Katie Wants To Be BUFF!

The TomKat wedding is on the fast track. Katie Holmes has met with the owner of Buff Brides, a company that sculpts bodies for the big day. And, we’re told, Buff Brides has specific instructions…get Katie ready to look amazing in her wedding dress.

Reportedly, her gown is a sleek, strapless A-line dress that is form fitted across the waist and falls to the floor. And it will reveal very little cleavage. The bust is cut straight across.

Katie has very specific goals to look very bodacious in the dress, and is working especially hard on her shoulders and back.

Sue Fleming, the owner of Buff Brides says that Katie has decided to use her program, with the help of a personal trainer who has licensed the Buff Brides fitness regimen.

Fleming has written fitness books for brides, moms and moms-to-be. Musicians, actresses, newscasters and TV stars have apparently all used her methods. (in other words she teaches running one’s ass off and a wholesome diet of cigarettes, diet coke, vodka and sushi) Just kidding!
Nothing quite as classy as playing on women’s insecurities about looking a certain way on their wedding day.

I think it is quite ambitious for Katie to have very “specific goals” in regards to her figure SO SOON after bringing her baby home from the hospital. I think for most new moms a specific goal is more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

Side note: Why is the trend to have the wedding after the baby these days?

Katie Homes pregnant

Katie Homes pregnant


  1. Tonya says

    I think that Kate will make a beautiful bride regardless. Motherhood has seemed to make her even more beautiful. The two pics of her from before in that pink top kinda suck though. I know they are going to make wonderful parents and they seem to be in love. Just hope they get off scientology. Too weird.

  2. Natalie Logan says

    Katie, I think Tom and you make the perfect match. There couldnt be better match. Im happy for you and Tom. And I was wondering how the baby was. Well Im just a HUGE fan, and wanted to wish all three of you the best of luck

  3. fardoussa Souleyman Nur says

    If anything happen at de wedding, still remenber da u r de only special woman for Mr Tom Cruise “de sexy, intelligiante and le plusieure millionaire de l’Americ”.
    He love u and da is de onlything matter.

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