Katie Needs Some Sleep and Some Hardcore Spa Time!

Katie and Tom were snapped out and about in LA on May 5th. Katie looks great for a breastfeeding mother with a newborn baby at home! She just looks like she needs some TLC. I guess all new moms do though…and wishin ain’t gettin! Tom looks peppy though. Hmmm…

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. Briana says

    where is Suri! I mean, why is she wearing the bra with no baby there to utilze it? Tom needs to let her spend time with Suri and getting some well deserved R and R

  2. Kamineko says

    That’s just mean spirited. No one is perfect, and she just had a baby! Not nice! Have a little compassion.

  3. dreamer says

    Can someone PLEASE tell me wot is that thing on her chest that looks like a thong is ?? is this the new breastfeeding bra cos is it meant to have that big hole for easy access,……where then does the breast pad go??? has anyone else noticed??

  4. Marta says

    They look very cute and I like Tom in these pics he looks nice and younger. To all you out there who are not giving these two a chance I’m sure they will prove you all wrong when they celebrate their 3yrs, 5yrs and 10yrs…anniversary I’m sure of it. Good luck to them!!!

  5. Helen says

    These pictures are very nice, it just shows that celebrities are like every other new mothers everywhere. They both very cute!!!

  6. gurvinder says

    katie its time for u to papper urself tell tom to do all da work lol
    have many happy days together
    p.s katie dont worry wot others say u got a beautiful baby and A husband hehehe so love and care for it the way u should cos i think ur are a no.1 mom x-x-x-x-x-x-x

  7. Carleigh says

    does anyone notice in the top picture that her fly looks like it’s coming undone too?…just kinda funny she musta just been so tired she didn’t realize she was coming undone on the top and bottom..LOL

  8. Carleigh says

    I think Katie looks so much better now that she has matured into a mother. She looks just like all new mothers…tired but glowing. Maybe she was so tired she didn’t realize her bra was open? LOL..who knows wouldn’t be a stretch. As far as being tired heck yeah she is…Tom needs to realize that she just had a baby and she is in recuperation and he needs to STOP dragging her poor tired butt all over the place so she can rest! That’s just what she needs, I can relate.

  9. Tonya says

    Poor girl needs some sleep. Tom take a shift why don’t you. And couodn’t anyone tell the poor girl that her nursing bra was not only showing but open?

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