Gwyneth's Girdles

This picture was taken of Gwyneth on April 25th at the New York’s Food Bank Can-Do Awards Dinner. She looks lovely, even after having just had a baby!

She has a secret to getting in shape after pregnancy – girdles. She started wearing the waist-cinching garments after giving birth to son Moses last month. She has also started a strict diet to help shift the extra pounds. A source told Britain’s Grazia magazine: “Gwyneth gave up wheat, sugar, caffeine and dairy straight after Moses was born. And she’s also wearing a special girdle designed to pull her waist back into shape.

“She follows quite a strict diet anyway, but she got her figure back quickly after having her daughter, Apple, and now wants to achieve the same following Moses’ birth.”

It isn’t the first time Gwyneth has admitted turning to some secret support. After having Apple, now 2, Gwyneth confessed: “I wore two girdles! It’s a great trick. That’s how all the Hollywood girls do it. There are these great things called Spanx, which are like bike shorts, and they just squeeze you in. It’s terrific.”

Gwyneth Paltrow



  1. lovinall says

    I just love this actress and she can do no harm in my eyes.
    What a class act and what beautiful children!!!!!
    It is not nice to put down someones husband and I think he is very cute. They sure make great looking children!!!
    All happiness to them both forever.
    She is wonderful!!!!!

  2. Braydie says

    i dont care what he looks like …just as long as he takes care of his family…which it looks like he does very well…i wish the best for them

  3. carleigh says

    He’s got some massive, croocked, gnarly looking teeth, buggy eyes and very straggly looking hair but maybe the kids will get the Paltrow genes! LOL

  4. Lisa says

    Yeah he is kind of goofy looking. A big step down from Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Luke wilson. If he was not a rock star Gwyn would of never looked at him twice.

  5. patada says

    Just wanted to congratulate Chris and Gwen, and of couse APPLE on their new baby. A boy and a girl… a wonderful family for wonderful people.


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