Kate Hudson's Slimming Secret Revealed

Kate Hudson (Mom to son Ryder, 2) definitely looks good in her bikini, but it seems her diet is the one so popular in Hollywood….coffee and cigarettes.  She is smoking the same brand that many celebrities seem to favor these days…American Spirit.  It is supposedly all-natural and healthier than other cigarettes.  Who knows…

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson



  1. Kamineko says

    Her mom, Goldie Hawn, iss small chested. it is definitely genetic. She does ned to gain 10 lbs. and stop smoking, tho!

  2. ashleigh says

    I think kate rocks. To the other comment
    if people are flat chested, then theres nothing you can do about it. I applaud her for making us flat chested girls have someone to look up to. I am not the skinniest girl myself and my weight definetly wont pile up on my breasts. (we wish)

  3. kay says

    She doesn’t look good. She looks too thin. Perhaps if she had some more weight on her, she’d have breasts…then, she would look good in a bikini.

    As for looking good with cigarettes…boo!
    She’ll have wrinkled skin and a hacking cough soon enough…neither of which are attractive in my book.
    I favor a curvier, legitimately healthy look, personally.


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