Jen wasn’t willing to do. And if you look at any interview he has done since they were married, or at least 2001, thats all he talked about and she was like always saying well soon. oh and guess what it never happened after 7 years together. …. So EVERYONE knew his desire! Just get over it and move on.

  13. karen says

    HMMM actually he hasnt adopted those kids yet …they just had a simple name change that DOES NOT give brad pitt any legal rights to her children. Just cuz there “stars”doesnt mean they can push the legal system that fast…What he should worry about is his FIRST born …and damn its gotta be with that crazy bitch…and DONT give me that crap its all in the past bull…..shes a freak at heart admitted to it since she was a little girl …people dont change …shes just hasnt pulled brad pitt into it yet

  14. MUNECA says


  15. Nicki says

    If you even bother to answer me, I will look forward to it.
    And please be careful of wishing “evil” on others, because it has a way of coming back on the person who wished, thought, or hoped it.
    I hope you will heed that comment. I am very impressed about your curbing your previous vile comments. It is a great improvement. THANKS, makes it nicer to exchange thoughts with you, if your open to it.
    If not you could always join the hateful well wishers at female first. It is total bottom of the hate barrel of bad wises and hopes for Angie and Brad. But remember about your 10 fold thing coming back. It comes back to everyone wishing it too.
    Again, I hope you will express yourself without your previous and repeated(over and over on every post) thoughts and opinions. Thanks Anna.

  16. Nicki says

    A close source,
    yeah you must be really close. The shooting for Mr and Mrs Smith wrapped in Nov 04! So she was pregnant for what, a year and a half. You should be LYAO over that one Anna.
    while your waiting and watching for that, think about this:
    Good things for Brad and Angie now
    1. Falling in love
    2. Brad adopting M & Z
    3. Angie pregnant
    4. People magazine Most Beautiful Person & Family
    5. A-one of Time’s most Influential People
    6. A-Humanitarian of the Year 2005
    7. B- Plan B Productions, one of the fastest growing
    production companies in Hollywood
    8. B- Babel to open at Cannes with talk of Oscar for
    9. A- 2006 United Nations Humanitarian Award
    And certainly not lastly, Mr & Mrs Smith-#1 at box office, #1 DVD sales, #1 in rentals.

    Not so good for Jen
    Three movie failures in 7 months
    Boyfriend doesn’t want kids
    Has fallen off every significant/insignificant chart

    Anna, you should hope for bad things to happen to others, it usually has a way of coming back and kicking you in the teeth.

  17. says

    A close source,
    Wouldn’t doubt it, they are so pathetic.
    I also agree with #6, #3
    Evil doings will come back TEN FOLD, Waiting and Watching till it starts for her.

  18. a close source says

    they already had their baby, months ago, they are just pretending to be pregnant so that they won’t get found out that they conceived while on the set of Mr.and Mrs.Smith…

  19. Carleigh says

    brad looks like he needs a good shave, a good nights sleep and a GOOD bath in this pic..he looks greasy…EWWWWWWW

  20. Nicki says

    Great point, I agree completely. Like these tabloids rag say, it’s always a source, never anyone by name, I mean how can you really believe it. I do believe his Mom will be there when need be. Who knows if she isn’t there already.

    Oh and shirley, by the way my aunties name, How does it appear she is selfish and self centered? Just wondering?

  21. shirley says

    Angie appears to be a very selfish, self centred individual..
    Brads mother need not worry, he will be dumped before long. It must be very hard for mrs Pitt as a mother.
    Just pray for the best.

  22. CP says

    There are a lot of married women who have children that are closer to their own mother, than their mother-in-law. Distance from Brad’s mom right now is only temporary–she’s busy! As soon as the baby’s born, Brad’s mom will be there, since he’s a down-to-earth family guy.

  23. Nicki says

    What about Maddox and Zahara, he adopted them so he is thier Dad too. Did you forget that?
    She has done a wonderful job raising Maddox and together they have done a wonderful job with Zahara.
    Get over it.

  24. Gabi says

    Angelina is a evil bitch and i hope that Brad would realize that soon, before he or his baby gets hurt.
    And Brads mom should be part of her grandchild life and be with him.
    Angelina deserves every bad thing she gets!
    And Brad should go back to his beautiful wife Jennifer Aniston before any damage is donr and they could both raise Brads baby.Angelina could still be part of the babys life but temperary.

  25. Nicki says

    Oh yeah I believe In Touch tabloid magazine.
    So what his cell phone, or the phone at resort doesn’t work? Come on it doesn’t even make sense.
    They have extra room, his Mom could hope on a plane and visit. I love how they always say an insider, or a source. Next we will find out she is visiting them and they will make up something, like Brad had a change of heart, or something else as equally stupid. Truth is they have no idea and just make this up, then when it turns out to be a lie that they wrote, they make up something else.
    Oh please, yes selfish is a word I would use for someone who does all the work she does.

  26. says

    Angelina has EVIL in her eyes, and one other word SELFISH, as long as she gets her way she doesn’t care who she hurts.

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