Britney Finally Confirms Pregnancy on Letterman Show!

Congratulations Britney! Britney looks thrilled as she arrives at The David Letterman Show with Sean Preston. It must feel like a huge relief to finally share her happy news!
Britney is reportedly due in October, just a couple of weeks after Sean Preston’s first birthday!
Britney Spears Pregnant
Britney Spears pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant


  1. says

    WOoOoOoOo she is the most beauitiful pregnant women she seem like ababy ! her smile so innocent im creazy about you what agreat smile brit ? I hope you have agirl look like you

  2. nicole says

    she named her son Jayden James. theres a new rumor out in Star Magazine, i think that syas hshe is pregnant again

  3. says

    I am not a fan
    but she does look beautiful and glowing, Pregancy suits her very well she looks radiant, good for her, I hope she has a girl this time. The middle picture she looks like Hedi Klum.

  4. Carleigh says

    At least she’s not tromping around somewhere in a public bathroom without shoes on…she actually looks pretty cute in these pictures..I wonder how long it took her “team” to rid her of the white trash look she so seems to favor these days.

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