Denise Richards Drops Huge Bombshell

If this information is true, I feel incredibly sorry for Denise Richards and her 2 baby girls. No mother should have to go through this much evilness from the father of her precious children. The info available at the Smoking Gun details Charlie’s addictions and abuses towards Denise and her girls. Charlie has not responded to the allegations.
To read the entire 17 page sworn declaration, visit the Smoking Gun. It is much too horrible to include here.

Denise Richards



  1. Michelle says

    Denise- No body’s perfect & I’m sure you know he can be great at times, but for yours & your childrens safety, security & happiness it is best that you move on with your life and find happiness where it is waiting for you next!

  2. gabriella says

    she should get away from charlie as far as she can, so that he cant hurt her nor her childreb anymore!!! get away from the pyscho denise!!

  3. KT says

    Denise must stick to her guns and get out now! No more ‘second or third or fifteenth chances’!! Those kids deserve a healthy and protected life AWAY from their problematic father. AFTER he cleans up he should be given parenting rights.

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