Brooke Shields and Her Girls

Brooke and her daughters, 3 year old Rowan and little Grier Hammond are absolutely beautiful! I hope Brooke is not suffering from post-partum depression this time. She was probably well prepared this time around to be on the lookout for warning signs, as I’m sure her husband and family were as well.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields
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  1. karen says

    Takes guts to go though what she did and have another one most woman are too afraid to …i wish her and her family all the best and i hope she has another cutie soon:) She looks like a awsome mother!!!

  2. Carleigh says

    Congrats to Brooke and her family..she deserves all the best! She’s classy and timelessly beautiful and her kids are just as beautiful as her.

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