Poor Katie Looks Desperate at First Public Appearance

Katie just looks so vacant and sad here….like she is trying really hard to look happy, but is miserable. Here she is at her first public appearance since Suri was born. She is accompanying Tom to the premiere of Mission Impossible 3 in Hollywood on Thursday.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. jill says

    Who cares about this. Let Tom and katie live there own life.Who are we to say what’s right or worng. I don’t think Katie is fat and if she is SHE DID JUST HAD A BABY.

  2. dreamer says

    Katie looks ill and Depressed!! she has a contract with Tom to keep and the $$$ are high, she gets to raise her profile too, i mean who knew her until she took up Tom’s contract offer after Lynsey Lohan turned it tound,!! i believe the mum should spend time bonding with baby and not be out and about like ‘look at meeeee’ and holding her breath in just so she can look teeny weeny, realistly and from experience, 2 weeks after birth, its all fake and she will end up paying for it, !!!!

  3. Vicky says


  4. valerie hayes says

    I feel that Katie made a big mistake, getting involved with
    Tom. He is to old and controlling, and when she grows
    up she will want to move on to something much better.

  5. Beth says

    Um, hello, Anna? That’s what women look like right after having a baby. It’s not like, baby-out, belly-gone. Doesn’t matter what diet or personal training you do, it doesn’t go away that quick. She looks curvy and tired and honestly, beautiful. I only hope I can look that good within a couple weeks of giving birth!

  6. Carleigh says

    Hey Anna you were bellowing about what a B*stard Brad was for leaving Jennifer..well Tom also did the same thing to Nicole WHILE NICOLE WAS PREGNANT! NICOLE HAD A MISCARRIAGE…check out the facts..and Tom Cruise is such a morally responsible person right? It’s hollywood and apparently wives are disposable and dispensable when no longer needed.

  7. Amanda says

    I think the whole Tom and Katie thing is RIDICULOUS!!! Katie has said MANY times herself that as a KID she used to pretend like she was marrying him. She is my age and that just goes to show… she is fulfilling some “childhood fantasy” or something. She is with him for the fame and that’s about it – she had a crush on him when she was like 12 (and that would make him how old?!?!) and thinks it’s cool now that she’s with him. Get a life is all I have to say to them. He’s only a couple years away from being old enough to be HER dad.

  8. says

    You bet it was…TOM KAT ROCKS!!!!
    Tom and Nicole although divorced did it like adults, there was no cheating on one another, sometimes things don’t work out but THEY BOTH took the high road and remained friends.
    ALL THE BEST; Tom, Katie, Nicole, Keith, and all the children involved.

  9. Nicki says

    Well Anna.
    Don’t you hate Tom the same way you hate Brad and Angelina. After all he left Nicole high and dry. She was blindsided, had know idea. They had just spent thier 10 anniversary on vaction. But what thats ok. I mean he did hook up with Penelope right after that. Oh but thats ok?

  10. says

    Katie is beautiful and has pride within herself. I am sorry I cannot give credit to Skanks. You are comparing APPLES to TRASH. When you compare Radiant Katie to angelina.
    FYI I didn’t leave today, this site is not instant message, so WHATEVER!!!!
    ALSO FYI, I stated in the other blog that I am happily married for the last ten years and that is why what aj did was so gross, people have to work their problems out for themselves….yada yada yada.
    but I do not want to disrupt Katie and Tom’s page talking to Nicki. I wish them all the best and to their baby Suri.

  11. Nicki says

    I’ll remember that when you are slamming Angelina after she gives birth to her and Brads baby. Yes Katie looks good, but lets be fair with all mothers who just gave birth.
    Angelina is beautiful and looks absolutlely radiant pregnant. Lets give credit where credit is due.
    Nobody really cares that your man dumped you for someone else. This(by that I mean AJ’, where you spew vile venom and just the most hateful bull) is not your personal blog. Get over it, you will be much happier if you do.
    I wish you happiness, SOON, because you will be a nicer person in your daily doings, and that will be your karma.
    The diarrhea you spew out of your vocal orriface is just vile and not needed.
    No people I don’t mean on this………but if you look at the Angelina pregnant spot you wil see the hate and venom Anna throws forth. Talking to her today she asked me to bring it on, and oh wow when I stated facts….she ran away!!!!!!! So she is a bunch of talk and nothing to back it up, no facts, no response………….. Just a bitter person left by the person who they thought would be there forever.
    Don’t bring your own personal crap into this. It is about the other person.NOT YOU. Sorry all for shouting, she just doesn’t get it.

    By the way Katie looks great and happy, can’t wait until we get to see a picture of the baby!!!

  12. Tonya says

    I agree with Anna. Poor girl is probably exhausted. I think she is much prettier now than before the baby. Even though Tom is a headcase I do think they look happy together. Hmmm, maybe it is real? You can also tell Tom really loves Suri when you see him talk about her. It is so sweet. Just needs to get off the Scientology train.

  13. says

    I don’t think she looks vacant, my word the poor girl just had a baby and has probably had no sleep, cut her some slack. She is beautiful and motherhood looks good on her.

  14. Nicky Head says

    Poor Katie, when is she going to see sense and realise that she can do so much better? Tom is a head case! If I were her I would pick up my daughter and get as far away from him as possible!

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